Everyone wants to look their best this festive season. Whether it be a girl, boy or woman they all want to be the best version of there self. But without a doubt, makeup has to be our look enhancer. So, how to do makeup? Look no further we have got you. We present to you a makeup step by step guide. Also, we will throw some light on how to easily do party makeup looks. Further, we will tell you how to ace your base. Because without a doubt your base is the key for you to looking beautiful.

How to do Party Makeup Looks

These days everyone wants to look their best at parties or festivals or weddings. And makeup is surely part of the process. Because it doesn’t only make you beautiful but also enhances your features. But not everyone knows how to do it properly. Don’t worry we will teach you how to do it properly. This makeup step by step guide will help you to achieve your desired looks. However, before jumping into the process you have to keep few things in mind –

  • Firstly, never ever forget to do your skincare before starting anything on your face.
  • Secondly, don’t forget to sanitize your hands before touching your face as you can easily transfer germs onto your face.
  • Always sanitize your tools and beauty sponges.
  • In addition, always use products according to your skin type.
  • You can do any look if you learn to do your base properly. So, we will help you to do that.
  • To sum up, Blending is the key to ace your base. Because it will give you a flawless makeup look.


Well before starting makeup let’s just understand what are the essential tools that are required to achieve the flawless look. So, first things first you need a beauty blender to blend in your foundation properly. Because no one wants to look cakey and untidy. Secondly, brushes are required for specific purposes. Here is the list of brushes that you need if you are new to makeup –

  • Fluffy Brush – A big fluffy brush is required to distribute the powder all over your face evenly.
  • Blush Brush – Blush brush helps to apply blush on your cheeks evenly. Moreover, the blush brush is quite precise.
  • Angular Brush – The angular brush helps to carve out your cheekbones. In other words, it is perfect for bronzing or contouring.
  • Small Fluffy eyeshadow Brush – This small fluffy brush will help you to blend the eyeshadow properly.
  • Pencil Brush – Pencil brush will help you to deposit color precisely. Also, you can apply eyeshadow on your lower lash line with it.
  • Beauty Blender – If you don’t already know beauty blender is the key to a flawless base. However, you can use a foundation brush too to achieve that look. But keep in mind that brush provides heavy coverage. While beauty blender evens everything out.

Moisturise to Achieve Beautiful Makeup

Before starting your makeup it is extremely important that you learn to do skincare properly. Yes, you heard it right, skincare plays an important role in how your makeup turns out. So, after washing and toning your face don’t forget to apply lots of moisturizer. Because moisturize skin will give you a healthy glow. Also, it will hydrate your skin properly. Moreover, it is impossible to achieve a flawless base without moisturizer. Firstly, it adds hydration and life to your skin. Secondly, it acts as a thin barrier between your skin and makeup products. So, if you don’t apply moisturizer then you are damaging your skin. Because your pores will get clogged over a period of time. Further, never forget that you need to use moisturizer according to your skin type. So, before buying it do read the labels properly.

PRO TIP – Always apply moisturizer in an upward direction because it will prevent wrinkles. Also, never forget your neck and always moisturize your neck as well. Moreover, some of our favorite moisturizer brands are – Clinique, Neutrogena, The Face Shop, Mama earth and Kiehl’s.

Primer is a must for Beautiful Makeup

Primer is a must in any kind of makeup. Whether it is a party or a simple look. It has to be the first step without fail. So, how does it work? primer helps your makeup to stay for a long time and also acts as a barrier between your skin and the products. Moreover, it not only increases the longevity of your makeup but also improves your skin texture. So, always keep in mind that there are different primers for different types of skin. You can choose according to your preference and budget. Take a pea-size amount of primer and apply all over your face. But focus on your T zone more. There are high end as well as drugstore primers to help you accordingly. The makeup step by step guide is incomplete without this crucial step. Further, below is the list to provide you basic information about primers –

  • Silicon Primer – This primer is a bomb for oily skin. Because it will not only fill in the pores but also evens out the texture. Moreover, it prevents excess oil secretion. The best brands for Silicon primers are – Benefit, Lakme, Maybelline, NYX, Smashbox.
  • Hydrating Primer – This primer is helpful for dry skin people. Because it will act as a barrier while hydrating your skin. Also, some of the brands that make hydrating primers are – Smashbox, NYX, Maybelline.
  • Oil Primer – People who have extremely dry skin should go for an oil primer. As it will prime and moisturize your skin at the same time.
  • Primer Water – Primer water can be used by any skin type. Moreover, it is in a spray form so you can use it as a setting spray too. Too faced, Smashbox, wet n wild makes some best primer water.


The second step has to be a foundation. So, foundation evens out your skin tone and covers your imperfections smartly. Moreover, there are thousands of brands in the market from high end to the drugstore that makes some out of the world products. Also, apart from the brand, there are several types of foundations. So, choose as per your desire and according to your skin type. Now, How do you actually apply your foundation? well here is the answer.

  • Firstly, damp your beauty blender and get rid of all the unnecessary water. Then take a pump of foundation and start dabbing it on your face.
  • Secondly, if you want a more natural look then choose a sheer foundation. Also, keep blending in the foundation until you get rid of all the cakiness.
  • Further, never forget your neck and always apply foundation on it.
  • Always apply less product on your forehead as it can easily get creased.
  • In addition, do blend for a good 6-7 minutes and always choose foundation according to your skin tone.
  • Never choose a foundation that is a shade lighter for you.


If you want to achieve a flawless finish and increase the longevity of your party Makeup look. Then the loose powder is your product for sure. Because it not only sets in everything in place but also prevents slipping of makeup. It is the 3rd step in makeup step by step guide. Also, there is a wide variety to choose from. So, choose it according to your preference and budget. Now how to use it? well to apply it. Firstly, take some of the loose powder in the lid and dip your brush in it. Secondly, dust off the excess powder and apply it all over your face. Voila, you are done setting your face. Moreover, the different kinds of loose powders are – sheer powder, translucent powder, setting powder and many more. But some of our favorites are – Too faced, Benefit, Hourglass, Mac and Maybelline.

PRO TIP – If you are oily skin type then you can Bake your face to prevent excess sebum production. Also, it will keep you matte for a long time.


The 4th step is eyebrows as they completely frame your face. Also, the party makeup looks are incomplete without shaping the eyebrows. So, there are several kinds of products available to tame the brows. Some of them are – Gel, cream, powder and tattoo. Also, the top brands for eyebrow products are – Benefit, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Maybelline, NYX, Wet n Wild and much more. But you can never go wrong with simple eyebrows so let’s get started. Firstly, brush your eyebrows with a spoolie and start filling the gaps with your desired product. Secondly, brush them again to get rid of the excess product. To sum up, finish it off with an eyebrow gel so that they stay in place.

PRO TIP – For the most natural look just brush your eyebrows and use a brow gel. Voila, you are good to go.


It is very important to bring some dimension to your face after making it flat with a foundation. Yes, bronzer is very important regardless of your skin type and skin tone. Everyone needs bronzer to bring back some warmth to your face. Further, with the right techniques, you can slim down your face. Isn’t it amazing? well, we bet that your minds are blown by now. So, how to use the bronzer. To start it off firstly, take an angular brush and dip it in the bronzer. Secondly dust off the excess product an start applying it just below your cheekbones. But don’t forget to start with less amount of product to prevent cakiness. Further, after cheekbones apply the bronzer on the temples of the forehead and below your jawline. Voila, bronzing is done in no time.

PRO TIP – Never forget to dust off the excess product to prevent cakiness. Also, many bronzers come with their own brush to make it easy for you. Some of our top picks are – Benefit Hoola bronzer, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Wet n Wild, Estee Lauder and many more. Also, you can choose to cream contour before bronzing if you are a pro.


The makeup step by step guide for party makeup looks has to include Blush. Because Blush will help you to get rosy cheeks in no time. Also, you do want to have rosy cheeks when you enter a party or when you go to college or office. So, How does it work? well, blushes add color to your cheeks for a more youthful look. Moreover, there are many kinds of blushes available in the market including – cream, sheer, matte and glowy blushes. In order to apply it take a blush brush and dip it in a blush pan. Then dust off the excess product and apply it on the apples of your cheeks. However, if you will smile while applying it then you can be more precise. Further, you can choose blushes according to your preference like coral, peach, nude and many more.

PRO TIP – If you want a more natural look then always go for cream and tints. Because they give a natural look and are easy to blend. Also tints are very long lasting. . In addition, some of our top picks for blushes are – MAC, Bobbi Brown, Kiko Milano, Maybelline and many more.


Makeup step by step guide will be incomplete without eyeshadow. Because no look is complete without eyeshadow. So, to dive into it, eyeshadow varies from occasion to occasion. It depends on the event how intense you want to go with your eyeshadow. So, let’s get started. Firstly, prep your lid with some concealer and loose powder to create a plain canvas. Secondly, take a fluffy blending brush and start blending in a light shade into your crease. After blending in the eyeshadow properly take a pencil brush with some dark eyeshadow and start giving some depth to your eyes. Also, do apply it on your lower lash line. Now, this step is optional so if you want to take your eyeshadow game up a notch then add some glitter onto your eyelid and voila, your eyeshadow is done.

PRO TIP – Do blend the eyeshadow properly with a fluffy brush to prevent harsh lines. Also, apply glitter if you are going for a party makeup look. Moreover, always apply eyeshadow to your lower lash line in order to balance the look. Some of our top picks for eyeshadow palettes are – NYX, Too Faced, Morphe, Kylie Cosmetics, Nykaa eyeshadow palettes and much more. So, you can choose according to your budget.

Highlighter for Beautiful Makeup

Well, who doesn’t want to glow right? Highlighter will help you to do that. Because no makeup look is complete without highlighter. It makes you look hydrated and glowy. So, how to apply it. Firstly, take a fan brush and dip it in your highlighter. Secondly, dust off the excess and start applying it onto your temples, above the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow. Moreover, there are different kinds of highlighter to choose from like – powder, cream, loose highlighters and much more. Further, some of our picks are – MAC soft & gentle and Golden Beam, Huda Beauty, Maybelline and many more.

PRO TIP – For more pigment always spray some setting mist onto your brush. And it will make the pigment more rich.

Beautiful Makeup is incomplete without Lashes

Well, who doesn’t want to look glam and fabulous in one go? So, fake lashes are your way to go for that glam look. Fake lashes not only enhances your eyeshadow but can also make you look beautiful in just one step. Moreover, party makeup looks are incomplete without some good thick lashes. Now how to apply it? here are the simple steps for you –

  • Firstly, take a pair of lashes and cut them according to your eye shape. Always remember that you have to cut your lashes from the end.
  • Secondly, after cutting it apply some lash glue and wait for at least 30 seconds before applying it onto your eyes.
  • Now carefully place them onto your lash line and you are done.
  • In addition, you can always hide the lash band with some eyeliner. And don’t forget to put on some mascara to blend your natural lashes into the fake ones.


We are just about to finish the makeup look. So, lipstick is everyone’s favorite part in the makeup routine. But how to choose the right lipstick for you? well if you love hydrating lipsticks then go for the creamy ones and if you don’t then matte lipsticks has got you. Makeup step by step guide is incomplete if we don’t teach you how to apply lipstick precisely. Now to start with it firstly, apply some concealer or foundation onto your lips to have a clean canvas. Secondly, take a lip liner and start lining out your lips. After that fill it in with your favorite lipstick and voila you are done.

PRO TIP – No one loves crusty lips so in order to have soft hydrated lips always prep them before starting the makeup. You can use a lip mask or lip balm. But some of our favorite lip masks are – Laneige, Bobbi Brown, Kiehl’s and Nivea.

Setting Spray

The last part of your makeup routine is setting spray. Firstly, it locks your makeup in place and secondly, it prevents your makeup from being cakey. So, to use it hold the setting spray at least 10 cm away from your face and start spraying it all over your face. Voila, you are done. Also, there are different kinds of setting spray so you can choose it according to your skin type and budget. Further, some of our top picks are – MAC, Smashbox, Too faced, Estee Lauder, NYX and many more.

FAQ Regarding How to do Makeup

1. What is the difference between silicon and hydrating primers?

Firstly, silicon primers fill in the pores and improve the texture of the skin. Secondly, hydrating primers provides hydration to the skin and makes it dewier.

2. What is the purpose of setting spray?

To begin with, setting spray locks your makeup in and also takes away the cakiness. So, if you want a blended look then always apply the setting spray.

3. How to use Beauty blender?

Damp your beauty blender and get rid of the excess water. Then put some foundation on it and start dabbing it on your face. Moreover, a beauty blender helps you to achieve that flawless look.

Editor’s Note | How to do Makeup

Always remember to do skincare before starting with your makeup. Because if you will not do your skincare properly then your makeup will not turn out good. So, in order to achieve a flawless look, you have to go step by step. Moreover, skincare is as important as makeup to look good.


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