We all in a hurry every day. During the morning hours, we will always be rushing. Either because of the late-night or snoozed alarm. More or less we are always trying to catch up till the last minute. In addition, we do not want to miss that last train or the last bus and get scolded by our bosses. But, in all this hurry and chaos we often forget to take care of ourselves. We forget that our body needs some nutrition or fuel to keep up with all this. Also, we all love to indulge in something really tasty which is also instant and easy to cook after a tiring day at work. Here, comes the concept of Instant Noodles! We, in India are well aware of this term since we all love to cook and eat them. We bring to you the best instant noodles brands/company in India.

Health Benefits

Noodles have satisfied our hunger pangs at any given time of the day. They definitely make our taste buds happy. However, they also have health benefits. Here, we have some of the benefits of instant noodles.

  • The only ingredients used to make instant noodles are salt, water, and wheat flour. These components provide our body with protein, minerals, and vitamins. It also has fiber and low-calorie content.
  • There are many brands that provide essential nutrients to our bodies. For instance, include magnesium, iron, and also vitamin B Complex in their noodles.
  • Instant noodles offer very low carbs to our bodies. They help to easily break the food into small sugar molecules.
  • One serving of instant noodles keeps your stomach full for more time. As a result, you don’t indulge in extra snacks.

List of Best Instant Noodles Company

With so many brands flooding the market, choosing the right one can be a little difficult. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We bring to you the best Noodles Brands in India. We have ranked them based on their ingredients, taste, and also prices. All the noodles brands are safe to consume and also affordable. Without further delay, let us begin.

1. Maggi

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In India, Maggi has become an emotion. Among adults, kids, and people of all age groups, Maggi is nothing but a sweet pleasure to our taste buds. Maggi is found even in the most remote areas. It is highly available in almost every place in India and is very popular. It is one of the best noodles brands in India. Some time ago, it was found out by the FSSAI that Maggi contained a great amount of Monosodium Glutamate. Further, this causes damage to our digestive tract. As a result, Maggi was banned for some time. However, it bounced back on track. It was re-tested and confirmed that it is safe to be eaten. Therefore, the favorite dish of thousands of people comes back into the market.

In addition, we also know Maggi to be the other name of the best instant noodles in India. It is from the Nestle group. Maggi became famous because of its tagline saying “Two minutes noodles”. In India, Maggi has started a new initiative that aims to fight iron deficiency in people. It has increased the iron content by 15% so that people get their iron properly. The best part about Maggi is that it is so flexible. You can try any combinations you like and yet it will taste the best. Moreover, it is very affordable and can be bought by people of every part. In short, it is the best noodles company in India.


The smallest pack of Maggi will cost you INR 12.

2. Knorr Soupy Noodles

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If you want to have a little soup and some noodles in it then Knorr Soupy Noodles is your option. They are among the best noodles brands in India. It was first introduced in the year 1838. Since then, it has been feeding people and also satisfying their taste buds. It all started when the owner of this brand started experimenting with dried vegetables and dried soups. After lots of efforts, Knorr Soupy Noodles were born. The noodles have a soupy texture and also have the goodness of real vegetables. They have a great hold in the market due to their unique product. Unlike, other instant noodles brands they made noodles that have the consistency of a soup. They, therefore, came to know as the best noodles in India. In addition, Knorr makes these instant noodles in many amazing flavors. For instance, mast masala, cheese, schezwan, and many more.

It is the perfect lip-smacking meal that gives both nutrition and taste. The noodles are very reasonable for their price and will fill your heart with content. Further, they are spicy and slurpy which makes them the choice of many people. In conclusion, they are the best instant noodles brands in India.


Knorr Soupy Noodles have gained popularity for their amazing taste and quality. Therefore, they are one of the best noodles company in India. One pack of these noodles will cost you INR 14.

3. Yippee Noodles

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Yippee is one of the finest noodles brands in India. It has been marketed by a multinational company ITC. In addition, they are sold under the brand name Sunfeast. Above all, it has been ranked as the second-largest selling brand in the instant noodles department. The noodles are very popular among young children. They have a slurpy texture, which is very tasty and also non-sticky. Not only this but they also have the benefit of frozen vegetables for extra nutrition. Therefore, if you want health, nutrition as well as amazing taste you have to buy the Yippee Noodles. In addition, they have varied flavors. For instance, magic masala, Chinese masala, and many more. The best feature is that it has no synthetic colors.

Further, they have a fantastic and tempting taste. As their tagline says, they actually are long and non-sticky. They also are very affordable and are easily available everywhere. So, if you are really tired after long hours of work or want to treat your kids after their playtime Yippee is your right option. As a result, Yippee becomes apt for your every mood. Moreover, it contains five different vegetables that help you to remain full for a longer time. The USP of this brand is that the noodles come in a round lump that makes them long and non-sticky. To sum it up, they are definitely the best instant noodles company and brands in India.


A pack of Yippee Noodles will cost you INR 12.

4.Top Ramen

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The Top Ramen Noodles is one of the top Noodles brands in India. It was first introduced in the year 1988 by Nissan Foods. Since then, it has gained a lot of popularity as the best instant noodles brands in India. The curry flavor of these noodles is very tasty and very much in demand. It has many amazing flavors like the Top Ramen Masala, beef masala, and many more. It is very rich in flavors and has superb taste. Further, it is a vegetarian noodle. They are non-sticky and the smell can make you eat one. The noodles get ready within two to three minutes and therefore, serves the purpose of instant noodles.

The key feature is that they are flat spicy noodles that taste extremely great. They are also available in cup noodles. As a result, they are portable and can be carried along while traveling. Due to their purity and exotic taste, they have always been an evergreen choice. They have captivated the attention of the Indian audience due to their various flavors. Thus, it surely earns its place as one of the best instant noodles brands in India.


A pack of the Top Ramen Noodles will cost you INR 20.

5. Ching’s Noodles

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Ching’s Noodles is one the top Instant Noodles Brands in India. It is very famous for its Indian Chinese or more precisely Desi Chinese flavor. It is a brand that very much in demand due to its fusion of Indian and Chinese. The noodles come in many flavors like hot garlic, egg Hakka noodles. They also have a lot of variety in their products. For instance, soups, sauces, and many more. They are non-sticky and spicy noodles. In addition, they are very easy to cook. People who love Chinese and Spicy food should definitely opt for Ching’s Desi Chinese.

Further, if you taste these amazing flavors you will surely agree that they are worth the price and also worth the hype! If you are in search of something different and not regular. If you want a dash of flavors that leave your soul with a Chinese twist. Then, Ching’s is the answer.


A pack of Ching’s Instant Noodles will cost you INR 15.

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FAQ Regarding Noodles Brands in India

Which are the best Noodles brands in India?

The best noodles brands according to us are a follows. Firstly, Maggi stands above all. Then comes Knorr Soupy Noodles, then Yippee and then Top Ramen. Finally, Ching’s Noodles also earn a place in the best noodles brands in India.

Which is the cheapest Instant Noodles brands in India?

Maggi, the evergreen player is the winner here. It is very much affordable and is found in the most remote places. A small pack comes for as low as INR 5. Anyone who wants to satisfy their hunger can definitely go for Maggi.

How to cook instant noodles?

The instant noodles are called instant for a reason. Since, their preparation time is 2-3 minutes. The ideal way to cook them is to boil them in two to three cups of water. Once, the water comes to a boil, add the masala and the noodles. Cook until the noodles aren’t raw or half-cooked. Enjoy the noodles as it is or with your favorite toppings. Viola, you’re good to go.

Which is the best noodles company in India?

Maggi is undoubtedly the best noodles company in India. They are an emotion to the Indians. Right from small children to adults everyone loves to eat Maggi. Maggi is great in taste, affordable, and also has iron in it. Therefore, it rules the instant noodles brands in India.

Editor’s Note | Noodles Brands in India

To sum it up, there is nobody who doesn’t like Noodles. Today, due to our busy schedules we hardly have time to eat good food or even indulge in eating healthy delicious food. We are always in a hurry to complete some goal, reach someplace and in all this mess we forget to fuel our bodies. In such situations, we all look for something that is easy to cook, will satisfy your hunger, and can be cooked quickly. In addition, excellent taste becomes a cherry on the cake. Instant Noodles are one such option. The market offers us many options and choices from many noodles companies in India. However, we have selected the Top 5 Best Noodles Brands in India.

All these noodles brands are very safe to eat and have passed all the quality tests. Further, all have amazing flavors and also, affordable. They are available online as well as well as in the nearest local store. If you want to enjoy the superb tasting instant noodles and satisfy your hunger and your heart, then these brands are the answers. We hope that we have been able to help you with your choice. Good luck with relishing the best noodles brands in India.

Additionally, it is always advisable to remain completely informed about what we buy. To know more about Maggi click here.


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