Law and Judiciary is the system that runs the country. Keeping on track of how people function maintaining law and order in the state. Therefore, playing a very important role in society. From providing justice to the victims to punishing the perpetrator. Law always stands to protect a citizen’s right. Therefore, the person who is responsible for all of this should have ample knowledge of how things function. For this joining Top Government/Private Law Colleges in Kolkata becomes very important. As the Best LLB Colleges in Kolkata will help you develop the skill of a lawyer. Therefore, expecting you to serve society in the most truthful and honest manner. Though it can be confusing to which college to join. Below is the list of Best Law Colleges in Kolkata to help you choose.

Which Law Colleges are Better Government or Private?

There is a reputation created by Government Colleges/ Universities in general. That they are the best in what they do unlike their reputation in case of schools. Everyone wishes to join a government college not only for their reputation. But they are not a burden on your pockets. And quite affordable for even the underprivileged. Where once a part of their institute you have money and time to invest money for higher education. Something like a Master’s or Ph.D. Though they may lack in providing all the amenities.

Fee structure Government v/s Private

When it comes to private colleges, the only downside is they may not be too pocket-friendly. The fee will be higher because of the amenities they will provide. From air conditioning to hostel facilities with mess for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also not a lot of difference in the curriculum of syllabus. But some may find it easier to get into a private college. As the cut-off for government colleges can be quite intimidating. Since the only basis on which you get a selection is merit-based. Merit-based does not only mean marks scored by you in your previous degree or school. But instead, merit on the basis of the entrance exam that you give.

Placements Government v/s Private

And if you consider placements. Government Law Colleges in Kolkata may have a little upper hand on the same. But the difference isn’t that huge. Placements majorly depend on the student and his performance. And the better you perform in your class the better are the chances of you getting a placement better than your peers. So it won’t matter a lot.

List of Law Colleges in Kolkata

InstituteFeesContact Details
1.South Calcutta Law Collegea.+(91)(033)2440-8182
2.Shyambazar Law College3.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs.a.9239322774
3.Kingston Law College3.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs.a.8100981098
4.Jyotirmoy School of Law2.5 lakhs to 2.25 lakhsa.+91 3218-260079
b.+91 3218-260080
5.JIS University5 lakhs and 3 lakhsa.+91 8697743361
b.+91 8697743362
c.+91 9073322509

1.South Calcutta Law College – Best Law College in Kolkata

Why one of Top Law Colleges in Kolkata

South Calcutta Law College is one of the best government law colleges in Kolkata. While being established in 1970, decades of experience in the field have to lead them to reach the top of the table. Being a government college, the value of this institute while getting a placement or throughout the journey of your professional life is going to be higher. In a comparison with other private colleges. They provide two kinds of five-year courses. One is a regular B.A. LLB course and the other being B.A. LLB Honours. And have regular classes on campus.

Fee and Admission Process

To get admission to this institute you need to go through the entrance exam conducted by The University of Calcutta. And based on the merit list prepared on the result of the examination you get a seat in this college. So your major aim needs to be clearing the exam and being on the top of the merit list table. Once you are eligible you can take admission easily. However, like other colleges, this being government does not have roof-breaking fee structures. And is quite affordable to the underprivileged ones too. For more details, you can contact them at:

  • Mobile: +(91)(033)2440-8182
  • E-mail:
  • Website: Click Here

2.Shyambazar Law College

Why one of Best Law Colleges in Kolkata – Best LLB College in Kolkata

Shyambazar Law College is a comparatively new college established in 2013. And as compared to other colleges available they only provide one course. That is B.A. LLB course and that’s the only option available. Though their teaching method and alumni have made them reach one of the Best LLB Colleges in Kolkata. What makes them different is that they completely focus on the education of the child. And being just a law college it’s completely focussed on the law. Which gives the college an upper hand as compared to others. Other than this they also have a moot court where the students can practice practicing law and learn the practicality of being a law professional.

Fee and Admission Process

The admission process is comparatively simpler. Though they accept entrance exams. Not compulsory to give the entrance exam conducted by the University of Calcutta. But gives you an upper hand if you want to get admission to this college. Other than this, the fee structure is also comparatively cheaper. Ranging from about 2 lakhs. Hence, if you are a student coming from an economically weaker section of society you can definitely try for this college.

3.Kingston Law College – Best Law Course in Kolkata

Why one of Top Law Colleges in Kolkata

Established in 2004, it is the second private law college to be established in West Bengal. And is one of the best LLB Colleges in Kolkata. Along with the regular 5 and 3-year courses that they provide to every law aspirant. They are also a part of a legal and social aid clinic. Which helps their students to handle real-life situations. In order for them to get exposure to what a law professional should do and learn how to handle pressure situations. And since it is a recognized college by the Bar Council of India, though private gives a lot of value to this college. And unlike other private colleges, the admission process works in a very different manner. Rather in accordance to Government Law Colleges in Kolkata.

Fee and Admission Process

While the majority of the private institutions take admission on the basis of marks scored previously studied degree/ school merit-based. The admission process for Kingston Law College is that of Government Law Colleges in Kolkata. That is you get admission based on the CLAT entrance exam. The better that you perform, the better the percentile. The better is your chance to get into this college. Once you are clear with your CLAT exam and meet the required eligibility criteria you are good to go for admission. The fee will range from 3.5 lakhs to 4 lakhs. For more information contact:

  • Mobile: 8100981098 , 9883493503 , 9681848780
  • E-mail:
  • Website: Click here

4.Jyotirmoy School of Law – Best LLB Course in Kolkata

Why one of Best Law Colleges in Kolkata

Jyotirmoy School of Law though affiliated with the University of Calcutta is a private college. And is one of the best private law colleges you will find in Kolkata. They work on the principle of providing legal knowledge for all perspectives. As their courses provide knowledge relevant to socio-economically, industrially/ professionally, and socially relevant. Other than all of this, they also give practical knowledge to their students. By providing Mool Court for practice. A legal Aid Clinic to get the experience of the professional life. With this, they provide different seminars and conferences to guide their students.

Fee and Admission Process

To get admission to their 5-year courses, you need to register yourself on the Calcutta university page. Which will further lead you to an admission form. Where you are required to fill in all the details while selecting Jyotirmoy Law School as your preferred institution. All you have to then do is pay your fee. Which ranges from about 2.5 lakhs to 2.25 lakhs. Depending on the type of payment you chose to make. Weather yearly or half-yearly which provides you with the discount. To get more information on the college, contact:

  • Mobile: +91 3218-260079/ 80
  • E-mail:
  • Website: Click here

5.JIS University – Top Law College in Kolkata

Why one of Top Law Colleges in Kolkata

JIS University is one of the best Private Law Colleges in Kolkata. And being part of the industry for 21 years it has over 30 institutions established in the eastern part of the country. Grooming and preparing students for the industry is what their goal is. While also providing them a safe and comfortable environment to study and grow. Moreover, they vouch for students to do internships during vacation time. To help them get real experience in the industry. Other than this their curriculum also works around the principle of all-round development. Which comes by organizing seminars, guest lectures. Helping students to widen their horizons of education.

Fee and Admission Process

The university offers both BBA-LLB a five-year course. As well as LLB, a three-year course. With fees being around 5 lakhs and 3 lakhs for both of them respectively. Also, the admission process is fairly simple. All you need is to start by registering yourself on their portal. And keep in mind the eligibility criteria for all the courses. If you are on the clear with seats available you can get an admission. Following which the university can guide you for the further process. You can also contact them at:

  • Mobile Number: +91 8697743361 / +91 8697743362 / +91 9073322509
  • E-mail:
  • Website: click here

FAQs: LAW Colleges in Kolkata

Should placement opportunities play a major role while choosing the best LLB Colleges in Kolkata?

Placements should play a decent role while choosing private/ government Law colleges in Kolkata. Since, after college, you need to start working. Though private colleges will work harder to get you a placement, whereas government institutes because of their reputation will get companies. But it is up to you to work harder and get one.

Is their any age limit to pursue a degree in Law?

Well to pursue any professional degree you need to be a pass out of 10+2. But concerning to higher limit on pursuing law is around 40 years.

What are the entrance exams one should look forward to for becoming a lawyer?

The major entrance exam for law in India is CLAT. However, different state universities conduct their own entrance exam for admissions. So, you need to check under which category your dream college comes and prepare for the entrance exam.

To start your preparation for CLAT, find the best coaching in India for CLAT / in Kolkata and choose the best for yourself. Other than this, if you are looking forward to other exams like GMAT find their best coaching as well.

Editor’s Note| Best Law Colleges in Kolkata

A college is a place that will teach you to be the best version of yourself. And give you the exposure to live a life as an adult, be professional, and handle pressure situations. This is why while pursuing a degree in Law from private colleges or government in Kolkata, make sure to choose the Best LLB Colleges in Kolkata. Since it is the one vulnerable factor between you being the best lawyer or the other way around. Moreover, don’t just go to a college because it has a brand value. Though it makes a difference, education and the faculty members also play a major role. So make sure you do your research before joining any college.


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