Not taking care of our teeth is something we all are guilty of, right? Our teeth are also an essential part of our digestive system, and yet we often ignore them. Remember how elegant your smile was and how confident and flawless you felt without the black spots in your teeth, and let’s not forget the headaches and jaw pains these cause you. So it is always better to be supervised by a dentist in case of any oral problem. 

Below we have jotted down dentists based on different factors like the location of their supervision, consulting charges, and their professional experience; the Top 10 Best Dentists in Delhi and the best dental clinics to find them.

List of Best Dental Clinics in Delhi

InstituteFeesContact Details
1.Dr Aman Arora500a.011-40036742
2.Dr Meeka Gulati₹500a.+91 11411 68491
3.Dr Varun Raj Kumar1000a.011-40036714
4.Dr Ritesh300a.+91 11411 90834
5.Dr Shweta Gupta600a.011-40036706
6.Dr Sourabh Nagpal500a.+91 1141190884
7.Dr. Abhishek Arora500a.+91 11411 90901
8.Dr Shivani Gupta300a.+91 20485 53297
9.Dr Asheesh Gupta250a.+91 1140848175
10.Dr Anirudh Rehani200a.+91 1140848823

1. Dr Aman Arora

Dr Arora is a well-known dentist and prosthodontist who practices at Arora’s Dental Clinic in Asok Vihar, Delhi. Dr Arora is skilled in various dental operations, including dental implants, tooth, root canal therapy, whole mouth rehabilitation, and comfortable dentures, among others. 

He is an academic with prior teaching experience. He is also a professor at a Dental Institute and the head of the Department of Prosthodontics. Dr Aman is also a proficient writer and has written various journals. 

Some Important considerations:

Education QualificationBDS | MDS | Prosthodontics
Professional experience29 years of professional experience
ExpertiseImplantology, Root canal
ClinicArora’s Dental Clinic,A wing (10) Ashok Vihar Phase 2, Delhi
Contact Here011 4003 6742

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2. Dr Meeka Gulati

Dr Meeka Gulati is a cosmetic and endodontist dentist who has been practising for a few years. She is a Pierre Fauchard Academy Fellow.She has completed several full mouth reconstructions. She makes every attempt to provide her patients with high-quality, painless multiple/single visit root canal treatment. To attain her goal of offering complete patient pleasure in Cosmetic Dentistry, she concentrates on smile design using the most up-to-date technologies. 

Some Important considerations:

Education QualificationBDS | MDS – Conservative dentistry
Professional experienceOverall 14 years of professional experience
ExpertiseAesthetic and Cosmetics
ClinicAlps Dental Care
Contact HereB wing 16F, Landmark – Mira Model school road, Delhi

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3. Dr Varun Raj Kumar

Dr Varun is a dentist and the owner of Dental Healers Dental care in south Delhi. He is known for his proficiency in RCT and tooth restoration. He is also the managing director of the Institute of Dental Excellence and the Asia Pacific Dental Journal’s assistant editor.

Some Important considerations:

Education QualificationBDS | MDS – Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics
Professional experience12 years as a specialist
ExpertiseRCT and Teeth Restoration
ClinicThe specialist clinic of dental and medical care M5 Building – Saket, Near HDFC, Delhi Dental HealersB6 parallel to corporate park in Delhi
Contact Here011 4003 6714

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4. Dr Ritesh

Dr Ritesh has been practising medicine since 2005. He is a dentist who specializes in prosthetics, cosmetic dentistry, and restoration dentistry. In addition, he provides a wide selection of dental services at his clinic. Dr Ritesh believes in the concept of prevention of issues with patient education and wellness.

Some Important considerations:

Education QualificationBDS
Professional experience16 years as a specialist doctor
ExpertiseRestoration dentistry
ClinicRitesh Dental clinic 22 flat no. Nathu Singh Market, Road – Om Bikaner
Contact HereN/A

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5.Dr Shweta Gupta 

Dr Shweta Gupta has contributed to the profession by writing articles for international and national journals and contributing to an international book on implantology. Many patients have received fixed teeth with dental implants, restoring their dental health and confidence and improving their quality of life in her clinic.

Some Important considerations:

Education QualificationBDS
Professional experience20 years of professional experience
ExpertiseImplantation specialist
ClinicDental Solutions 1-98, Phase 1, Near Kanhaiya Nagar Metro Station, Delhi Dental Solutions (II) J. Block Market, Building No. 5, Office No. 8
Contact Here011 4003 6706

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6.Dr Sourabh Nagpal

Dr Saurabh Nagpal is another notable dentist in South Delhi Region. He has a private clinic in south Delhi and runs various other Dental care centres at Vasant Vihar near the Delhi Airport. He is also experienced in the dermatology field, which makes him an even more trustworthy aesthetic doctor.

Some Important considerations:

Education QualificationBDS, MDSFellowship and Diplomate in Implantology
Professional experience16 years of professional experience
ClinicMatrix Dental and Skin Lounge 70 in Poorvi Road, Near Modern school
Contact Here+91 11430 60238

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7.Dr Abhishek Arora

Dr Abhishek is a well-known dental surgeon with over two decades of experience in the field. At his Malviya Nagar speciality clinic, “Dr Arora’s Dentistry,” he has been practising cosmetic dentistry and implant surgeries. He specialises in dentistry, including dental implants, teeth whitening, smile corrections, gap closures, root canal treatment, gum surgery, and wisdom teeth extractions. In implants, aesthetic dentistry, and pain treatment, he has earned different degrees and diplomas.

Some Important considerations:

Education QualificationBDS
Professional experience19 years of professional experience
ExpertiseBasic dental procedures
ClinicDr Abhishek Arora’s Dental Care Centre7/95, Ground Floor, Same road as subway, New Delhi
Contact HereN/A

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8.Dr Shivani Gupta 

In addition to her DDS, Dr Shivani Gupta also holds a BDS from Manipal University in India. She specialises in a variety of dental treatments and has been practising since 1997. Working with some of the best dental hospitals in New Delhi, India. As well as other dental specialists, she makes sure that all of her patients are adequately treated.

New Delhi’s American Embassy School recommends Dr Shivani as a dentist under the “Health Recommendations” section. She has been endorsed by the American Embassy in New Delhi’s American Citizen Services program. 

Some Important considerations:

Education QualificationBDS
Professional experience24 years of professional experience
ExpertiseAesthetic and cosmetic dentistry
Clinic32 Smile Stone Dental Clinic1/A, Ring Road, Near – Metro station Pulse Impulse Health Clinic3-A, Kilokri, Ring Road, Maharani Bagh, Delhi
Contact Here011 4003 6726

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9.Dr Asheesh Gupta

Dr Asheesh Gupta is a certified implantologist specialising in dentures, capping, implant, and laser dentistry. He is a former professor at Jiwaji University, a former consultant at Saroj Hospital, and a former professor at JSS Dental College in Mysore.

Some Important considerations:

Education QualificationBDS | MDS
Professional experience22 years of professional experience
ExpertiseCapping and laser dentistry
ClinicDr Gupta’s Dental & Braces ClinicA-2 Prateek Apartments, Jwalaheri Petrol Pump, Delhi
Contact Here011 4117 1875

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10.Dr Anirudh Rehani

In 2009, Dr Rehani received his ph.d. from the famous Manipal University. Since 2010, he has been inserting and recovering dental implants as a certified implantologist.

Complete implants, dental bridges, and complete mouth reconstruction are all common situations that are restored. The doctor has many accomplishments, including presenting papers and winning best paper honours at numerous conferences.

Some Important considerations:

Education QualificationBDS | MDS
Professional experience12 years of professional experience
ExpertiseRestoration of missing teeth
ClinicDivine Dental clinic 101,102 R.G Mall, Sector Number- 9, South Delhi
Contact HereN/A

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This was the list of top 10 dentists in Delhi in 2021. Each dentist is an expert and specialises in a particular dental problem, and you can always approach the one that meets your expectations. 

All the clinics mentioned in the list are 

● Easy to reach and hasslefree 

● Equipped with the latest technology 

● Budget-friendly treatment and proficient doctors are the priority

To ensure dental safety and elegancy, you need to be supervised by a dentist permanently and perform a routine checkup once in a while. There are also several key precautions that dentists prescribe to each of us to prevent dental issues and smile carelessly.

FAQs Regarding Dentists in Delhi

Q. What should I do to get a root canal? 

Approach a nearby dentist in your area. Get a dental checkup, and the dentist will recommend if a root canal is needed. 

Q. Should I get braces at the age of 18? 

There are no issues if you want to get braces at 18 years or any other age. The only two special requirements, according to American Orthodontists, are – healthy teeth and a strong jaw bone. 

Q. How many times should I brush my teeth per day?

Twice a day. The ADA Recommends brushing teeth two times a day, precisely morning and evening. This will make sure that bacteria is not accumulated in your teeth, and also, the small chunks of food in your gums would be cleared off.

Q. What precautions do I need to take care of to protect my teeth?

These are the key precautions to be aware of while taking care of your teeth
1) Regular Brushing and Use of Floss after every meal to avoid cavity 
2) Minimum exposure to refined sugar and compressed food 
3) Drinking enough water 

Q. How can I get rid of yellow teeth?

Yes, you can get rid of yellow teeth by a process named dental bleaching, in which your teeth are bleached multiple times. This may be done under the supervision of a Dentist ONLY. There are also various remedies to perform teeth whitening. 

Q. Who is the best dentist in Delhi?

According to our research, one of the best and experienced doctors in Delhi would be Dr Aman Arora. There are also many other specialist doctors mentioned in the list for special dental treatments.

Q. How can I know If I need to approach a dentist? 

Severe pain in your teeth, Bleeding gums, tooth blackening, and frequent headaches could be some of your reason to approach a dentist. 

Q. Where should I book a dentist appointment? 

Practo, an online-based website, can be helpful for you if you want to book a dentist or any medical appointment. All you need to do is search the name of your doctor or clinic, and you will get the contact details and the booking facility.

Q. Which surgery is performed for the treatment of a painful tooth? 

Surgery like a root canal can be a good option if there is excess pain in your gums or teeth. Many doctors prescribe medicines in case of minor issues.


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