We are excited and optimistic about launching our website mybestguide.com. To our readers, we are here to tell you all something about us, hoping for your admiration and support.

Why do we call ourselves ‘My Best Guide’?

In today’s fast-paced world of rapid commercialization, we bring to you an honest guide. 

Some of the blogs promote hidden promotions. Their clients pay them hefty amounts to promote their products through their blogs. This information is hidden from the reader. Thus, the term hidden promotions. Now the reader reads information that has been framed and manipulated. Honesty and integrity both suffer in this process as such blogs tend to manipulate your minds. 

We are here to give you honest reviews of topics that we search and analyze. Our work does not have any paid hidden promotions. 

We are here to build a strong trust with our audience. We aim to present blogs that are free of these hidden promotions.

– MyBestGuide

Our Purpose

What is the problem we want to solve?

In this fast-paced world, everybody does not have the time to go through multiple blogs to buy a product or service, so they need a platform that can deliver precise information so that the reader can decide what’s right and what’s wrong. In ‘My Best Guide,’ we will provide content made after extensive exploration and dedication by our in the house research team. Our sole purpose is to deliver honest opinions in all the content we are putting out for our readers. We will cover topics that are highly critical and important for our readers with authenticity.

Sometimes we are deceived by bloggers into buying a product or service which does not correctly fulfill our needs. For example, hiding information about the product or hyping it unnecessarily even though there might be some better product with better features.  Some bloggers tend to be biased for some products and can keep the readers in the illusion of the particular product’s supremacy for their own. We can assure you that we will not hold our readers in any illusion, and our content will not favor any product or service.

How further will we go to help you?

We embarked on our journey on the 25th of July 2020 (Date for the Official launch of My Best Guide). We hope to cover different domains and make our journey long and cherishable. Some of the current areas which we are addressing right now are:

How are we doing it?

We are working around the clock and making sure that our content reaches you in the most organic way possible.

At My Best Guide, we have a team working exclusively on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank our website in a way that reaches our readers. We are working according to the algorithm by which google works using white hat techniques only. Our site needs to be ranked on the top so that it can reach you, and then only our work will be of some good. But in addition to our effort, we need the essential thing, which is nothing but continuous support of our readers. Without support from all of you, we won’t be able to achieve what we have aspired to.

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We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Team Members and the Board of Directors, for believing in us and for their tireless support and motivation. They form our foundation, working hard from several days before the official launch until today.

We would also like to thank our future readers, without your support and admiration, we cannot work towards our goal. Heartfelt gratitude to you all for helping us grow and evolve.

Stay tuned for More Updates!


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