If you are planning to eat healthy after many long years of binge-eating- this is the article for you. For starters, you can begin with the kind of oil you use while cooking.  

As the old saying goes, “You are what you eat”, – and what you eat tends to show, especially around the mid-section eventually. So, it is in our best interest to eat healthy to look healthy and hopefully very wealthy.

Oil is used for cooking almost everything in India. Ensuring we use it in a reasonable quantity is imperative if we are to maintain good health. Indian consumers have more and more health-conscious over the years. As a result, demand for healthier cooking oil has boomed. 

There are various forms of cooking oil available in the market. The most commonly available cooking oils in the market are mustard oil, groundnut oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, sesame oil, and other vegetable oils. To get you started, we recommend some of the best cooking oil available in the market for your review:

1.Saffola Active Oil 

Saffola Active Oil comprises two different oils; refined rice bran oil and refined soya bean oil. It contains Oryzanol and Omega-3. The oil helps in lowering bad cholesterol, boost the immune system, and develop brain function. 

The oil is light-the food does not absorb too much fat. This ensures that the heaviness we feel after eating a meal is reduced considerably. 

Quick snippets:

  •  Enhances the taste of the food and does not alter the taste of the food.
  • Good balance of MUFA and PUFA since it combines two oils.
  • It also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D, which help with night blindness and develop stronger bones.
  • Omega-3 and Alpha-Linolenic Acid helps in maintaining blood cholesterol levels.
  • The food absorbs up to 27% less oil. 

Price: INR 203 per litre.

Buy nowhttps://saffola.marico.in/

2.Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil

Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil is made from refined rice bran oil. This oil is rich in Gamma Oryzanol. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol and is fortified with Vitamin A, D, and E. This oil also improves insulin resistance and is suitable for type-2 diabetes. 

The oil reduces the risk of heart attack by lowering the level of cholesterol. This oil is recommended for those suffering from any form of heart disease. 

Quick snippets: 

  •  Improves the HDL and LDL ratio that in turn results in a healthier heart.
  • Rich in natural antioxidants, which help in boosting the immunity system.
  • The oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It has the ideal SFA, MUFA, and PUFA ratio required by our body.

Price: INR 185 per litre.

Buy nowhttps://www.fortunefoods.com/

3.Sundrop Superlite Advanced

Sundrop Superlite Advanced oil is an extra light oil that ensures the food is light. This oil is made from sunflower seeds. The oil is rich in Vitamins A. D and E. The oil has less saturated fat, which is suitable for heart patients.

Quick snippets:

  • Food absorbs less oil when cooked in this oil.
  • Suitable for a patient with diabetes and heart problems.
  • The oil is aromatic and enhances the taste of the food while keeping the original taste of the food intact.
  • It is also rich in Oryzanol and Essential fatty acids.

Price: INR 265 per litre.

Buy nowhttps://www.atfoods.com/home.aspx

4.Dhara Health Refined Sunflower Oil

Dhara Health Refined Sunflower Oil is rich in Vitamin A and D2. It also contains healthy PUFA and Omega-6. This oil is good for cancer patients since it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The oil also contains antioxidants that help protect the skin from the adverse effects of sunlight. 

Quick snippets:

  • The oil helps in speeding up the metabolism process.
  • The refined oil is suitable for diabetic and obese patients.
  • It helps in the development of brain functions and a better immunity system.
  • It also contains a good amount of EFA and Omega-6, which the human body cannot produce. 

Price: INR 183 per litre.

Buy nowhttps://www.motherdairy.com/

5.Oleev Active

Oleev Active is made by combining two different oils – olive oil and rice bran oil. It contains antioxidants, helps boost immunity, and lowers cholesterol. Olive oil helps minimize heart illness, while rice bran oil helps in improving insulin resistance.

The oil retains the flavour of food while ensuring the food absorbs very little fat. The oil contains PUFA, which keeps one active and energetic. 

Quick snippets:

  • The oil contains Linolic acid, which provides energy throughout the day.
  • Oil absorption is lesser by 20%.
  • Oryzanol is found in this oil which helps in the reduction of cholesterol.
  • It also helps in the prevention of lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, and cancer. 
  • The oil is suitable for Indian cooking, which typically involves deep frying.

Price: INR 265 per litre.

Buy nowhttps://oleev.in/

6.Borges Canola Oil

Borges Canola Oil is rich in Omega-3, which is beneficial for health. It has zero cholesterol and the lowest saturated fat compared to other oils like sunflower, rice bran, groundnut, etc. It helps in lowering cholesterol and improves brain functioning. The oil is light and mixes well with any food. 

Quick snippets:

  •  Rich in vitamin E. It helps in maintaining a good vision and assists in keeping your brain functioning properly. 
  • It contains a variety of rapeseed extraction, which helps in keeping the skin healthy. 
  • This oil also contains ALA (Alpha-Linolenic Acid), which is not created by the human body. This helps in protecting the heart by maintaining blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation.
  • The oil is light and has a neutral taste. The oil will not overpower the taste of the food item.
  • It can also be used externally by applying it to your skin in small quantities.

Price: INR 223 per litre.

Buy nowhttps://borges.in/

7.Emami Healthy and Tasty

Emami Healthy and Tasty is rice bran oil rich in Vitamins A, C, D, and E. It also contains Omega-3, which is beneficial for the heart. It also helps in reducing blood pressure, improve brain functioning and boost immunity. 

It also helps in maintaining healthy skin, stronger bones, and a better metabolic system. IT also contains MUFA and PUFA in the ideal ratio, which is required for ideal cooking oil.

Quick snippets:

  •  Ideal for Indian cooking. The oil has a high smoke point.
  • The oil is neutral in taste. Food retains its flavour when cooked in this oil.
  • It contains tools that help in removing damaging free radicals from the body.
  • Squalene helps in keeping the skin smooth and healthy.
  • It also has Oryzanol which helps in reducing bad cholesterol.

Price: INR 125 per litre.

Buy nowhttps://www.emamiagrotech.in/


Cooking oil provides various nutrients to our body, such as MUFA, PUFA, and SFA, among other vitamins which any healthy human body requires. We only need to check the amount of oil we consume, which should be average of 5 teaspoons daily. Hoping this article will dispel any misconception about the consumption of oil and encourage healthy eating habits. 


What is the healthiest oil to fry with?

The healthiest oils are the ones with the highest MUFA and PUFA. Olive oil is considered the healthiest cooking oil in this regard, especially if we have to fry our food.

What is the best cooking oil for the heart?

Olive, canola, and rice bran oils are some of the healthiest oils available on the market. These oils are considered to have the highest level of healthy fats like MUFA and PUFA.

Which oil is best for Indian cooking?

Mustard oil would probably be the best oil for Indian cooking since a large part of the cooking involves frying. Mustard oil also has a high smoke point which works effectively with Indian cuisine.

Is olive oil bad for Indian cooking? 

Olive oil has a low smoke point. It is more suitable for salads, sautéing and dips. Indian cooking mostly requires deep frying, which may not be compatible with olive oil.

Can we mix olive oil and ghee?

A mixture of olive oil and ghee can be used on hair. It acts as a natural conditioner. 

Which oil is best for curry? 

Any regular oil can be used since it doesn’t involve cooking at a high temperature. It is suggested to avoid oil with a low smoke point if it involves deep frying or anything that requires a high temperature.

Which oil is best for weight loss?

Any cooking oil with the least saturated fat in it is the best bet for losing weight. Coconut and canola oil are the best option in this case since they have the lowest saturated fat. 

What happens if you drink olive oil every day?

Olive oil contains healthy fat and has anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking it regularly can benefit the heart, bones, and metabolism. It can also smoothen the skin and detoxify the body.


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