Not many people are aware that it is very important to maintain your personal hygiene. However, not many know that it affects your health too. Also, health and hygiene go hand in hand without fail. The meaning and definition of hygiene are keeping yourself clean and maintaining sanity. Also, if you don’t already know then you should maintain your hygiene on a daily basis. It includes Mouth, body, hair and foot too.

Wash Hands for Health and Hygiene

Firstly, if you don’t already know germs pass from hands to your mouth. Also, it is the foremost reason why people fall ill so fast. Secondly, the meaning and definition of hygiene are the same things. So, washing your hands automatically reduces the possibility of getting sick. Moreover, you should wash your hands every 2 hours. Because it will get rid of all the germs and dirt on your hands. Also, this is the most basic habit that everyone should follow on a daily basis. On the other hand, when you go out you should carry sanitizer in your bag. You can also carry travel size handwashes in order to wash the hands. Above all, washing your hands with the right technique is most important. So, always wash them for 1 minute straight and don’t forget your thumbs. Never skip going between the fingers as there is a germ build-up.

PRO TIP – Always carry mini sanitizer in your bag to disinfect your hands. You can also carry a spray version of it.

Personal Hygiene starts with Facewash too

Well if you don’t know then personal hygiene includes washing your face too. Because your face has germs too. Yes, you heard it right your face carries germs and dirt too when you go out. Wondering why? because when your face secretes oil the germs or dirt in the air get stuck to your face. So, in order to maintain sanitation, you should wash your face twice a day. But keep one thing in the mind that never over wash your face as it will dry it out. Also, always wash your hands before touching your face as it can easily transfer the germs onto your face. Germs are so bad for your face as it will lead to skin infection, irritation, acne and much more.

PRO TIP – If you are already suffering from acne due to clogging of pores then try washing your face with a neem face wash. It will kill the germs and will keep your face fresh throughout the day. Some of the best face washes are – Himalaya Neem facewash, Medimix, Biotique and Biocutis. Do check these amazing products.

Shower Routine for Personal Hygiene

Firstly, taking a shower is the first step of personal hygiene in order to get rid of all the germs from your body. Secondly, this is the most basic step in personal hygiene. So, you should clean your body thoroughly. Moreover, germs on the body lead to body odor, germ deposit and bump too. Also, taking shower with a loofah lightly exfoliates your body and gets rid of flaky skin. Above all, use a body wash as it is much more hygienic because soap is exposed to so many germs. And there is no meaning or definition of hygiene if you are not getting rid of sweat and germs on the body. In addition, use a body wash that smells amazing so that the fragrance lingers onto your body all day. Also, focus more on your underarms as sweat can cause odor.

PRO TIP – Always layer up your body wash with the same smelling body lotion. As it will make the fragrance long-lasting. Some of the best body wash brands are – Bath & Body works, The body shop, Dove, Lux and Fiama. Moreover, you can easily find the same variant of body wash, lotion and spray in Bath & Body works and The body shop. Never skip on deodorant even when you are indoors. Always choose a body spray or deo according to your body.

Health and Hygiene includes Body Scrub too

Who knew body scrub could be part of a personal hygiene routine. Well, this list would be incomplete without a body scrub. Because it’s a sensation these days and everyone is loving it. However, apart from being trendy, it does a lot for the body. Firstly, it exfoliates your body and gets rid of all the dead skin. Secondly, it makes the skin smooth and super soft. Also, it cleans your body thoroughly and leaves your body smooth and soft. Moreover, it is best if you are a personal hygiene lover. Because who doesn’t want smooth skin right? It is neither harsh nor very soft just the right texture. Also, it is available everywhere. You can DIY it too with sugar and honey or coffee and coconut oil. The meaning and definition of hygiene is to clean yourself properly and body scrubs help you to do that.

PRO TIP – There are so many brands out there who make body scrubs. But some of the best brands are – M caffeine, Nykaa, The body shop and Tree hut. Also, never ever forget to apply lotion after scrubbing your body. Above all, do pick them up as they will never let you down. Body and skincare is the key to good hygiene.

Chewing Gum

Well believe it or not but your mouth hygiene comes first as no one wants to smell your bad breath. So, if your breath smells then there is something wrong with your personal hygiene routine. So, brushing is the most basic part of everyone’s life. However, after eating a certain amount of things your breath tends to smell bad. So, in order to cure, that always keep gum with you. Yes, gums and mints are your best friends if you are suffering from bad breath. And believe us bad breathe is the biggest turn-off. No one will talk to you if you don’t smell nice. In addition, you are always talking whether it is in the office, or with friends. So, never let your breath define your personality.

PRO TIP – If you don’t want to chew gum for a long amount of time then you can keep mints or breath strips with you. Because it will do wonders for you just like gum. And some of the mints are much stronger than Bubble gums. The meaning and definition of hygiene is fulfilled when you are smelling nice from head to toe.

Hair Routine as the part of personal hygiene

Firstly, who doesn’t love good smelling hair right? we are sure everyone does. But did you know that dirty hair can actually cause acne on your body by clogging your pores with germs and dirt. So, to prevent that wash your hair frequently which will decrease your back acne problem and will also give you a good smelling scalp. Moreover, you should not use a harsh shampoo as it will weaken your roots. And always use a conditioner after every hair wash. In addition, use a hair mask once a week to make your hair more strong and healthy. On the other hand, apply the serum on the ends of the hair to prevent breakage and use less heat to prevent hair damage. Never forget to apply heat protectant spray before using any styling tool and apply oil to your hair twice a week.

PRO TIP – Use ghee as a 5-minute mask to make your hair more healthy and shiny. Moreover, you can also choose hair masks from brands like – Mama earth, St. Botanica, Loreal and Matrix. These will make your hair amazing. To sum up, you can always choose to DIY hair masks and there are thousands of videos available that will guide you properly.

Foot Care

A personal hygiene routine is incomplete if we don’t include a foot care routine. So, the foot care routine is as important as your overall body routine. Why? Because a person is known from their feet. So, definitely, you don’t want crusty feet. Also, it is very important to maintain the health and hygiene of your feet because you can easily develop foot diseases. Moreover, the meaning and definition of hygiene is to take good care of your body. And you are not a hygiene lover if you don’t take care of your feet. So, in order to prevent any build-up use a foot scraper in the shower daily. Also, scrub your feet 4 times a week in order to keep smell and germs at bay. In addition, don’t forget to apply a good smelling lotion to your feet.

PRO TIP – Get a pedicure twice a month and always keep your nails trimmed. Also, apply nail paint preferably nude to look more polished and groomed. To sum up, apply a thick layer of lotion to your feet and wear socks in order to wake up to soft feet.

Hand Care

Taking care of your hands is the part of personal hygiene too. Yes, you heard it right apart from washing them frequently through out the day have you ever focused on them. Firstly, washing them million times a day leads to extreme dryness if we don’t pay attention. Secondly, The pigment of the hands can change too if you don’t moisturize them. So, in order to maintain the health and hygiene. You need to apply hand cream because it will moisturize your hands without making them greasy. On the other hand, grooming them is also important. So, make sure that you are getting a manicure every 2 months and getting rid of the dead skin. In addition, apply nail color and keep them in shape.

PRO TIP – Always go for a good quality hand cream to prevent dryness. Some of the brands that we love are – Nykaa, The Body shop, Bath & Body works and many more. Moreover, always match your nail paint with your toes. It looks cleaner and groomed. The meaning and definition of hygiene is not only limited to sanitization but it includes grooming as well.

FAQ Regarding Personal Hygiene

1. Which is the best affordable Hand cream ?

Nykaa, Nivea and M caffeine makes some of the best affordable hand creams in India. Moreover, each one of them is under Rs.500.

2. What is the best alternative of Mints and Gums?

Mouth wash and sprays are best if you are not into mints and gums. However, you can use Elaichi and saunf too to kill the bad breath in natural ways.

3. How to prevent Body Odor?

The most basic thing to avoid body odor is to take a shower with a strong smelling body wash. Also scrub your body and sweat prone areas to avoid smell and never forget to wear deo.

Editor’s Note | Personal Hygiene

It is well known that these days it is super important to maintain your health & Hygiene in order to prevent germs. However, washing and sanitizing the hands is a habit these days. But what is a better time to take care of your body from head to toe if not now. So, as we told you earlier that the meaning and definition of hygiene is not limited to only sanitization but it includes grooming as well. So, don’t forget to take your hygiene game up a notch with these tips and tricks.


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