“When women take care of their health, they become their best friend” is a famous and wonderful quote published by the great poet Maya Angelou. A woman is the backbone of the family and is responsible for various tasks throughout the day. During this hard and fast-paced life, she has to take care of herself. But unfortunately, women are the ones who face major problems like pelvic pain, painful menstrual cycles, endometriosis and many other inestimable problems. That is the reason it becomes essential for her to take care of herself. 

A gynecologist is a highly trained doctor who specialises in curing these problems least painfully and comfortably possible. Not only they are experts in this field, but they also understand certain problems a doctor cannot. Below by researching the best Gynecology hospitals in Bangalore, we have come up with the list of Top 10 Gynecology Hospitals in Bangalore based on the expertise of doctors, fair prices and lowest waiting time. 

List of Best Gynecologist Hospitals in Bangalore

1.Fortis La Femme, Richmond Road

Fortis is a hospital that is part of the Fortis healthcare network. From Ludhiana in the north to Mumbai in the west, the group has created a strong presence. Fortis La Femme is a super-speciality that focuses on women’s and children’s health. The hospital, located in Richmond, offers a comprehensive range of services for women at all stages of their lives.

Important Characteristics

● The section offers appropriate therapies for a variety of women’s health problems.

● Endoscopic techniques for gynecological surgery are also available. The department also includes impressive technologies for dealing with infertility concerns and IVF treatment.

● For emergencies, the hospital includes a 24-hour open pharmacy and an ambulance service.

Available Doctors –  

Dr Aruna Murli DharaAssociate Director and Senior ConsultantRs. 650  
Dr Arwa MohsinConsultantRs. 550
Dr Aviva PintoConsultantRs. 550
Dr Jaya BhatConsultantRs. 550
Dr Prajwal HegdeSenior Consultant Rs. 650
Dr Sunitha D’souza LoboConsultantRs. 700
Dr Sushila ShettySenior ConsultantRs. 700

Directions –

Fortis La Femme Hospital

Number 62 Road -Richmond,

Behind Sacred Heart Church,

Richmond Town, Bangalore City – 560 -025

Contact here -080 4947 5023

2.Motherhood Hospital, Indira Nagar

The medical specialists and related staff at Motherhood Hospital, Indiranagar, ensure that this transition and the following period go as smoothly as possible. Women’s healthcare typically comes second due to the numerous problems they face. Doctors that take a caring and empathetic approach to these issues make womanhood a better experience.

Important Characteristics

● Emergency, pharmacy, and blood bank services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

● In the hospital, there is a Medical Intensive Care Unit and a Level 3 Newborn Care Unit.

● A gynecologist is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to respond to any medical emergency.

● Ultrasonography procedures have their department.

● Psychological and psychiatric support for women confronting various life issues Prestigious centre for couples seeking infertility treatment.

Available doctors –

Dr. ViajayalakshmiGynecologist & ObstetricianRs. 550  
Dr. Suhasini InamdarGynecologist & ObstetricianRs. 550
Dr. Payel RayGynecologist & ObstetricianRs. 550
Dr. SusheelammaSenior Gynecologist & ObstetricianRs. 650
Dr Thejavathi G. VGynecologist & ObstetricianRs. 650
Dr. Jayashree MurthySenior Gynecologist & ObstetricianRs. 700


324 Number, Mission Hospital Road,

Stage 1, Hoysala Nagar (Town), Indiranagar,

Bangalore, 560038

Contact here – 080 4568 5942

3.Rainbow Hospital for Women and Children’s, Marathahalli

Rainbow is a network of hospitals committed to the well-being of mothers and children. Birthright is the section committed to offering medical or surgical treatments for all gynecological and pregnancy-related issues. All patients hospitalised to the gynecological department receive round-the-clock treatment from a team of qualified doctors and surgeons. 

Important characteristics – 

● Keyhole surgery and laser surgery are available to address gynecological diseases such as PCOS and uterine fibroids.

● Patients with reproductive system cancer are treated by gynecologists who specialise in cancer care and provide the finest medicinal or surgical treatment.

● Pregnant fitness sessions help strengthen core muscles in preparation for childbirth.

● The emergency room is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is equipped with the most up-to-date medical equipment to handle any maternity or gynecological emergency. 

Available doctors –

Rekha SudarsanLactation ConsultantRs. 750
Dr. Kamala Unnikrishnangynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 600
Dr. Kavitha Kovigynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 600
Dr. Teji Dawanegynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 600
Dr. Madhusudhan NaiduUrogynecology surgeonRs. 600
Dr. Karamjit KaurGynecology surgeonRs. 600

Directions – 

No. 8,5, Marathahalli Puram,

Outer Ring Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560037.

Contact here – 033 4058 9371

4.Manipal Hospital, HAL Road

On HAL road, Manipal Education and Medical Group have opened a multi-speciality hospital to serve the requirements of patients of all ages. It is one of Bangalore’s most sought-after hospitals. The gynecology department is one of the best in town, and it can treat all forms of reproductive system illnesses in women.

Important Characteristics

● An infertility clinic for ladies who are having trouble reproducing.

● A team of skilled gynecologists provides medical and surgical therapy for all sorts of gynecologists.

● Women with difficult pregnancies have safe delivery alternatives.

● Before delivery, genetic counselling is available to detect any baby problems.

● Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment option for women going through tough menopause.

● Painless birth option for ladies with a low pain threshold.

Available Doctors

Dr. B. Mallikarjuna Kirthi IVF specialistRs. 700
Dr. Bina Vasan IVF specialistRs. 700
Dr. Namita Joshi IVF specialistRs. 700
Dr. Amrita Raogynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 600
Dr. Akhila Dilipgynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 600
Dr. Gayatri KartikGenetic ConsultantRs. 550

Directions – 

98 Number, Old Airport Rd, Bangalore, 560017

Contact here -080 6896 0983

5.Motherhood Hospital, Sarjapur Road

In Sarjapur, the Motherhood group of hospitals has a well-equipped medical centre that offers various medical specialities under one roof. A team of highly experienced and skilled medical and non-medical workers leads the gynecological department. The Sarjapur branch of Motherhood Hospitals is equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure and world-class medical services for all patients.

Important Characteristics

● Counselling is available to women experiencing reproductive health issues.

● Patients who have their breasts removed as part of cancer treatment may need reconstruction surgery.

● Female infertility is treated with minimally invasive surgical procedures.

● I.V.F. (in vitro fertilisation) is a type of assisted reproduction offered to couples who are unable to conceive via natural methods.

Available Doctors –

Dr. DeepmalagynecologistRs. 700
Dr. Rita MhaskargynecologistRs. 600
Dr. Sangeeta GomesSenior GynecologistRs. 550
Dr. Pratibha GovindaiahI.V.F. SpecialistRs. 600

Directions – 1-2-3, Kaikondara Marg,

Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560104

Contact here -080 7117 5657

6.Aster CMI, Hebbal

Bangalore’s Aster CMI hospital is a tertiary medical facility. It is a part of Aster DM Healthcare and is one of Bangalore’s most renowned multi-speciality hospitals. It has a women’s health centre that deals with all elements of gynecology and obstetrics. 

Important Characteristics

● The ability to admit up to 500 patients at once.

● Outpatient gynecologists provide ante-natal and post-natal consultations in a section run by highly qualified gynecologists.

● A separate fetal medicine unit is dedicated to monitoring the fetus’s health from conception till birth. Genetic counselling is available to detect any developmental defects in the pregnancy.

● Safe abortion centres for women who need to end their pregnancy medically.

● For women who are having trouble conceiving, there is a psychological treatment centre.

● Surrogacy, sperm donation, embryo donation, and other options are available.

Available Doctors –

Dr. Deepthi BawaInfertility SpecialistRs. 700
Dr. Anupama Rohidekargynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 500
Dr. Bharati Kamojigynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 700
Dr. Chetana Vgynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 600
Dr. Sowmya Lakshmigynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 550
Dr. Priyanka Hanjappagynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 600

Direction – Number 43/2, New Airport Road,

Bangalore, Karnataka -560-092.

Contact here – 080 4568 4770

7.Dr Malathi Manipal Hospital, Jayanagar

The Manipal Education and Medical Group’s Dr Malathi Manipal hospital is located in Bangalore’s Jayanagar district. It is a multi-speciality hospital with a high annual patient movement. The gynecological department is a well-equipped medical centre with cutting-edge medical equipment. 

Important Characteristics

● From sexual maturity until menopause, all aspects of women’s reproductive health are handled under one roof.

● For new mothers, there are lactation consulting services available.

● Before birth, the foetal medicine department monitors the foetus.

● HIV-positive women can have a safe delivery with antenatal and post-natal medication for both mother and child.

● Physiotherapy and fitness training is available as needed during pregnancy and after birth.

Available Doctors –

Dr. Nirmala RIVF specialistRs. 700
Dr. Arwa Zaveri gynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 550
Dr. Jyotsana MadanSenior Gynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 600
Dr. Kishore Kumtakar gynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 550
Dr. Meena Muttaiah gynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 550

Directions – 45 Code 1, 

Marenahalli Rd, Block no.9

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560069

Contact – N/A

8.Columbia Asia Hospital, Whitefield

Columbia Asia Hospital is ranked among the best hospitals in Bangalore. It is a tertiary care medical hospital located in Whitefield, Bangalore’s IT hub. The gynecological section is well-equipped to treat all types of issues involving women’s health.

Important Characteristics

● For couples who want to avoid getting pregnant, there are preventive counselling services available.

● ICU for women who have had long childbirth, post-partum bleeding, or complex gynecological operations, among other things.

● Painless labouring facility

● For the diagnosis of gynecological diseases and obstetric abnormalities, state-of-the-art equipment is applied.

● Prenatal care is available from the time a pregnancy is detected until labour begins. 

● Screening and diagnosis for diseases of the reproductive system, as well as the best treatment.

Available Doctors –

Dr Kasi Vishwanathan SellappanAssisted conception consultantRs. 800
Dr Geeta Komargynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 600
Dr Lalitha Sudha Alparthigynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 600
Dr Namita Kapoor SahgalSenior Gynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 700
Dr Sita Rajan Kumargynecologist and ObstetricianRs. 600

Directions -10P and 12P Numbered Survey,

Ramagondanahalli, Varthur Hobli,

Whitefield, Bangalore, 560-066

Contact here – 080 4680 5894

9.Motherhood Hospital, HRBR Layout

Motherhood is one of the greatest gynecological care facilities in Bangalore. The hospital attempts to provide wholesome treatment services for girls of all ages who are suffering from medical conditions. The hospital has all of the necessary technology for diagnosing female health problems. Women in their middle and advanced years can take advantage of several health check packages to stay on top of their health.

Important Characteristics

● Different health checkups are planned under Preventive Health Care Packages for women of various ages at fertility and Infertility centres.

● The purpose of a breast check kit for breast cancer screening is to raise awareness about the disease.

● Laparoscopic procedures treat gynecological problems.

● Conception is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the laboratory and pharmacy.

        Available Doctors –

Dr. Sapna LullaObstetrician and GynecologistRs. 700
Dr. Kavitha Lakshmi EaswaranObstetrician and GynecologistRs. 550
Dr. Madhavi ReddyObstetrician and GynecologistRs. 500
Dr. Latha RavichanderObstetrician and GynecologistRs. 500

Directions -914 Number on 5thA Cross Road, Kalyan Nagar

Ring Rd HRBR Layout, Bangalore

Contact here – 080 4568 5942


These were the best gynecology hospitals in the Banglore city and have great reviews overall. The doctors and staff believe in treating their patients, providing information, and educating them about the problems. 

A woman should immediately approach one if she encounters these problems without further delay and should get her checked up. All the gynecologists we mentioned in the list have perks like – 

● Patient-friendly and understanding.

● Pocket-friendly rates.

● Waiting time close to none.

FAQs Regarding Best Gynecologist in Bangalore

Q) Which hospital is best for gynecology?

According to too our research best available hospital in gynecology in Bangalore is Fortis Chain of Hospitals. 

Q) Who is the best Gynecologist doctor in Bangalore?

The best gynecology doctors in Bangalore are Dr Payal Rey and Dr Jayashree Murty; along with them, there are many other doctors available as per your need. 

Q) Is gynecologists a good field to opt for?

Yes, gynecology is one of the most rewarding fields of medicine to work in.

Q) When should I approach a gynecologist?

Experts recommend that the best time to approach a gynac is between the age of 13 – 16 years to get a checkup.

Q) Are there good gynecology hospitals in Bangalore 

A) There are excellent gynecology hospitals in the city of Bangalore. We have listed the Top 10 gynecology Hospitals in our list below. 

Q) What are the tests for gynecology disorders?

A) The tests require understanding gynecology disorders are a PAP Test and an HPV test to check for cancer in the cervix and Mammography to check irregularities in the breast.

Q) What do blood tests at the gyno test for?

A) The Blood test at a gynecologist is done to understand if the patient has cervical cancer.


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