Brain is the train that makes us travels through many destinations of success and achievements. Taking care of it becomes a priority in today’s age of completion and achievement-oriented world. Neurological problems can vary in nature; however, genetic and environmental reasons contribute to neurological issues. Thankfully there are an ample amount of proficient neurologists that are located in the city of Delhi. Here are the top 10 best neurologists in Delhi.

This list is made based on the common trend of popularity these esteemed neurologists have gained over time.  

List of Best Brain Specialists in Delhi

InstituteFeesContact Details
1.Dr. P. N. Renjen1200a.011 2692 5858
2.Dr. Rajesh Garg1000a.011 2522 3278
3.Dr. Manvir Bhatia1200a.096435 00270
4.Dr. Samar Chowdhury550a.011 2395 8005
5.Dr. Ish Anand2000a.011 4656 8486
6.Dr. Rajiv Anand1500a.098100 43844
7.Dr. C S Aggarwal2000a.011 2575 0000
8.Dr. Jaideep Bansal800a.093126 23639
9.Dr K K Jindal700a.095609 27501
10.Dr Sweta Singla800a. 085888 80220

1. Dr P.N. Ranjan 

Topping our list here is Dr P.N. Rajan. He is highly qualified and has an astounding experience of 36 years in the field of neurology. He completed his MBBS degree from Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad. Additionally, he has done his DMin neurology from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bangalore. Successful treatment of many patients is accredited to him. Apart from being a thorough professional, Dr. 

Rajan has memberships in many prestigious organizations and academic societies in the neurological field across India, UK and USA.

Prime Services:

• Botox Therapy: He has a special interest in Botox therapy, wherein injecting the patient with a Botox injection counters many basic neurological disorders like blinking, twitching of a side face, Dystonia, Brain Injuries etc.

• Cerebrovascular diseases: These diseases can lead to dementia in the later life of a person. Dr Rajan has expertise in countering them at the source and suggests due medication.

• Thrombolytic Therapy (Stroke): This procedure involves dissipating the clotted primary veins or arteries by inducing a particular drug called “lyctics”, also known as clot buster.

• Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS): This procedure entails using electrodes implantation and stimulation involving electrical devices to treat movement disorders commonly found in ailments like Parkinson’s disease.

Consultation FeesRs. 1200 /-
AddressMathura Road,Indraprastha, Apollo HospitalsDelhi
Timing Mon-Fri11 am -12pm and 2pm-5pm

2. Dr Rajesh Garg 

Dr Garg is one of the renowned neurologists in Delhi who has done his DM in neurology from the well-known AIIMS. He has more than 30 years of experience in treating a wide array of neurological disorders successfully. His treatment procedure is innovative as he has established certain unconventional procedures in the neurological field.

Prime Services:

• Provision of EMG/EP lab and video EEG: This lab provides easy access to monitor brain activities electrical movement and observe or locate any unusual motions or disorders. In this procedure, electrical sensors are fixed to the brain of the concerned patient, and the computer records the brain’s activities. The detection of any electro muscular activities is the function of this device. Dr Garg uses this mainly for monitoring epilepsy l tendencies in a patient.

• Neuro ICU: Dr Garg is also responsible for designing the Neuro ICU to successfully establish the unique sub-speciality of critical care involving neurological sciences.

Consultation FeesRs. 1000 /-
Address7/69, West Punjabi Bagh,Delhi, 110026
Timing Mon-Sat6 PM-8 PM
Contact011 2522 3278

3. Dr Manvir Bhatia

Dr Bhatia is considered to be highly professional and has a great reputation in the Capital. She has expertise in certain crucial domains of neurology like Sleep disorders, epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders, headaches etc. 

Prime Services:

  • She plays a pivot role in developing useful sleep medicines.
  • She has cutting edge equipment in matters related to neurophysiology.
  • Dr Bhatia was invited to WHO (World Health Organization) to discuss the critical and prevalent issues of “sleep disorders.”     
Consultation FeesRs.2 500 /-
AddressL-23, Hauz Khas Enclave,Delhi
Timing Tue-Wed and Fri-Sat10am-1pm and 2pm to 4pm
Contact096435 00270

4. Dr Amit Handa

Dr Handa has experience in neurology for more than 21 years. He has an MBBS degree from the reputed Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak. Additionally, he has completed DNB in general surgery from the national board of Examination and DNB in Neurology again from the National Board of Examination. Also, Dr Handa is a member of the prestigious Medical council of India (MCI) and a member of the Delhi Medical Council.

Prime Services:

• Multiple Sclerosis Treatment: Dr Handa deals in techniques to minimize treats of Multiple Sclerosis.

• Vascular Brain diseases.

Neurophysiology Disorders.

Consultation FeesRs. 500 /-
AddressSt. Stephen’s Hospital, Near Kashmiri Gate, Delhi
Timing Mon-Sat 9 am-12 pm, 4pm-6pm
Contact011 2395 8005 

5. Dr Rajiv Anand

Dr Anand is known to provide superior solutions to various neurological disorders and is well-known in Delhi. His accuracy rate is extremely high as far as diagnosis and treatment of complex neurological disorders are concerned. He has an MBBS degree, MD in Internal Medicines and also DM in Neurology. He is a member of prestigious associations like the American Academy of Neurology and Neurological Society of India. 

Prime Services: 

• He has experience in treating multifarious neurological diseases with appropriate medical measures

• His treatments are significantly cost-effective and cordial to patients.

Consultation FeesRs. 1500/-
AddressA-292, Outer Ring Road,Meera Bagh,Delhi
TimingMon-Fri6 PM-8 PM
Contact098100 43844

6. Dr C.S. Agarwal

Dr Agarwal is a prestigious and famous neurologist in old Rajendra Nagar locality in Delhi. He has experience ranging more than 40 years. He is famous for solving the most complex neurological disorders of patients.

Prime Services:

  • Epilepsy treatment.
  • Stroke.
  • Headache and clinical neurology.
Consultation FeesRs. 2000 /-
AddressSir Ganga Ram Hospital Road,Near Metro Station, Delhi
Timing Mon-Thu-Sat2:42pm-4pm
Contact011 2522 3278

7. Dr K.K Jindal

Dr Jindal happens to be a senior neurologist in the Paschim Vihar area of Delhi. He has an MBBS degree from SP medical college Bikaner and a DM in Neurology from GB Pant hospital. A wide spectrum of neurological diseases falls under the expertise of Dr Jindal.

Prime Services

• Electro physical therapy: He excels in treating classic neurological diseases like epilepsy, stroke and migraine.

• Advanced Methods: Dr Jindal provides advanced treatment using sleep study, EEG, EMG, Video–EEG, Blink reflex and NCV.

Consultation FeesRs. 700 /-
AddressA-5b, 37, SFS Flats, Shantikunj Apartments,Delhi
Timing Mon-Sat9am-10am, 5:30pm-8:30 pm
Contact095609 27501

8. Dr Sweta Singla

Dr Singla has gained prominence as a neurologist due to a growing patient base in west Delhi. She has done her Masters from the University College of Medical Sciences in Delhi, DM in Neurology from AIIMS.

Prime Services:

• Dr Singla has great proficiency in treating neurological disorders like epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.

• She has a profound knack for treating regular neurological issues like memory disorders, headaches and sleep-related problems.

Consultation FeesRs. 800 /-
Address#1st Floor, Plot Number 66, Sector 12A, Delhi
Timing Mon-Sat5:30 pm to 8pm
Contact085888 80220

9. Dr Jaideep Bansal

Dr Jaideep has over 25 years of experience in the field of neurology. He is an S.M.S College Alumni, from where he completed his MBBS and MD. He worked as Senior Resident Neurologist in AIIMS New Delhi. He has a DM in neurology from G. B. Pant Hospital. He has worked in multiples hospitals in New Delhi.

Prime Services:

• He has a keen interest in areas like Stroke and Epilepsy.

• He also excels in disorders like headaches.

• Has expertise in Neuro-intervention, therefore making non-surgical procedures, proving cost-effective for patients.

Consultation FeesRs. 800 /-
Address388, Poket-C-8, Sector-8, Madhuban Chowk, Delhi
Timing Mon-Sat6 PM-9 PM
Contact093126 23639

10. Dr Ish Anand

Last but certainly not the least by any measure is Dr Ish Anand. He is a senior consultant who maintains a high accuracy rate in neurological diagnoses and due treatment. He is known to provide highly cost-effective therapies and deals in a wide array of neurological disorders. His caring attitude towards patients makes him very popular and easy to approach.

Prime Services:

• Deals in traditional neurological disorders like epilepsy, stroke and headache.

• Additionally, he treats complex neurological oddities like low backache, nerve and muscle-related issues.

Consultation FeesRs. 2000/-
AddressA-197, Defense Colony, Delhi
Timing Mon-Fri5PM-7PM
Contact011 4656 8486


The human nervous system is a mysterious world in itself. A small tumor or a blood clot can hamper its whole or partial functionality. The functioning of holistic health depends heavily on the smooth functioning of the nervous system. Luckily, in a city like Delhi, you will find no scarcity of abled and seasoned Neurologists who will help you overcome any oddity or irregularity in your nervous system without having to go through surgeries of any sort. 

Those mentioned above are some of the very best doctors in the field of Neurology in Delhi. Hope you find this helpful article to find a suitable neurologist for your needs. 

FAQs Regarding Top 10 Neurologists in Delhi

What is neurology?

The study of a living nervous system’s function, movements, and activities is known as neurology. It comes under as one of the medical branches of study.

What disorders does a neurologist treat?

Any disorders of physical aspects like the nervous system, spinal cord, brain, muscles and nerves, using non-surgical techniques, comes under the purview of a neurologist’s treatment array. 

What is the difference between a neurologist and a neurosurgeon?

While both neurologist and neurosurgeon deals in the issues of the nervous system, there is a significant difference in their modus operandi. A neurosurgeon uses various relevant surgical methods to treat a patient. A neurologist, on the other hand, uses non-surgical ways for healing neurological disorders.

What are neurological disorders?

There are numerous diseases to the nervous system. Any irregularities of the brain, spine or nerves come under the category of neurological disorders. Data shows more than 600 neurological disorders exist.

What are the most common neurological diseases?

Some of the most common found neurological diseases are:
• Cerebrovascular diseases
• Brain tumors
• Epilepsy
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Sleep disorders
• Stroke
• Tremors
• Migraine
• Parkinson’s disease
• Dementia

What are the common devices used in the field of Neurology?

Some of the most commonly used devices of neurology are:
• Nerve Monitors
• Nerve Stimulators
• Neurological operating microscopes
• Electromyography
• Stereotactic frames
Who is the best brain specialist in Delhi?
Dr Ramandeep S. Dang is considered to be the best neurologist in the city of Delhi.
What are the symptoms of a neurological disorder?
Certain sudden symptoms can be lack of coordination, unusual pain, loss of muscle strength, and memory loss, which can be neurological disorders.

How do I know whether a headache is a migraine or not?

A headache with throbbing and acute pain can be a symptom of migraine. In such a case, it is best to consult a neurologist as soon as possible.


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