Do you love the idea of LOVE??? Well, who doesn’t want to be fall in love? We surely want to fall in love at least once in a lifetime and we are pretty much sure that you too love the idea of love. And wants to fall in love with your partner. Oppss!! What you don’t have a partner? Never mind, there is nothing to worry about anything especially in the presence of Mybestguide. Thus we are always here to help you with everything we can help. And today we are going to share the best dating apps in India, online dating apps, best dating sites, and of course best free dating apps too. If you haven’t tried any sites because of some privacy issue or you don’t know how to use these Indian dating sites!!

Again we are here to help you below, we have mentioned the best dating sites in India and you don’t have to worry about any privacy issues because all these apps are secure and you can use them very easily.

Changing dynamics of Dating

We all are very much stuck in a lockdown situation because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation for more than a year now. Nonetheless, we are stuck in our homes and unable to meet our friends and family. And certainly, there is no way for traditional dating in this lockdown situation.

However, the days of conventional dating rituals have become less desirable or it’s gone because of this digital era we are living in. This digital era brought many radical changes in our society as we are becoming part of e-health facility, e-govt. and e-education.

Everything with the help of digitalization, nonetheless the dating rituals cannot stay in past. Hench, the dating idea also changed during this course of the period. And today we have many Indian dating sites, online dating apps with us to help us to find our partner.

The dating apps have obtained huge acceptance in India, especially among Indian users. These available best dating sites in India work as a bridge between like-minded people across the geographies. Further, these apps also enlarged the outreach of individuals. However, these apps use your phone’s location to provide your possible matches.

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Anyone can use these apps according to their own comfort. The app gives the option of swipe right or left to have a conversation with your loved ones or just ignore the crip once respectively. These apps also provide the option of casual dating and for long relationships, so you can make the correct choice according to your wish.

Let’s talk about the best free dating apps without wasting any more minutes. We have shared the list of best dating apps in India in the following paragraphs. We hope that this article and apps will help you to find your soulmate!

List of Best Dating Apps in India

In the following, we have shared the top 5 online dating apps in India which are very popular among this Gen-Z generation and youth. All these bunches of apps help you to find new people and if the person ticked all your boxes then start dating them!

1. Tinder

Tinder is one of the most famous dating apps in India among youth or millennials. And we are sure that you are already familiar with this online dating app. The crucial ground for its popularity are- easy to sign up via Gmail ID, Facebook Details or Phone no., easy to use, and offer absolute privacy protection.

However, you will be surprised by knowing that you connect people on Tinder in just less than 3 minutes. The programmer of Tinder has an idiosyncratic algorithm that makes the process of matching procedure very easy and suitable for youth/ users. Tinder also provides the option of filters so that you can easily search according to your preferences.

The best part of Tinder is that it offers both options of free subscription and as well as a premium subscription. So that if you are not much satisfied with the free subscription you can buy a premium subscription which provides more and multiple options than a free subscription. You will also be notified whenever someone likes your profile or sends you a match.

Basic of How to Use

Tinder is very easy when it comes to a matter of use. If you like someone’s profile you just need to swipe right and if don’t like that profile swipe left. And if the two individuals like each other profile it becomes a match and you will obtain the option of chatting.

Your side view will have your name, age, profile picture, and a short description of yourself. All these things will also be visible on other’s people side view. Tinder is one of the best free dating apps.

Installs- 10 Crore plus downloads on Google Play Store.

Ratings- 3.3 stars

Reviews- 43 lakh plus reviews.

2. Happn

Happn is a great platform in the case of when you are across the street and somehow you catch the people’s eye but didn’t have much time to start a conversation or confess your crush on them. However, the platform oh Happn gives you the option to check the people you crossed paths with and like their profiles. And if they like your profile back, then congratulations, you got the match!

If you the kind of person who doesn’t like worthless messages from deceivers and auto-generate messages, you gonna love this application. Because the algorithm of Happn rigidly turns down the logins of the deceiver and auto-generate messages. And make this application securest dating apps in India.

Basic of How to Use

Happn uses your phone location to provide you the possible matches, every time a Happn user crosses another Happn user’s pathway. And the profile will be added to the top of your feed.

If the two people like each other profile, it’s known as Crush and after that individuals can start chatting.

Best Tablets in India

Your profile will have your name, age, picture, and a short elucidation of yourself. All these things will also be visible on other’s people side view.

Installs-5 Crore plus downloads on Google Play Store.

Ratings- 3.9 Stars

Reviews- 15 Lakh plus reviews.

3. Bumble

In the list of online dating apps, Bumble is one of the extensively used best dating apps in India. The most precious attribute of this app is, when you will found a match, it is the female who needs to initiate the conversation and the man has to respond to it within 24 hours. Nonetheless, shattering the all stereotypical norms of Indian society. Certainly, Bumble is winning the heart of its users.

However, in the case of a homosexual couple, either one can initiate the conversation. The most interesting attribute of Bumble is that they provide 0% of fake profiles on this online dating site. They verify the display picture of the individual during the registration procedure.

Nevertheless, Bumble not only helps you to find your matches, but it is also a considerably recognized app to create a network and build social relations with people. However, you will be surprised by knowing the fact that around 60% of the total matches on Bumble end in having the conversation.

Basic of How to Use

The privacy policy of Bumble is very authentic. Additionally, to keep security and privacy, individuals can always block, unmatch or report the profile if they find the profile mistrustful.

Apart from the left and right swipes option, Bumble also provides the option of SuperSwipe on profiles that have really gained your interest. You can create an account on Bumble via your Facebook account and your mobile number.

Installs- 1 Crore plus download on Google Play Store.

Ratings- 3.2 Stars

Reviews- 2 Lakh plus reviews.

4. OkCupid

OkCupid is probably one of the best dating sites in India. You will be surprised by knowing that the matches on this best free dating apps are not based on any pictures rather the matches are based on a series of questions. Which is the one of the nicest attribute of this app that leads on us to our conventional methods somehow. However, all these questions try to make sure of the similarity and compatibility between the matches.

However, through OkCupid individuals can simply connect with the people sharing common interests. And the messaging and virtual dating attributes of OkCupid are awesome.

Nonetheless, OkCupid also provides the option of free browsing for matches based on your geographical fondness. What’s more, we need? And yeah! You can also block people on this app if they sound more irksome.

Basic of How to Use

OkCupid has a regional dating feature that allows you to find a match with and eventually date people who are nearby. The Double tap section offers you the option of like or reject. However, the discovery option helps you to search profiles based on the specific preference you have opted for.

Installs- 1 Crore plus Google Play Store download

Ratings- 3.8 Stars

Review- 4 Lakh plus reviews.

5. Hinge

Here are another one of the best Indian dating sites, known as Hinge. The Hinge is one of the best dating apps for people who have more inclination towards physical appearance. The Hinge has a distinctive method to set up an individual’s interests, pictures, likes, and dislikes. However, by checking the tagline of a user, you can get the idea of what’s their interest and later speak to them accordingly.

Nonetheless, this Indian dating site is very easy to use, even if you are a new user. However, the app takes few days to acknowledge your preferences and show compatible results.

The app offers both options of paid subscription and free subscription. However, the paid subscription cost you approx $12.99 per month.

Basics of How to Use

You can create your profile on this app via Gmail, Facebook, or mobile no. Additionally, You will also need to fill in your details such as your name, age, profile picture, and bio. You can like the picture of people who you find more interesting.

Installs- 50 Lakh plus Google Play Store downloads.

Ratings- 3.4 Stars

Reviews- 1 Lakh plus reviews.

FAQ Regarding Online Dating Apps

Q.1 Which is the best free dating app?

Tinder and Hinge both provide the option of free dating and they also have the paid subscriptions.

Q.2 Is Bumble is available on iOS?

Yes, Bumble is absolutely available on iOS devices.

Q.3 Does these online dating sites available in Bengal?

Absolutely yes, all these Indian dating sites are available in every state of India and other countries too.

Editor’s Notes | Online Dating Apps

In nutshell, we have discussed the best dating apps in India and how the dynamics have been changing from the conventional way of dating to the online way of dating in this era of digitalization.

Further, we have mentioned the list of the few best free dating apps, Indian dating sites, and best dating sites in India. We hope this will help you to find your soulmate in this unpredictable situation of pandemics.


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