Many people wonder Who is Tiger Woods? And want to know the journey of Tiger Woods to become a golf player. So, Tiger is an American professional golf player. Who has attained a lot of success with his game and created a record by winning 15 Titles on his name. The Net Worth of Tiger Woods is the highest for any person on earth. Though he has had issues with his family later on in his life. And Tiger Woods and his Wife chose to divorce each other.

Who is Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods is one of the best professional golfers in the world. Who won his U.S Masters back in 1997, making him the first and the youngest African American to win this title. And from then has won 15 Major Titles on his name. He was also awarded the PGA Best Player of the year 10 times over the course of his journey. When he rose to the peak of his career. But had issues resurfacing after having to go through personal family issues with his wife back in 2019.

Finally in 2019, nearly after 11 years of struggling hard and getting back on his game. He won his first major title. And will hopefully continue to play now that he is back on his field of passion.

Youth life

Woods was born in California, USA in the year 1975. And was the only child of his parents but had two half-siblings. He was introduced to Golf very early on his life by his Father, to whom Woods was very close and was an athlete. Who played golf at the Navy golf course, because of being associated with the military.

His real name was Eldrick Tont Woods but was named Tiger Woods with love. And he got that name from a fellow army officer with whom Tiger’s father was associated. His first teacher and mentor was his father, who enhanced his skill and built up the passion he has for the sport now. His skills were so enhanced, that he started showing off them on television also.

The Early journey of Golf of Tiger Woods

Woods has been associated with golf for almost his entire life for about 42 years of his 44 years of life. And the sport has got him recognition and appreciation from the entire world. And Tiger Woods the golf player has inspired many to follow their dream careers and make it big. Though his Journey has been with good and bad times, he has stood through all of them. From having personal losses to managing his game while dealing with them, his journey is full of inspiration.

Youth as a Golfer

He was a part of the Military Family. And got the chance to practice regularly in their golf courses. By the time he was three in the year 1978, he shot a 48 over nine holes at the Navy Golf Course. In 1980, he had an appearance in Golf Digest and on ABC’s The Incredible. And by the time he turned seven, Tiger Woods has already won the Under Age 10 section of Drive, Pitch, and Putt Competition at his base Golf Course.

His Father remembers that Tiger Woods was at the age of 11 when he started defeated him in Golf. And no matter how hard he tried he would always lost to his son. Woods played his first major junior tournament Big I and made it to the Finals. Where he lost just by one stroke. Later when he was 15, in his high school he became the youngest child to win the U.S Junior Amateur Champion. And this record broke in 2010.

College life as a Golfer

Because of his achievements Tiger Woods had in his childhood, he was offered to join the best colleges in the USA, and he chose Stanford University. Where he did his major in the Subject of Economics. And in the second year of college, he defended his U.S Amateur Title and was voted as Standford’s Freshman of the Year.

He participated in his first major PGA Tournament at the age of 19, where he was the only youngster to make it to the cut. And after that, he made the second record of his career when he defended his U.S Amateur Title for three consecutive years. He then left college to focus completely on the career as a Professional Golfer and moved out of California.

Young Woods

Tiger Woods Turning Professional

Record Breaking Start

Tiger Woods turned into a professional golf player at the age of 20, in August 1996. And as soon as he did, he signed endorsements with various brands, increasing the Net Worth of Tiger Woods by many folds.

His first major win came on April 13, 1997, where he won The Masters, breaking the record for the youngest golfer to win the title at the age of 21. He not only won this championship but also won the PGA Championship. And in 1998 returned home with 8 single titles to his name. And became the fastest player to reach World Number 1.

Winning the first Masters Championship

The following year he had his eye surgery done to get his vision corrected. And immediately after the surgery came back on the golf course to win tournaments.

The 2000s

The 2000s began for Tiger Woods with winning six consecutive PGA Events. And with the longest winning streaks. His U.S Masters tournament was beyond imagination where he either broke records or tied them and won the tournament. It was the first time he earned a cheque of $800,000. In the same year, he became the youngest person to win the Grand Slam at the age of 24.

The Dominant 2000s

Woods again won the Masters in 2001 and became the only player to defend four consecutive titles. And he continued to dominate the world for the following two seasons also. But, hit a block in his career where he couldn’t win a single title in the years 2003 and 2004. And a major drawback came to him in 2004, where he lost his world number 1 ranking, after being at the top for 264 weeks consecutively.

Tiger Woods came back and took back his position of number 1, in the early months of 2005. And his success did not take a back seat after that. He continued to win titles and breaking records. He started to fall back in 2008 when he suffered from a knee injury and had to take a long break from his golfing.

The last major title Woods won was in 2009. But his career started to have a downfall after that. With things going on in his personal life, injuries he could not win any major title for another decade.

After 2019

2019, marked the return of Tiger Woods. After a decade full of ups and downs. With his struggle in personal and professional life both. He won the Masters on 14th April 2019. At the age of 43, he became the second person to win a Masters after the age of 40. But, he again suffered from a knee injury, but recovered and wanted to play the PGA Event 2020.

Celebrating his 15th Major Title Win

He won matches there. And tied with Sam Snead with his 82nd win on a tour.

Net Worth of Tiger Woods

According to Forbes, Woods’s current income is about $62.3 Million in August 2020. But since the time he has turned pro, the Net Worth of Tiger Woods is $1.5 Billion. Including all Tiger Woods winning amount as a golf player and all the endorsements and campaign he does.

He endorses brands from the field of sports like Nike, lifestyle brands like Rolex, and many other Brands. Including Bridgestone, Hero Motocorp, etc. And thus has investments in most of the major fields. With so much that he has, he returns it to the society by doing charity work. And also has his own foundation to work towards betterment in children’s lives and also grow his own sports Golf.

A report of 2018 claims that the Net Worth of Tiger Woods was $800 million, including all his assets as well as investments.

Personal Life of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods engaged got to his Wife, Elin Nordegren in 2003 whom he met in the Swedish Open Championship in 2001. Woods married Elin in November 2004. And both of them moved out to live in Florida. In 2006, the couple purchased a place in Jupiter Island, Florida, where Tiger Wood currently resides after his divorce with his Wife. The couple later in 2007 and 2009 gave birth to their daughter and son. And they Tiger Woods went through a divorce with his Wife in 2010. After seven years of marriage.

Though before the divorce. Tiger Woods faced a lot of criticism but always said his Wife was with him. Supporting him throughout. Following Tiger Woods’s divorce from his Wife, he has been in a couple of relationships. And is currently dating a restaurant manager Erica Herman from 2017.

Though he came into news again when he was arrested in 2017. For driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He also tried to get away with it and claimed that he had taken prescribed drugs. But his car was detected in a traffic lane, with him sleeping and the car engine running. And was fined for the same with a $250 as fine and 50 hours of community service as he pleaded guilty for the same.

Family of Woods at the ceremony with president Donald Trump

FAQs Regarding Life of Tiger Woods

How many titles Tiger Woods has won overall? And in which years?

Tiger Wood as a golf player has won 15 major titles till date. He has won 5 Mater Tournament (1997, 2011, 2002, 2005, 2019); 4 PGA Championship (1999, 2000, 2006, 2007); 3 U.S Open (200, 2002, 2008) and 3 The Open Championship (2000,2005,2006).

What is the style of Woods?

Woods has always had a focus on working towards enhancing the all-around game. And is the person who is responsible for athleticism and fitness in the field of golf. Woods’s full swing has helped him in being more consistent and has added better control on long distance shots. His playing style is quite different and believes in enhancing your own skill rather than upgrading your golf set again and again.

Has Woods won any honorary awards?

Woods was given his first honorary award in 2007 when his name was added to the California Hall of Fame. And in 2009 was awarded as “Athlete of the Decade by the associated press. Then in 2019, Donald Trump, the president of the USA awarded him with the “Presidential Medal of Freedom.”

Editor’s Note | Tiger Woods

COVID-19 has left the world in shock, where economies aren’t functioning. And people had to stay at home. But things are coming back to normal with tournaments of various sports happening around the world. Golf is also returning to normal, but many of the tournaments have been rescheduled for the next year. And some tournaments of the U.S have planned to move ahead with them. So, you can see Tiger Woods hitting his favorite long-distance shots on the golf field.

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