India is on the second place to produce fruits. The list of rare fruits includes wood apple, mulberry and what not. These fruits are available all over India and surprisingly these rare fruits are grown in India too. These fruits really glorify our culture and if you haven’t tried, try it now. The benefits of these rare fruits are endless and at the same time, they are super nutritious. These exotic fruits will blow your mind away. We also have you covered for the availability of these rare fruits, put these fruits on your bucket list if you haven’t already.

1. Mangosteen one of the uncommon fruits in India

The tropical fruit is full of fragrance and covered by the purple shell. The flavor of this fruit is quite mellow and very similar to mangoes. Also, mangosteen is the national fruit of Thailand and this rare fruit is grown in the southern part of India. The benefits of this rare fruit are not limited, it has antioxidant properties, the fruit is rich in fiber and low in calories. It is also full of magnesium, minerals and vitamin C. Mangosteen promotes red blood cells, lower cholesterol and also boosts the immunity system. It also helps to fight diseases like blood pressure and Alzheimer. Mangosteen is excellent for UTI’s and some people also believe that it helps in mental health as well. You will be amazed to know that it is one of the hardest fruit to grow.

TIP: The availability of this rare fruit is now on Indiamart.

2. Starfruit

Starfruit has a unique shape which makes it very attractive. This fruit is very sour in taste which makes it a great pickle option. Starfruit has made its place among the rare fruits in India and is mainly grown in the southern parts. Besides being a fruit it is low in sugar, acid and is rich in vitamin C. It boosts digestion, promotes weight loss and reduces cholesterol levels. You can eat it raw. However, more than 100ml can be very dangerous for people with kidney problems. Many uncommon fruits in India are easily available.

TIP: Starfruit can be eaten as chips or pickles and as a garnish as well.

3. Persimmon

Persimmon also known as the japani phal is the local exotic fruit of Himachal. It is native of China and was introduced by European settlers in the 20th century. The rare fruit is grown in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Nilgiri hills of India. It is full of benefits and is loaded with fiber. It is full of Vitamin A and C, whereas a high amount of manganese protects against lungs and mouth cancer. This is not it, the amazing fruit is full of copper, phosphorus and is low in fat. With its antioxidants properties, this little fruit has made it to the list of rare fruits. However, excessive consumption of it is harmful to health. Sadly the availability of this fruit is not easily accessible. Next time you travel to Himachal Pradesh don’t forget to try this local favorite fruit.

4. Ambarella one of the rare fruits grown in India

Ambarella also known as Indian plum and wild mango, has the mild sweetness of pineapple. You may consume this rare fruit as juice, pickle or with red chili powder. Grown in Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kerela and Karnataka. The benefits include a boost of collagen and immune system which keeps the skin healthy and glowy. Firstly, the fruit is full of iron that helps in producing hemoglobin. However, many researches have shown that it protects from heart diseases as well. You can have the large seeds with puddings and pastries. Ambarella has Vitamin C that prevents fatigue and anemia. Moreover, this also improves eyesight. The availability of ambarella is both online and in stores as well. The rare fruits in India always have some benefits.

TIP: You can use it in jams, jellies and sauces.

5. Woodapple

Wood apple also known as elephant apple can be sweet or sour, also used in chutney or pickles. It is for elephants, deers and monkeys. The benefits of this rare fruit include proteins, vitamins and minerals. One ripe fruit can provide 49 calories, however only a few human beings like its taste. Also, we can bet that you haven’t tasted anything like this before. Unlike other fruits, it has zero sugar. The availability of rare fruits is uncommon but wood apple is available for 6 months which is October to march. It also helps in diabetes as it balances the blood sugar levels and is a good remedy for an upset stomach. The rare fruits in India also have medicinal properties.

6. Pomelo

Pomelo is one of the rare fruits in India and is a citrus fruit. It tastes like grapefruit but it has 2 kinds sweet and sour. Its juice is outstanding and the outer part can be candied. Pomelo has several benefits as it provides 73% of daily Vitamin C and has only 38 calories. It is 89% water which is great for the body. The northeastern region is where the rare fruits grown in India. On the other hand, it is full of fiber and fights cancer cells. Vitamin C helps in tiredness and keeps the skin healthy. It also has anti-aging properties as it boosts skin elasticity. However, you may not want to consume this in high quantity as it gives rise to stomach acids. Juice it or eat it raw as the availability is all year around.

TIP: It also has therapeutic properties that cure cough, jaundice, sore throat and gas pain.

7. Mulberry the uncommon fruit in India

Mulberry is native to the United States and is harvested in spring. The rare fruit has many benefits including anti-aging properties, vision improvement, maintains heart health. Mulberry is full of iron and Vitamin C and it’s plant compound lowers cancer risk and cholesterol. That’s not it, the rare fruit is full of calcium and anti-oxidants. However, you may call it a superfood as it provides all the important nutrients to the body. It grows in the tropical areas of India like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Also, the availability of this rare fruit is only twice a year from March to May and October to November. On the other hand, unripe berries can actually make your stomach upset and some people have also experienced a mild hallucination.

TIP: Add dried mulberries to oats, sweets, yogurt and granola bars.

8. Langsat

Langsat also known as Lotka is one of the rare fruits in India. The little translucent fruit is sour when unripe, gives a bittersweet taste. It grows in the south and east parts of India. Langsat is full of benefits as it is full of protein, fiber and minerals. The list doesn’t stop here it is loaded with Vitamin A and riboflavin also the seeds have anti-malarial properties. It also cures digestive problems and improves gut health as it is full of fiber. The availability of fruit is from April to September. Duku is the larger variety, grown in Nilgiri hills. In conclusion, the fruit tastes best when it is fresh as later it becomes bland. The bark and skin of langsat cure diarrhea.

9. Karonda

Karonda also known as the wild berry is on the list of rare fruits. The delicious berry is pink in color and usually has a tangy flavor. It is an excellent substitute for cranberry, often consumed with sea salt. Fully ripe berry has a more sweet taste, may use in pies too. There is n number of benefits including iron, Vitamin C and keeps the blood clean. It keeps the heart healthy and is beneficial for anemia as well. Also, it reduces inflammation and calms the stomach reducing the chances of an upset stomach. The availability of this rare fruit is in summers so go ahead and try these berries in the scorching heat of the sun. It has 80g of water, 81mg potassium and 51mg of Vitamin C. Karonda grow in Siwalik Hills of Bihar and West Bengal.

TIP: The powder of Karonda helps ease abdominal pain and also reduces fever. It produces serotonin which improves mental health. Drinking its juice helps in strengthening cardiac muscles.

10. Buddha’s Hand

Buddha’s hand also known as Fingered Citron is a yellow lumpy fruit, the yellow tentacles resemble human fingers. It has a unique zesty flavor and is really aromatic and is known for its floral smell. It is originated from lower Himalayas but the rare fruit is grown in northeastern India. The fruit was taken to China in 400AD. Temples use this fruit as offering to gods and in China, it is a symbol of prosperity and happiness. The fruit is popular as a New Year gift, it has no pulp, unlike other fruits. It is used for aroma and is also seen in alcoholic beverages. The availability of this rare fruit is from November to January.

TIP: You can use it as candy or as a room freshener. The aromatic fruit will not disappoint you, china used it as a perfume for so long. Go ahead and try this natural aromatic scent. China Grows 6 types on Buddha’s hand, isn’t it amazing?

FAQ’s Regarding Rare Fruits in India.

1. What is the most expensive fruit in India?

Kesar mango is one of the expensive fruits in India. It is grown in hills of Girnir. It is the most famous variety of mangoes in India.

3. Which is the queen of fruits in India?

Mangosteen is the queen of fruits and also the fruit of gods. Also, it is the national fruit of Thailand. This rare fruit is full of benefits including iron and minerals.

2. Which fruits are only found in India?

India is known as the fruit basket. However, mangoes, apples, apricots, apricots, oranges, avocado, watermelon and lichi are the fruits that are only found in India but they are exported all over the world.

4. Is shahtoot a rare fruit?

Yes, it is a rare fruit and it is juicy and sweet when it fully ripes. The fruit is also full of Vitamins and anti-oxidants.

COVID-19 Update | List of Rare fruits in India

COVID-19 has taken a toll on everything. The pandemic has locked everyone in their houses. However, the prices of exotic fruits are reaching heights and transportation has become expensive. Many importers have complained that they are on the verge of losses. Due to COVID, international importers have dumped many fruits like phalse and persimmon. They couldn’t hold them as it surpassed the 10-day shelflife of fruits. The rare fruits that India grows give a profit of 500 crores.


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