There are so many types of Chocolate around the world. From Milk to Baking, there are literally so many chocolates around us. However, we have narrowed our list down to only a few. They have different varieties, names, kinds, flavours and who knew chocolates have a purpose too. From Bittersweet to 90% cocoa we have you covered for every type of chocolate. Different kinds are determined by sugar and milk percentage. Smooth texture comes from hours of churning. Moreover, dry fruit or raisins is added later.

1.Milk Chocolate one of the famous Varieties of Chocolate

The popular type of chocolate is Milk chocolate. It was first invented in 1672 accidentally by a kid. Sir Hans saw the actual qualities of chocolate in jamaica. He saw that it was being used as medicine. However, he mixed milk with coco after that and it became popular in no time. Different names of chocolate were according to people’s convenience. There was no official name up until the 18th century. Daniel Peter officially created the Milk variant with Nestle and other companies just blindly followed it. Moreover, they learned that the smooth texture of Milk chocolate comes from churning. It can be a week-long process and requires perfect temperature. The ingredients were picked precisely. Milk chocolate needs 80% water and milk compound is an alternative.

NOTE: The cocoa butter comes from cocoa which is churned for days. Different types of chocolate demand different conditions. Different flavours of chocolate require different liquid density. However, the Temperature of chocolate affects the shelf life of it.

2.Bitter Sweet is one of the different types of chocolate

Different types of chocolate include bittersweet too. It contains less sugar and ingredients depend mainly on cocoa percentage. Use it as a dessert or it eat it raw. There are so many facts regarding Bittersweet variety. Firstly, it is believed that it was used to cure sick people. 70% of cocoa is always considered good. Secondly, it has 5gm of caffeine too which keeps you awake. It can also provide energy to function. Also, not everyone can like this variety instantly it takes time to develop the taste. Many people believe that if you are ever feeling low just eat one piece and you will be good to go. Extra dark chocolate is another name for it. Doctors believe that you should consider 70% of cocoa to get the most benefits out of it.

NOTE: A usual Bittersweet variety contains at least 60% of cocoa. It usually has a deeper taste and can be stored for 2 years. However, it gives a rich rather than sweet taste. It has less added sugar which enhances its bitterness. The taste of cocoa depends on where it is grown. Different types of chocolate demand different weather.

3.Ruby Chocolate

Types of chocolates welcome their newly found Ruby chocolate. Different types of chocolate have to include this. It was discovered in 2017 in Belgium by a chocolate maker. With a reddish tone, it has different flavours apart from other chocolates. Firstly, it has 45% of cocoa and has a strong fruity flavour. It is grown in Brazil under special conditions. With different names comes the purpose of chocolate. Secondly, Ruby is highly popular for creating mouth-watering sweets with sourness. Use it for pastries or add it in treats it will not fail to amaze you. However, its taste is often compared with berries. It also has antioxidants and a little bit of spice. To get the best out of it, churning shouldn’t be done for more than 3 days. Critics believe that it is not an original rather it is just added colors to the plain chocolate.

NOTE: Initially it was only available for professionals to work with. After 6 months it entered the market. Many have created Icecreams, wafers and much more. However, it is mostly available in Europe. Countries like India don’t have it on the shelf yet. It is not worldwide popular yet. There are hardly any advertisements for it. It has Zinc, magnesium which is good for the heart.

4.Cocoa Powder one of different types of chocolate

Cocoa powder is pure cocoa and comes from its beans. It is very bitter in taste and easily available anywhere. Trading was the main purpose of it in the 15th Century. More than 2 Billion people use cocoa powder every year. However, it was a status symbol in the late 16th Century. The recipe of Cocoa powder was secret to Spain for the longest time. One civilization created Beverage for God with Cocoa powder and spices. Tropical forests are full of Cocoa beans. Since then only its usage has never stopped. Moreover, it will clear your skin and make it radiant. Many skincare brands have started using cocoa in their products. It is definitely one of the popular varieties of chocolate. Cocoa powder is naturally very bitter and may come in sweet variant too.

NOTE: Store it in airtight containers to use it often. 15 grams is the recommended amount per day. It has 5g of fiber and 2g of fat. It has Vitamin B3, folate phosphorous and Zinc. Flavonoids in cocoa have relaxing properties which maintain Blood Pressure. There is a low risk of diabetes, Heart attack and cancer because of Polyphenols. Moreover, Different types and flavours of chocolate depend on cocoa percentage. Shop Cocoa Powder on Amazon.

5.Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is very popular because of its health benefits. Doctors will recommend it to you if you are feeling low or dizzy. Higher cocoa content is preferable. It is rich in fiber and minerals which gives an instant boost to the body. Dark chocolate is the healthy alternative of normal one if you are trying to cut calories. Keep it in your bag and enjoy it as a snack. However, watch the amount of it, an excessive amount may create problems. It is full of iron, copper, magnesium, potassium and Zinc. You may see it as an excellent source of antioxidants as it is full of polyphenols. It may come as a surprise but it has more antioxidant content compared to most of the foods. Moreover, Different types of chocolate are incomplete without this dark variant.

NOTE: The flavenoids in it reduce the risk of a Heart attack. They relax the muscles and prevent high blood pressure. You should eat at least 2 pieces per day to keep your body healthy. There are endless varieties of chocolate to choose from. Choose wisely.

6.White Chocolate

Different flavours and names of chocolate are irresistible. However, the White one has cocoa butter and milk compounds. Use it on pastries or ice cream, it will melt in your mouth. Discovered in Switzerland, now it is famous all over the world. Desserts, shakes and cakes are incomplete without this delight. Moreover, it has a high melting temperature so it stays solid. Nestle launched the first white bar in 1936. It is high in potassium and calcium which makes it healthy too. But the calorie content is quite high. Its cost doubled in 2005 and came down in 2 years. Chocolate covered fruits are very famous nowadays. It is more healthy than other pastries and cookies. The wonderful color comes due to low cocoa content. But you can easily find the ones with high cocoa content.

NOTE: Grate it, chop it or melt it there are n number of ways to use this beautiful bar. Melt some of it in the microwave and dip strawberries in, your very own healthy sweet is ready to serve. It is not only easy to make but is also inexpensive. If you are calorie conscious think twice before buying it as it has 55% sugar.

7.Semi-Sweet is also among Different types of chocolate

A baker’s kitchen is full of semi-sweet chips. Mostly used in cookies, cakes and whatnot. Cocoa beans, sugar and vanilla are its main ingredients. As the name suggests it is half sweet and half bitter. There are different varieties, names and flavours of chocolate but cocoa is the main base for all. People who are not a fan of ultra-sweet things would definitely like this one. However, the sweetness in the product varies from brand to brand. Don’t forget to check the cocoa percentage and ingredients list. The main quality which makes it so special is the perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness. Moreover, It will definitely satisfy your tastes bud and will melt like dream. Europe is quite famous for its demand and production rate. Everyone has their own recipe and formulation.

NOTE: The texture depends on the time it’s churned for. 70% is the content of the best quality product. There are 200 calories, 12g fat and 1g of fiber in this variant. Use it in brownies, mug cake and cookies. The inexpensive delight will not let you down. It is an all-rounder product use it for everything.

8.Couverture Chocolate

It is the most high-quality variant available. This one has a high amount of cocoa butter approximately 40%. The temperature should be monitored as it is important for the texture and flavours. Professional bakers use it for garnishing and much more. It is quite different from regular chocolates as it has non-cocoa fat. However, the word Couverture means the main component is cocoa butter which makes it glossy and smooth. It has 600 calories, 41g of sugar and 52g of carbohydrates. Read more about Indian sweets.

FAQ Regarding Types of Chocolate

1. Is Chocolate harmful for health?

If consumed more than recommended amount it will definitely harm you. The daily consumption is not more than 15grams.

2. How many varieties of chocolate are around the world?

The main genre is Dark, Milk and white chocolate. But there are further categories like semi-sweet, bittersweet, sweet German, ruby and many more.

3. How many different flavours of chocolate are there?

Chocolates can be either sweet or bitter. Any type of flavour are additionally added at the last stage. You can make as many flavours as per your desire. The base always stays the same.

4. How does Chocolate affects the health?

It has many health benefits like maintaining blood pressure, heart health and gives glowing skin. But it should be consumed in a limit. Excess of everything will harm your body.

Editor’s Note | Types of Chocolate

COVID-19 has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. However, people made the most of it. Some tried to get back in shape while some people just loved hogging on to their favorite snacks. If you are trying your hand in baking, it is important to know that different names of chocolate depend on their composition and purpose. COVID has provided us with the golden opportunity to try our hobbies. Want to bake cookies or cakes use cocoa powder or dark chocolate. Moreover, it will enhance the flavour of your sweet delight. But don’t forget to try your favorite cake or cookies recipes.


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