Nepotism is a disease that has prevailed over a long period of time in every area and Bollywood has also been in the same trap. This has spread all its arms to the longest area reaching every corner of it. Nepotism is favoritism in a layman’s language. But there are things which need to be looked at and show how much evidence is this. Nepotism in Bollywood has also been a topic for people to concern about sometimes.

Introduction | Nepotism in Bollywood

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How evident is Nepotism in Bollywood?

It is pretty much seen and is quite evident that nepotism has been in the roots of Bollywood. However, at the same point, we cannot neglect that the Hindi film industry has many successful actors. And they do not have any strong connection previously. Also, there is no chance of failure that this issue has been reignited recently with the death of late actor SSR. But like every coin has two sides, this matter has its different aspects. Many outsiders are pretty wealthy in terms of money and name.

Their career struggles, success stories are not less than a story to inspire many of us. Matter of fact, Bollywood really has given its audience numerous actors with commendable talent. Nepotism is basically giving or offering favoritism to a family. This may be someone in business, politics, entertainment, or any other area. However, this has also a fact that nepotism is taken to yet another level in Bollywood.

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The genesis of where it all begins.

Getting some historic facts, from where it all has started. Nepo natively means nephew. In the late 17th century, two divisions namely Catholics and bishops took virtue of temperance. Therefore, no legitimate offspring of their own gave their nephews preferences and priorities to certain areas. It is certainly historic and proves that the origin of this kind of favoritism has begun very early. Whereas talking particularly about Bollywood, it has not started intentionally. Initially working of star kids with big producers and huge budget films have raised this.

How vast nepotism is?

This world does not limit anything. Certainly, nepotism is also limitless, it does not have any barrier. The arms have been spread already. Be it politics, and corporate sector, office/organization, or anything. However, this nepotism may not take the whole and sole charge. Nepotism survives very strongly but the fact can also not be denied that its contradiction also survives.

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There are certain factors for anything to survive for so long. Be it anything, it germinates with time & all aspects around it. In entertainment, industry nepotism has rooted for long, very long indeed. Various sectors of the same such as fashion, photography, music, events, movies nothing has been left untouched. But, at times the outcome of this favoritism is totally illogical. As a result, it sometimes turns out to be filthy, thus creating negativity.

Nepotism in Entertainment Industry

Instances are pretty enough of the past in the Bollywood Industry. However, it is also quite well-proven that there are several self-made stars. They have earned handsomely in monetary terms. Working hard from the very early days of their struggle period. They have earned this much today. Naming them would be great for idolizing them. Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, and many more. The list doesn’t end here.

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Nepotism precisely exists everywhere, but it is at times difficult to prove in the music industry. Because it may or may not be possible for children to sing and become a singing star like their parents. Probably, one may not get the correct notes in singing their parents do. It may be possible for playing instruments for composing/ producing music. However, in the production of music, it takes efforts and it doesn’t come without knowledge. Thus, talent and mastery are the most important factor.

Sadak2 trailer release received negativity which indeed was disrespectful. Just because it starred star kids it got millions of dislikes on youtube. However, this loss is extended to others who are involved. The backend people such as spot boys, makeup artists, stuntmen, editors, etc are as crucial as the cast involved in it. Not only the producers but yes they also suffer in terms of financial area.

Nepotism controls Bollywood ?

Bollywood has always welcomed talent with its arms open wide. Thus, no point of doubt exists because it has always done justice to outsiders. Gave them everything which they have dreamt of. Mumbai has been a motherland to the Bollywood industry, Hindi films, and its actors. Thus, nepotism goes hand in hand with its rivalry. Moreover, it is enough that, the Bollywood Industry has given fair chances. Many outsiders have generously worked with big directors and production houses, Dharma Productions, YRF are such big names. Giving them credits is fair enough.

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Allegations for launching star kids or giving them priorities are not less on them. Moreover, this is not a limit to movies only. The music industry is visualizing the same and is well linked to Bollywood. Recently, Sonu Nigam a big name in the industry is in talks for putting allegations on T series. Eventually, music has been connected to Hindi films.

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Hierarchical ruling in the Industry?

There are certain families who have a good reputation and settled name in the industry from past times. One of them is The Kapoor’s, who have been giving many talented star kids. This hierarchical domination may lead to talk on the same for many people. The most luxurious generational families in Indian Cinema have been on target. The Bachchan family, Deol Family, Dhawan’s, Anil Kapoor’s family are some abundant names coming every time nepotism appears.

Blaming a particular family for its background in the same domain is doing no justice. Moreover, they get bullying which leads to mental pressure. Star kids face different kinds of bullying on their social platforms. Their Instagrams, Twitter, or take any medium, get fill with hatred whenever this topic comes up. Sonakshi Sinha, Sonam Kapoor, and many more. These star kids are always on target, which is not ethically favorable.

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Nepotism in Bollywood-Boon or Bane

After the tragic death of SSR, in an interview, Kareena Kapoor also said that only the audience has made them, no one else. Because of this social torture, many celebs turned their comment section off. This haunt created by the audience is negative. Thus not every celeb is responsible for each bad thing that happens in the industry. If Nepotism prevails 100%, then no space would have been to any outsider.

Eventually, there are upcoming stars who are doing well but are not star kids. Moreover, nobody has chosen to be a star kid. Destiny has meant to be different for everyone, but what matters is how you choose to deal with it. Blaming nepo kids for all the bad is unfair and certainly not logical at all times.

Celebrities in the Debate

Karan Johar a big producer owning Dharma Productions is in talks recently. He is said to be the “Flag Bearer of nepotism”. Moreover, allegations say that he only launches star kids. However, individually it is a person’s intimate decision to do with his business. Also, he has given work frequently to many outsiders, who are now successful.

On the contrary Bollywood actress, Huma Qureshi said, ” Not that star kids are not talented, but the opportunities they get are far easier, projects far bigger and budget for their films is huge. Summarising this statement, then star kids are talent-filled but they are spoon-fed sometimes. Whereas, strugglers/ outsiders are supposed to cook their meal on their own.

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Thus, the debate never stops because star kids are always ready with their view on Nepotism in Bollywood. Superstar Anil Kapoor’s daughter tried to defend herself. She stated that” The top heroines today- Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra- are both women who aren’t from the industry. And you are telling me that Alia Bhatt is where she is because of her family and not because of her talent.

FAQ’s Regarding Nepotism in Bollywood.

Does Nepotism stops new talent to come in Bollywood?

`Not at all, saying this would be an injustice to those big production houses who have worked with many outsiders. There are so many superhit blockbusters given by Dharma Productions, Yash Raj Films which comprise of self-made stars like Shah Rukh Khan.

Nepotism controls Bollywood as a whole?

There are times when star kids are prioritized. Preferences are favored to actors who have a strong film background. However, that doesn’t mean that outsiders are not given chances. It’s just that a person who does not have anyone known in the industry needs to struggle a bit more than compared to a star kid.

Industries connected to Bollywood are also part of Nepotism?

It may be a yes sometimes, but on the counterpart, fairly chances are given. Eventually, the music industry would not have got Neha Kakkar, Arijit Singh, and many more at the same time. This thing evidences that what really matters is your talent and nothing above it.

Key Skills to have

You should be very enthusiastic and determined by what you are doing. Every artist needs skills, talent, and versatility to become a successful celebrity regardless that you have a film background or not.

What all is needed to enter Bollywood?

Your talent is the main component, otherwise building connections, making contacts, starting from the roots, working for short films will really make a step ahead to it.

Morals that one should not skip

Always be passionate, your dream will come true soon. You just need to be positive, and confident all the way. Don’t lose hope, be goal-oriented. Nepotism prevails but not all times. If you are confident about yourself, you will have it.

Editor’s Note | Nepotism in Bollywood

COVID-19 has directly not affected nepotism in Bollywood but has adversely printed a mark on the ongoing shooting of films. It has its ill-effects in abundance. Many film stars have suffered from Covid-19 and are now fine with all the medications. It has badly stopped working in making films. A number of film shoots have been delayed but now when the new normal has started, some of the work has been resumed. It can happen that in this time of scarcity, star kids may get superiority over others.


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