You no longer need to worry about what eye makeup you are wearing while going out. Firstly, these eyeshadow looks will win your heart and are super easy to do. Secondly, you don’t need to buy expensive things to do this eyeshadow makeup. Also, to break it down for you we have included eye makeup pics. So, this article will be a one-stop solution for you. These eyeshadow looks will win everyone’s heart. Further, these looks are beginner-friendly so if you are new to makeup this will definitely help you.

Eye Makeup

For many people eyes are the most attractive feature. However, we can make them more charming with eyeshadow makeup. Also, to make it more simple for you we have curated a list with eye makeup pics. And that will help you to make your look more interesting. Further, from simple eye look to cut crease we have included everything. So, this Saturday night you are going to be the apple of everyone’s eyes. Also, you can do these looks in less than 15-20 minutes. However, do keep it a secret as everyone is going to ask about it.

Who doesn’t want Beautiful Cat Eye Look?

Firstly, who doesn’t want a beautiful cat eye makeup look? Secondly, along with being beautiful and attractive, it is the simplest out of all if you do it correctly. However, be careful as you are going to be addicted to this trend. So, let’s get started with this eye makeup look. Now, to start with the look create a plain canvas by applying concealer onto your eyes. Then set it with concealer to prevent creasing. Moreover, you can use loose powder or compact powder to set the eyelid. Now, before starting with the wing you should know that there are various types of eyeliners like Gel liners, pen liners, liquid liners, pinwheel liners and many more. So, choose it according to your preference.

Now start drawing a thin line with the least amount of product at the outer corner of the eye. After that connect it with the lash line and make it thick. Further, draw a line on your lashline and Voila you are done. Also, to make your lashes look fuller do apply some kohl onto your upper waterline. To sum up, Add mascara or lashes as per your desire. You can also highlight your brow bone and inner corners with a highlighter to enhance your look. And if you are a beginner then you can also make a wing liner with Black or Brown eyeshadow. Because it is more subtle and no one will know that you messed up with your liner.

PRO TIP – Use a thin brush for this eye makeup look. Also, you can use a slightly thick brush while drawing a wing liner with eyeshadow. So, some of the best eyeliner brands are Maybelline, Bobbi Brown, Inglot and NYX.

Golden Eye Makeup Look

Well, who doesn’t love a golden Cleopatra eye makeup look?. Because this look is simple yet classy and elegant. Moreover, the golden color is so universal that it suits literally everybody. So, get ready to dazzle everyone with your Bronzy golden look. To start with this eyeshadow makeup look prepare your eyelid first. Apply some concealer and then set it with some powder. Then with a flat brush start patting golden eyeshadow onto your eyelids until it becomes Opaque. Further to make it presentable do blend the edges of it with some bronzer on a fluffy brush. Also, if you don’t already know Bronze and Gold go hand in hand. And it is the safest eyeshadow look you can go for. As you can never go wrong with it. After blending the edges with the bronzer finish your look with some fluttery lashes and mascara.

PRO TIP – Don’t forget to apply some eyeshadow on your lower lash line to balance the entire look. Also, you can intensify the pigment of your eyeshadow by spraying some setting spray onto your Brush. The eye makeup pics will definitely help you. To sum up, if you don’t have any golden eyeshadow then go ahead and use your highlighter as the eyeshadow.

Glitter Cat Eye Makeup Look

A glitter eye makeup look makes everything better. Also, it goes with every outfit and looks good at every occasion. But have you tried a glitter cat eye before? we bet you haven’t. So, let’s jump right into the process to make this beautiful Eyeshadow look. Just like before, first start with prepping your Eye Lid with concealer and loose powder. After that with a fluffy brush apply a light bronzy or pink shade all over your eyelid. Further, with your favorite eyeliner draw a wing liner and don’t forget to put kohl on your upper waterline. Because that will give a full lash effect look. Now here comes the interesting part of this eyeshadow makeup. Take a glitter liner and start drawing a line just above your wing at the outer corner of the eye.

PRO TIP – If you want then you can drag the glitter liner to your inner corner. And it will look as beautiful as the double glitter wing. However, don’t forget to apply glitter liner and some shadow to your lash line. As it will balance the entire Look. Further, you can find some of the best yet affordable glitter liners on Amazon.

Cut Crease Look

Everyone these days must have seen this ongoing cut crease Eyeshadow look. It is extremely gorgeous and yet trending. Well, we have you covered for it. You can also do a cut crease with these few simple steps. First as always start with prepping your eyelids as you need a canvas for your eye makeup. Then take a pencil brush and start depositing dark brown color just under your browbone and over your eyelid. After that with a small fluffy brush blend the edges with a light brown shade to make it soft. Further for the main part which is cut crease. Start with a flat brush and concealer Firstly take a small amount of concealer onto your flat brush and start creating a wing-like structure just under your eyeshadow. Secondly, intensify the concealer until it becomes opaque and set it with a little bit of powder.

PRO TIP – You can apply some glitter over it while the concealer is sticky. But don’t forget that you just have to apply the eyeshadow or glitter where you have applied your concealer. Voila, your cut crease is done. This eyeshadow makeup is very simple if you do it properly and carefully. Also, for your reference, we have added eye makeup pics. Buy concealers on Amazon to make your cut crease crisp.

Copper and Colourful

Well, we all want a pop of color in our life. So, why not start with our Eye makeup. Colors make the entire look so alive and fresh and you can switch it according to your clothing or preference. Always start with prepping your eyelid before beginning with your eyeshadow. Firstly, take a fluffy brush and lightly apply a bronzy shade all over your eyelid. After blending it nicely apply some copper eyeshadow onto your eyelid with a flat brash. Secondly, take a pencil brush and apply some green or turquoise eyeshadow onto your lower lashline. Further, to complete the eye look add some lashes and wing liner. Voila, your eyeshadow is done. Also, to play with it you can add lenses too.

PRO TIP – You can use colorful kohls for lining your lower lash line. Also, don’t forget to add a highlighter in your inner corner and brow bone. It will make the look fresh and clean. You can buy colorful kohls or liners on Amazon, Nykaa or at any local store.

Pink Eye Makeup Look

Pink eyeshadow is the eye makeup which is very basic and goes with every outfit. So, our article is incomplete without a pink look. Now, as always start with prepping your eyelids with concealer and powder. After that take a fluffy blending brush and start blending in some Pink Eyeshadow. Also, don’t forget to blend the edges properly. Because no one likes harsh eyeshadow. Now if you want to amp up the look. You can further add some pink glitter to make it more interesting. Finish your eye makeup with some lashes or you can add wing liner as well. To sum up, don’t forget to apply the eyeshadow onto your lower lash line. If you don’t already know this is the basic eye makeup look and you can wear it to college, party, work, anywhere. The eye makeup pics will guide you.

PRO TIP – Always add some highlighter in your inner corners and brow bone to make it look neat. Also, it is a type of eyeshadow look you can never go wrong with. So, go ahead and try it now. Moreover, you can also change your haircut in order to look different.

Basic Bronze Look

If you want to play safe and don’t want to experiment a lot. Then this is your look. The bronzy makeup look can never let you down. So, to begin with it start prepping your eye lids with the usual concealer and powder. Further, take some bronzer or brown eyeshadow on a fluffy brush and apply it all over your eyelid. And don’t forget to blend it properly. You can also control the intensity of the pigment. If you want to make it dark then spray some setting spray or mist onto your brush to increase the pigmentation. Voila, your eyeshadow is ready in less than 5 minutes. It is the most easiest yet simple eyeshadow makeup.

FAQ Regarding Eye Makeup

1. What is the easiest eye makeup look?

Applying single eyeshadow all over your eyelid is the easiest eye makeup look. Also, you can use bronzer or any shadow all over the lid.

2. How to make the eyeshadow classy and clean?

Blending is the key to make the eyeshadow classy and clean. You can apply whatever you want but if you are not blending it properly then it will look ugly.

3. Which brands makes the Best eyeshadow Palettes?

Makeup Revolution, The Balm, Nykaa, Too Faced and Morphe are some of the brands that make some bomb eyeshadow palettes.

Editor’s Note | Eye Makeup

COVID – 19 has turn everyone’s life upside down. And now we have to wear masks for god knows how long. So, let’s make this time Interesting with some simple yet attractive eye makeup looks. Because the only feature we can see during these times is the eyes. So, let’s enhance our looks with some amazing and simple eye makeup. The article has included everything that you need to know about it.


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