Do you get tensed easily? Do you feel tired and dizzy constantly for no apparent reasons?

You are probably suffering from Lifestyle Disease. The ongoing pandemic and consistent lockdown have aggravated the health issues that have been quietly on the rise for some time now. One such condition has seen a surge, i.e. blood pressure, because of how people live and goes on about their daily routine.

A simple way to combat this issue is to lead a disciplined lifestyle. It is that simple! To get you started, getting a good blood pressure monitor is imperative. Blood pressure is a simple and accurate indicator of one’s health condition. 

It allows you to keep a close watch on our health in general and helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

To save you time and any confusion over the products, we have compiled a list of 7 blood pressure monitoring devices that you can choose. People from non-medical backgrounds with ease can use them.

List of Best BP Measuring Machine in India


Omron HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the most widely used devices at home. It is a compact device that can also carry while traveling. The functioning of this device is based on the oscillometric principle. This feature helps in ensuring accurate reading of blood pressure. 

Quick Features:

  • Good Display. Can show systolic, diastolic, and pulse rate in one go.
  • Especially helpful for elders. It has only one button for a start and stop.
  • Irregular pulse and heartbeat detection.
  • Can detect movement in the body, which prevents error in the result.
  • It comes with cuff wrapping guide technology. This indicates if the wrapping is done correctly. 
  • The device has 3 years’ warranty and lifetime support. 

Price: INR 2199

Phone: 1800-419-0492



Trust Atrial Fibrillation Automatic Dual Talking Digital BP Monitor is an advanced BP monitoring device. The device can communicate with the user in Hindi and English. This option can be switched off too. The device is light and compact and has a good build. It uses MDI technology which avoids creating excessive pressure on the arm and delivering accurate reading. This feature is helpful for older patients. 

Quick Features:

  • It adopts an advanced fuzzy algorithm that avoids over-pumping and helps inaccurate readings.
  • It can detect movement of the body to ensure accuracy of the reading.
  • Equipped with cuff check indicator, which indicates if the cuff had been correctly wrapped on the arm.
  • The monitor can also detect Atrial Fibrillation. It can take 2 readings in succession and analyse the result.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.

Price: INR 2999

Phone: +91-7527-013-265



BPL 120/80 B18 Blood Pressure Monitor is made based on the oscillometric principle. It is an effortless device that can be operated with a single touch. A single person can use it without any assistance. It is a compact device that can be taken around while traveling.

Quick Features:

  • The machine can measure up to 25% deviation from normal rhythm. 
  • It comes with a WHO classification indicator. This helps in the understanding category of blood pressure. 
  • Dual power source. It is battery-operated and also has USB adapter connectivity.
  • Up to 100 recordings can be stored in the device.

Price: INR 1585

Phone: 1800-425-2355



Accuser AS Series Automatic BP Machine Blood Pressure Apparatus is a simple device used by anyone without any assistance. The device is compact and can easily use while traveling. The device comes with latex-free cuff material, which ensures comfort while wrapping the cuff around the arm. 

Quick Features:

  • Large LCD and bright display screen.
  • Equipped with a motion detector and high precision gauge sensor. This ensures accuracy in reading. 
  • It can store up to 60 readings which allows better diagnosis of health.
  • It can also detect irregular heartbeats. 
  • Dual power source. Battery and USB port operated.

Price: INR 1210

Phone: +91-11-4565-38-08 



Morepen BP02 Automatic Blood Pressure Apparatus is a simple apparatus that anyone can use. It is also a very budget-friendly blood pressure monitoring device. The device can also measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The device is small and compact and can be taken around without any hassle.

Quick Features:

  • The display screen is huge and can be read easily.
  • It is made with comfort inflation technology. This allows for the cuff to be wrapped comfortably while giving an accurate reading.
  • It can also detect irregularity in heartbeats. This allows for the detection of any symptoms of heart ailments.
  • It can store up to 120 readings which allows better diagnosis of the user’s health.
  • It is made based on the oscillometric principle, which gives better accuracy in reading.

Price: INR 1416

Phone: +91-8527-006-992



Beurer BM 27 Blood Pressure Monitor is an ideal device if you have more than one user in the family. It can record up to 30 reading for 4 different users. It is particularly beneficial for those with a history of heart issues. It is German made which means its durability and effectiveness are top-notch.

The device is compact and can be carried around without any difficulty. It also comes with a low battery indicator to avoid any last-minute hassles. The device also has an automatic switch on and off option. 

Quick Features:

  • Large LCD to ensure easy reading of information.
  • Besides measuring blood pressure, it can also detect any irregularities in the heartbeat.
  • It comes with an indicator to ensure the cuff is positioned correctly. 
  • It has a 5 years warranty and lifetime customer support.
  • It comes with a 22-36 cm cuff size, which is enough to wrap all arm sizes.

Price: INR 1699

Phone: 91-0124-4477-111 



Odin B12 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor. It is easy to use and provides accurate reading to its users. It can also provide reading through sound. It can also be switched off if required. 

It comes with a WHO-approved metric. It helps understand the reading more accurately by comparing it with the more standardized readings of blood pressure. 

Quick Features:

  • Comes with “Intellisense” technology. This allows controlled and comfortable inflation when the cuff is wrapped around the patient’s arm. 
  • It has a motion detector which indicates in case the user is not still.
  • It can also check for irregular heartbeat patterns.
  • Dual power source. Battery and USB port is available.
  • It can store records for 2 different users.

Price: INR 1799

Phone: 1800-309-3009 



All the devices mentioned above have undergone rigorous checks through multiple sources before presenting them to users or commercial use. Variations can occur from one device to another at a point. However, there is a range within which the blood pressure can vary on any given day, which is entirely normal. Readers can pick up any of the devices mentioned in the list.

“Investing in your health is a good investment!”

FAQs Regarding Blood Pressure Monitors

Which reading is more important- Systolic or Diastolic reading?

Both readings are equally important. BP monitors such AS OMRON HEM-7120 AUTOMATIC BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR can make such readings accurately. However, professional advice would be an advisable case-to-case basis if one is to discuss the impact of the result.

Which is more common- High Blood Pressure or Low Blood Pressure?

High BP is usually more common among people. This is a result of an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. At times, high blood pressure has no symptom. 

Do blood pressures vary for a healthy person?

Yes. Blood pressures vary all the time of the day and night for an average, healthy person. Studies indicate that blood pressure can vary up to 20mm within a day.

How do I manage my blood pressure?

Managing blood pressure is simpler than we think. Small and healthy changes in lifestyle are all that it takes. Keeping a check on your routine and maintaining it is the key to it.

What are the side effects of consuming high blood pressure drugs?

It is true for any medication. High blood pressure has side effects too. It would be advisable to check with the doctor to identify the side effects of the medicines consumed.

Does the cuff size matter?

Yes. Correct cuff size is essential to get an accurate measurement. Wrong cuff size can lead to inconsistent and incorrect readings.

Can there be variance in readings done at home and a hospital/clinic?

Yes. There can be variance in the reading. However, this is perfectly normal. Blood pressure can vary by up to 20mm in a day. This is as a result of the activity, food intake, and stress, etc. 


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