Are you having trouble building your resume? In this guide, we provide hacks and tips for fresher resume, the perfect resume format for freshers. Answers questions on how to make a resume for freshers. Classic CV format for freshers to acquire your dream job and also points to be kept in mind in creating a CV for freshers.

Almost every job expert recommends customizing your resume according to the jobs you apply. A fresher’s resume should be different from that of an experienced job candidate.

What is a resume? – Hacks & Tips for Fresher Resume

What do you mean by resume?

A resume is an essential aspect of your job application since it assists you in creating your vital first impression among hiring professionals, much longer before you appear physically for a job interview.

Questions in mind regarding resume?

So, what should be the ideal approach while creating a great resume for freshers? What sections should be included or excluded? And, most importantly, what all things should you highlight when your resume lacks a detailed work experience section? 

Certain Hacks & Tips for Fresher Resume

If you are unfamiliar with the job market and applying to your dream jobs the first time. It is big liability to write resume because of unawareness regarding updates of your dream job

The tips here could help you craft a great resume to improve your chances of securing an interview call. Let’s initiate by taking a look at how a fresher’s resume should look like and also some interesting hacks and tips for fresher resume!

Perfect Fresher’s Resume Layout

The major hacks and tips for fresher resume should be used and placed under a defined format:-

Major parts of Freshers Resume

  • Name & Contact Information in the Header: Use easily readable large, standard fonts with correct contact details.
  • Career Objective: Keep it short, crisp, informative & to the point.
  • Qualification: Mention just suitable information. Be assured to provide all necessary information while simply defining your skillsets, referring to the job description (JD). Refer JD to add all relevant keywords to pass through the applicant tracking system (ATS).
  • Software Skills: Employers usually prefer and expect this section, and for some job roles, it can be a specific selection criterion.
  • Relevant Practical Experience: You can include all internship information. This may highlight the projects undertaken and any academic experience. The specific requirements of your potential employer should be displayed in this section.
  • Achievements: Precisely define your results, especially the ones that fulfill the job requirements.

Certain snaps of a Perfect Freshers Resume

For hacks and tips to Make a Resume for Fresher, you should first look at certain examples of a perfect resume and CV for freshers:

Hacks and Tips for Fresher’s Resume

Certain interesting tips to format fresher resume

These basic tips will guide you through the process of creating a great resume for freshers. 

Plan your Content Earlier:

  •  Before writing anything on your resume, content planning and research are essential. Think about what you wish to achieve in your career, as this will help you know what to include in your resume. 
  • Describing your area of interest can be a bit challenging since professional background has little to no value in the case of freshers. The scope of including professional interests is more. Hence you should plan what to include and what not to include.

Things to be kept in Mind – Tips to make Resume for Fresher

  • The very first thing to be considered is a typography – font size and type. Never forget to include relevant keywords in your resume. Some personal research will help you learn how to use them. You can follow the JD to identify important keywords.
  • Next, you should select a matching format as well as a file name. Remember that while action verbs are allowed on a resume, you should strictly avoid using pronouns.

Information to Include 

  • Correct and updated contact information should be included, comprising your complete name, phone number, email address, and correspondence address. List educational qualification details in chronological order. You can include the names of institutions that have awarded you the degrees and certifications.
  • Also, give details of professional training/courses that you have pursued.

Resume Format for Freshers

  • To organize your resume as per your plan, you will have to follow some specific steps. Begin by selecting the font size and style as well as the margin in a blank document.
  • Plus, without being experimental, choose from these fonts for resume writing: CalibriTimes New RomanGeorgia and Arial. Keep the font size 14 and 12 for headings and for rest of the content, respectively.  

Avoiding Useless Formatting

Do not capitalize or bold text for no good reason. Also, avoid using multiple colors. Stick to one or two colors only; and for text, use a dark color against the white background. You can check out the best CV formats for freshers and how to present them in the interview perfectly on youtube.

Next, you should select a proper layout, which is basically of three types: functional, chronological, and combinational. 

Different types of Resume Layout

Functional Resume Sample | Image Source

The functional type is for professionals, who don’t have enough matter or experience to strengthen their resume.

The chronological type is for those who are known to be associated with a particular sector for quite a long time. 

Chronological Resume Sample | Image Source

The combination type, as the name suggests, holds features of both functional and chronological types. Ideally, freshers should go for this type of resume layout. 

Combination Resume Sample | Internet Source
  • Following a Pattern: Once the layout is decided, mention your educational details, projects during graduate and postgraduate courses, internships, awards, and also achievements.  

The title and headings should be aligned to left. Keep single spacing before the heading and its corresponding content. And also double spacing when you move to the next heading.  

  • Using Effective Titles: A lot of hiring managers judge job candidates on the basis of the titles they include on their resumes. Together, your objective statement should be really impressive. Keep it clear and not more than 2-3 lines. 

Moreover, avoid making it too generalized. The objective should strictly be in accordance with the position you are applying for. It should reflect your career goals and how you are an ideal candidate for the job in question.

Drive clear of mentioning too historical skills, such as dynamicteam player and hard worker and so on. Every employer wants these qualities from expected employees but does like reading them on resumes.   

  • Keeping it Simple: There should be no room for confusion, and so, simplicity is the key. Try using statements such as: “Responsibilities combine resolving customer issues, attending calls & preparation of daily reports.”

Avoiding Grammatical Errors

  •  You should pay close attention to grammatical mistakes and also sentence construction errors. For this, you can use Grammarly. Your resume should be free of any spell errors and include suitable expressions. Therefore, this will help you create a great first impression in front of recruiters
  • Make sure to state everything precisely and to the point. All your training and also recognitions, mentioned over the resume, should be supported by relevant certificates and related documents.

Other Important hacks and tips for Freshers resume

Reflecting Your Skills through Resume

  • You should make efforts to showcase your skills through your resume. For example, a writer should try showcasing skills while creating a fresher’s resume without going overboard. 
  • Likewise, animators can also reflect skills to some extent while presenting a fresher’s resume. This will help you introduce your expertise to recruiters despite being a fresher when you don’t have any secure professional experience to prove your skills.   
  • However, it is not necessary to include them every time if you feel so, or you think your skills can not be reflected through your resume. A simple resume with all relevant information is just enough. 

Major Things to Avoid

  •  A fresher’s resume should never include a photograph. However, if you have been asked to include one, make sure to have it clicked in a professional get-up. You should also avoid mentioning any work experience that doesn’t have supporting documents. 
  • Moreover, never mention your expected salary. Wait until the interview since most job interviews have a committed salary negotiation phase. It is also essential since being a fresher, you should be more committed to learning and also getting an opportunity rather than focusing on money.
  • This is essential to keep in mind before studying the resume format for freshers

Keeping it Professional 

Your resume should reflect professionalism from every angle. It should be professionally attractive by looks and feel. Don’t overdo anything that might ruin its appeal. You can also make use of multiple colors, but this has to be done wisely and should look attractive.

Using Numbers to Highlight Your Achievements:

  • Numbers are always catchy, so use the number to grab the recruiter’s attention, especially when highlighting your accomplishments, such as:
  • Organized a corporate event attended by 11,000+ professionals. § Bagged 2nd position among 150 participants in the XYZ event.
  • Written and published 25 blogs with 5,000+ views in a span of months.

Using Power Verbs

  •  Believe it or not, there are several power verbs that recruiters want you to put down on your resume. These may include power verbs, for example, implemented, executeddeveloped, and also deliveredorganized, etc. 

Use them when filling details in various sections of your fresher’s resume. Try to begin a sentence with these strong verbs, typically in the form of bullets.  

Getting it Reviewed

  •  Once done, ask an honest friend, particularly the one with a precise command over written English, to review it. Chances are of mistake that you have probably missed. 

How to make an Attractive CV for freshers?

Drafting a perfect CV for freshers is not a child’s play. With so many negative suggestions, it is natural for someone at the initial stages of a career to panic. There is a lot of confusion on various things, such as– should I draft a one-page resume for freshers? Should I put the summary on top? Shall I include my interests in it, or will it look childish?

However, you have to leave a perfect first impression by a great CV format for freshers resume on the hiring manager.

  • A CV for freshers asks for things that compel the hiring manager to assume yes; this is the person I am looking for! Think resume as a perfect medium to advertise yourself ideally. Your resume must have facts and should present you as a responsible and sensible individual with the right attitude. With good content and correct CV format for freshers, you can include positivity to your CV.
  • For the hiring manager, you are a product, and if you are on par with requirements, you are almost there. Remember, a resume assures you an interview, not the job! Here are some hacks and tips for writing a winning resume for freshers that can seal an interview for you.

Create a Catchy Header

For a perfect CV format for freshers, the header should include your name and the contact information, where the name can be written in large font than that of other details. Many people mention their details at the end, but it is always a good idea to say it on the top as it becomes easier for the hiring managers to sort the profiles.

Sample Perfect Header of an Effective Resume for freshers | Image Source

Always Mention Career Objective

You are completely ready to give direction to your career. You must draft an important career objective, precisely in CV format for freshers. Making the job more accessible for the hiring manager to analyze your interests. Always be specific in what you are trying to imply. Avoid giving vague statements like “I am seeking a job/career/position”. Everyone knows that you are looking for this job if you have applied for it.

You need to convey your objective to your hiring manager in the first glance. A precise goal will create an instant liking to your resume.

Pay Attention to Fresher Resume Format

Design always matters! It does not mean that you choose a flashy, non-contrast, and an eye-hurting design in CV format for freshers. Please keep it simple and sleep. Ensure that the font you have chosen gives a professional look to your resume. Hacks and Tips for Fresher’s resume include adding a little color at the top works and also makes your resume stand out. A CV format for freshers contains an active part to showcase an educational profile. Also include technical skills, soft skills known as profile summary.

Highlight your Education

A perfect hack and tip for fresher resume are to highlight your education and also associated achievements. The academic qualifications should always be displayed in bullets/points. It should have a clear and straight forward objective statement, and it must be to-the-point.

Sample Academic Details of CV for freshers | Image Source

Avoid Age-Old Cliches

While assume to add a few fillers to the resume to make it look professional, people end up writing useless stuff. Avoid imprecise phrases such as “I am a team player,” “I have strong work ethics,” and also “I am detail-oriented.”However, all these phrases are platitude. And the hiring manager must have seen these thousand times.


The resume tips, as mentioned above for freshers can indeed help you create a great resume. Even if you don’t have a strong professional background to support it. If you still find it difficult where to start from, try a free resume builder. After knowing the hacks and tips for fresher’s resume, you should also know dos and don’ts of fresher resume. It’s a norm that hiring managers don’t spend much time in scanning fresher resumes. Therefore, you should communicate max. information in min. words while making it catchy.

Above all, you can create a customized resume by using resume building websites, and also apps such as Canva, Resume Builder etc for your ideal job position.

Wrapping up

There is nothing in the world as a standard resume; you have to change it as per job requirements. Read your resume repetitive times to avoid any grammatical or other mistakes. Seek assistance with friends and also seniors. They can share their valuable feedback on resume format for freshers created, to make it better. So, don’t rush. Just focus on your goals. And also draft a resume that can present you both professionally and smartly.

All the best!

FAQ regarding Hacks and Tips for Fresher Resume

What do you mean by resume?

A resume refers to a formal document that a job applicant creates to specify his or her qualifications for a particular job position.

What are different types of resume?

The different types of resume are functional, chronological, and combinational. 

List up some do’s and don’ts of drafting a fresher resume?

CV for freshers should be made entirely following CV format for freshers, some points to be kept in mind and also should be avoided are mentioned as below:-
Do-Mention contact details on top.
Include complete education details, projects, achievements, and also internships.
Mention job-related proficiency and also create a formal email-address.
Don’ts– Lie on your resume.
Include random information such as interests & hobbies.
Use multiple fonts.
And also do not draft a colorful and messy resume.

What resume format should be used for fresher jobs?

The resume format is an essential aspect of the resume. The resume should be a single page length and especially so for fresher jobs. However, HR needs to look at it at a glance and be able to evaluate your profile. Make sure the resume format is clean and also error-free. Above all, The functional resume is the best CV format for freshers

What should be done before submitting resume ?

A few steps you should take before submitting your resume enlists proofreading, making any necessary edits. And also ensuring the information on your resume is relevant to the position you are applying for. And remove any details that do not directly relate to the job.

Editor’s Note | Hacks & Tips for Fresher Resume

This guide provides you a brief description to write an ideal resume, great hacks, and tips for fresher resume. In this era of deadly virus pandemic, there is a lot of job-loss, but on the other hand, many companies are also recruiting freshers with creative and passionate minds. The first step you have decided for your dream job is to format a perfect resume for yourself and to be updated about the companies. The question in the minds of recruiters at this time can also be related to the current pandemic situation. You can also share your innovative skills and ideas you develop during this period in your resume formatting.


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