Anxiety is basically the feeling of fear, being worried and constant distress. Secondly, this fear & distress can interfere with the normal functioning of the individual. Across the globe, in recent times anxiety is more common. Anxiety is an emotion & feeling of how the body responds to stress & potential danger that can be caused by even the smallest things. In this article, we will be providing complete details on how to overcome Anxiety. Furthermore, in various other aspects. Firstly, how to deal with Anxiety. Secondly, how to cure & fight anxiety. Lastly, how to come out of Anxiety.

When anxiety gets intense it turns into anxiety disorders. For instance, Generalized Anxiety Disorder & Panic disorder. Similarly, there is social anxiety, separation anxiety & phobias.

How to Battle Anxiety?

There are several ways to deal, fight & cure anxiety. A few common ways to fight & overcome anxiety as follows.

Therapy – most efficient ways to overcome anxiety

When dealing with anxiety disorders, the best way to cure & fight anxiety is therapy. Each and everyone deals with anxiety at some time or the other. For instance, a bit of nervousness before an important exam. On the other, anxiety before a much-needed job interview is also something that happens to many.

However, therapy is needed by only a few. Mainly those whose anxiety & fear is out of proportion from the situation they are in. Furthermore, the individual is not able to live a normal functioning life.

A few of the common therapies are psychotherapy which focuses on unconscious thought processes. CBT helps people analyze that thought and related behaviors. Therefore, CBT helps the individual understand the fear-producing event. Leading to the analysis of their reaction to it. Moreover, this allows them to break down the situation in pieces and helps get over their anxiety.

REBT is another therapy that works on changing irrational beliefs. Therefore, therapy in an overall is beneficial, and one of the best ways to deal, fight & overcome anxiety.


In severe cases of anxiety, medication is given by a licensed doctor or by a psychiatrist. Anti-anxiety medicines are given to people with severe symptoms. The most known & common medicine is benzodiazepines. There are benefits & certain drawbacks that are attached to this medicine. Certainly, the symptoms of anxiety decrease after having this medicine. But, the doses need to taken for a longer time. In addition to that, another drawback is that higher doses of medicine prove better results.

Support Groups/Self-help Groups – Best ways to overcome Anxiety

Support group, in other words, self-help groups. Furthermore, support groups are a sub-category of group therapy. Sharing what you’re nervous about & how much it is affecting you can be beneficial. Firstly, support groups have individuals who are suffering from what you are going through. Therefore, everyone will understand you when you share your problems. Secondly, there is no judgment factor and no one is uncomfortable after the first two-three sessions. Each one realizes that they are all are in the same boat. Beneficial and efficient ways to cure anxiety.

Understand that anxiety isn’t completely under your control & your fault.

What is triggering your anxiety? It’s not your fault that you’re nervous about something. Sometimes the natural reaction of each one is that of nervousness & anxiety. For instance before an exam, before getting married or anything small too.

Secondly, anxiety is completely out of control of one’s choice. One must try to understand the roots as to why they feel anxious about a particular situation or place. Consider a hypothetical situation, Alicia was never allowed to grow her hair long when she was a kid. This continued until she was an adolescent. On the other hand, Alicia really longed for having long hair all her life. After she grew old even the sight or the small sound of scissors made her nervous and she would start sweating. Her childhood incident triggers her even when she is an adult. This is a clear example of why one must analyze what are the roots of one’s anxiety.

If Alicia, would have not analyzed her childhood experience, the anxiety she used to get even during adulthood would be weird. Furthermore, she would feel like something abnormal is happening to her & feel even more nervous. Therefore, to sum up, the feeling of nervousness is not always under your control or even your fault.

Learn to face what makes you anxious

Often, we tend to avoid the situation and places that make us nervous. Facing what you fear is the best way to deal with anxiety. For instance, having stage fear during childhood. Since that time you have avoided all the speeches and related functions that required you to go on stage. Firstly, this accounts for a drawback of you missing out on opportunities and amazing experiences. Secondly, there will be one odd day, you will have to make that speech on the stage.

Starting from baby steps is the best way. If you have stage fright, then start by talking in front of just five people. Gradually, increase your audience size. In addition to that, take part in small functions, especially with close friends & family. This especially boosts your self-confidence. This is one of the best ways to deal, fight & cure anxiety.

Different ways to cope with Anxiety

This can be of three different types. Mild, moderate & severe nervousness and distress. Based on the level of your distress, you will have to work accordingly.


Exercising is beneficial from two angles. Firstly, nervousness & fear is channeled towards exercising. Therefore, the energy and fear are converted to focus on sweating it out. Secondly, exercise will help you keep away from the thoughts, that trigger you.

Physical health & mental health are very closely connected. Our physical health makes a huge impact on the thoughts & moods. Therefore, exercising is important as well as beneficial.

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Deep breathe & Meditate – One of the best ways to overcome anxiety

When your mind & body is in a state of nervousness, the heart beats fast. Deep breathing at that moment will help you relax & calm down. Deep breathing also helps you understand and get back to reality. Furthermore, understanding & analyzing the situation can only be done from a relaxed mind.

Meditation is one of the best ways to deal, cure & overcome anxiety. Moreover, people all across the globe have taken to meditation. As is it proves to be the best & efficient technique to relax.

Furthermore, meditation helps you to increase self-awareness. Secondly, helps cope with the feeling. This is mainly due to the fact that during meditation we try to align our thoughts with what we feel. Therefore, we understand the situation around us.

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Engage in some activity at that moment

Being busy in something that you like, will help you alter your thoughts for that moment. Engaging in activities that are pleasurable, has a great advantage. However, these activities are different from person to person. For instance, some might like cooking, painting, dancing, or even drawing. On the other hand, some might enjoy going to walk all by themselves, listening to their favorite music it could be even sleeping.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy provides the body with the required nutrients. Vitamins and essential food requirements can be met by eating healthy only. For instance, Omega-3 and folic acid. Furthermore, healthy eating makes you feel positive.

Watch Something

We all have our favorite series or movies that we fall back to. Especially when we just don’t feel right. In my opinion, watching something funny is the best that makes you feel light can be watched. Friends series is the go-to series that never gets boring.

Furthermore, watching stand-ups will help definitely lighten your mood. Laughter & humor is the best medicine for anything. Moreover, watching something will help you cope with the fear you are having of something totally different.

However, speaking from biological terms, laughter reduces stress levels. Secondly, it helps release endorphins ( natural pain killers in the body)

Decrease your Sugar & Caffeine Intake – Best ways to overcome Anxiety

Caffeine is addictive. Therefore, you constantly crave for it. But, you might feel even more nervous & fearful by drinking coffee.

It definitely boosts your energy, but in the case of nervousness, this energy can result in an anxiety attack. If you have been drinking it for a long time, it is preferred to decrease it gradually. Suddenly leaving coffee can lead to even more nervousness.

Similarly, sugar intake results in increased anxiousness. For that moment, you might be tempted to have a bar of small chocolate. But, it could have effects that will result in your anxiousness increasing. However, a great alternative to eating sugar in this form is consuming an energy drink. Therefore, the drink will provide energy and help you cope with your nervousness better. This is one of the best ways to deal, overcome & cure anxiety.

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Common Symptoms of Anxiety

There are some clear symptoms that can be seen when a person is nervous. Each & every person deals with this in their life. But, for some these symptoms become severe. The need for therapy comes here. On the other hand, a few of these symptoms can be dealt with, without any therapy. The symptoms are as follows:-

  • Heart-beat increases. ( The body goes in a high alert mode)
  • Nervousness
  • Constant worry & being tense
  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Trembling ( for severe cases)
  • Fast breathing
  • Feelings of danger & panic. Unable to control racing thoughts
  • Strong urge to avoid places that trigger nervousness & fear
  • Suddenly feeling weak and tired.

The above symptoms can differ from person to person. Mainly, on the basis of why & how are they triggered. In other words, some people may face anxiety due to past experiences or trauma. On the other hand, some may face it, just as a natural reaction.

For instance, Sara had seen a plane crash when she was 10 years old. Therefore, Sara gets extremely anxious even when thinking of sitting on an airplane. Sara’s experience can come under the umbrella term of trauma. On the other hand, Rahul’s hands are sweating before writing his board exam. This being one of the most common signs of nervousness. Therefore, we can claim that this is a natural reaction.

I hope you have received a clear idea of what anxiety is. Furthermore, how to cure, fight & overcome anxiety with ease. Each & everyone is fights & cures anxiety, as it is apart of our life. The lows or downs of life result in nervousness. We bounce back every time as the human mind works like that.

The American Psychological Association (Official Website) has articles and information in greater detail.

FAQ Regarding How to overcome Anxiety – A Complete Guide to Succeed

How do we cope with anxiety?

Easy. Anxiety is nothing other than feeling nervous. Firstly, deep breathing is important. Secondly, relax, listen to music or go for a walk. Engage in some activity. Thirdly, give yourself time to think about the situation. As well as your reaction to it. Lastly, talk about it to someone. Sharing your thoughts & feelings are a great step to feeling better.

How should I battle/fight anxiety?

Keep a fixed routine and stick to it. Eat healthily, move ( go for a walk or any form exercise), deep breath (meditate). Secondly, reflect & think about what triggers anxiety, share it with someone. Lastly, decrease sugar intake & caffeinated drinks.

How much time does anxiety last for ?

Anxiety does not last for very long. At ten minutes, the nervousness is the highest or its peak. Gradually, the anxiety subsides by 30 minutes. However, people with severe anxiety symptoms might feel like they are having a heart attack. Furthermore, they are sweating as well as trembling profusely.

What are the natural ways of reducing anxiety?

Having a proper good night’s sleep, eating healthy foods rich in nutrients, avoiding caffeine products. Mainly exercise and meditation are also important.

Editor’s Note | How to overcome Anxiety

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly changing our lives, many are worried. The change is unexpected and difficult to cope with. Moreover, the global economy was stopped for a few months. Resulting in the loss of jobs & huge losses in business. Each and every household is facing financial issues. Many are worried & anxious about the future. However, some are tense about how to make ends meet in this dreadful situation. Being positive and hoping for the best is what we can do today.


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