What makes you choose your course of study? Is it your passion or your parents’ compulsion? You may not be able to define your tastes before graduation. By the end of your final year, you will have a clearer idea of what you like and dislike. If you are passionate about becoming an entrepreneur, you can take CAT to get into top IIMs. It is not as simple as just going and writing and getting a score. For that, you need proper coaching.

This article can help you find the best online CAT Coaching in India.

List of Best CAT Online Classes in India

InstituteFeesContact Details
1.T.I.M.ERs. 23,950a.040-40088300
2.IMS LearningRs. 37,450a.2267084871
3.Career Launcher (CL)54,000a.8882-120-120
4.2IIMRs 49000a.+91 99626 48484
b.+91 94459 38484
5.iQuantaRs 20999a.076830 43155
b.+91 7683043155
6.HITBULLSEYERs 9,999a.help@hitbullseye.com
7.EduShastraRs. 18999a.011-47082205
8.MindworkzzRs. 22,700a.095958 06833
9.CrackuRs 37999a.063032 39042
063032 39042
10.HandakafundaRs 9999a.+91-9982352632

1. T.I.M.E

There are many MBA coaching institutes in India, but T.I.M.E. is the most recognized one. It has been operating for 27 years. There are currently 238 centres spread over 119 Indian cities established by the institute in 1992. 

Each year, T.I.M.E. conducts Campus Recruitment Training at numerous engineering colleges across the country to help students prepare for their campus placements by training them in aptitude tests and communication skills. 


In terms of CAT results, T.I.M.E. has always been a leader. T.I.M.E. holds its position a ninth time for 2000 above students into IIMs. More than 2000 students got admission into IIMS.


  • CAT 2021 – Rs. 23,950
  • CAT 2021 Crash Course – Rs. 21,950
  • CAT 2021 QA Module – Rs. 8,500
  • CAT 2021 VARC Module – Rs. 8,500 
  • CAT 2021 DILR Module- Rs. 8,500
  • CAT 2022 – Rs. 33,950

Website: https://www.time4education.com/CAT-MBA

2. IMS Learning

Today, they serve more than 90 centres in 44 cities, with over 1,000 staff who work with the IMS brand. After more than 40 years in this field, they continue to touch the minds of countless students. More than a million students get into some of the world’s most prestigious business schools and universities through the institute. 


100 percentile – 3


  • CATapult Xpress Plus – Live 2021 – Rs. 27,950/
  • CATapult Xpress – Live 2021 – Rs. 24,950/
  • e-CATapult 2021 – Rs. 13,000
  • CATapult Extensive Live 2022 – Rs. 37,450
  • e-CATapult 2022 – Rs. 21,950

Website: https://www.imsindia.com/CAT/

3. Career Launcher (CL)

During the 25 years of its existence, Career Launcher has focused on shaping students’ lives and careers with a team of highly qualified professionals, including IIT-IIM alumni. The online CAT classes they offer begin with a conceptual discussion of the topic and are followed by practice questions. To get the most out of the pedagogy, you should follow the pre, during, and post-session activities.

Through the online platform that they offer to every student as part of their educational program. The session is accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device. You can take mock exams and analyze them in detail. You can learn simpler concepts by playing games and taking quizzes.


About 1500 students have received calls from IIMs Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Calcutta alone in CAT 2020.


  • CAT 2021 Online Classes – 54,000
  • CAT 2021 SPRINT ONLINE – 22,034
  • CAT 2021 Online Classes+ Finance Basics – 82,000
  • MBA 2021 Express Online (Include CAT + Non CAT Preparation) – 70,000
  • MBA 2021 Express Online+ Finance Basics (Include CAT + Non CAT Preparation) – 1,00,000

Website: https://www.careerlauncher.com/cat-mba/online-classes/

4. 2IIM

2IIM has its pedagogy that is based on the belief that the fundamentals are very important, and everything can be learned well if the basics are understood thoroughly. Their emphasis is on developing thought processes in the classroom, and 2IIM spends too much time on it. While rule-based learning is an illusionary method, it will not help you to succeed in the CAT. 

The discussion forum is the place to post any questions related to the CAT course, and a tutor will respond within 48 hours. In Structured Online Courses, everything is delivered using slides, bitesize videos, and tests. As part of this course, Live Online classes will be held at least five times per week, including pre-recorded lessons in case the live sessions are missed. 


Around 82 candidates score more than 80 percentile. There are more than 180 admits to the country’s Top 10 schools from their school.


  • Live Online Course CAT 2022 – Rs 49000
  • Comprehensive CAT 2022 – Rs 40000
  • Green CAT 2022 – Rs 37000
  • CAT Crash Course 2021 – Rs 10000
  • Comprehensive CAT 2021 – Rs 13000

Website: https://www.2iim.com/

5. iQuanta

Given his gifted abilities, particularly with Mathematics & Logical Reasoning, Indrajeet Singh began this group to assist fellow aspirants. With time, word spread, and iQuanta was able to achieve outstanding results within a short period. In their view, 0,521 + IIM calls and a thousand+ IIM converts in just four years are nothing less than miracles.

More than 3 lakh students from across the globe attend iQuanta – CAT Online coaching, the largest CAT preparation program in the world.

CAT 2020 Results

  • 65+ got 99+ percentile
  • 210+ got 97+ percentile
  • 380+ got 95+ percentile


  • CAT FULL COURSE 2021 – Rs 20999
  • CAT Crash Course 2021 – Rs 9999
  • CAT FULL Course 2022 – Rs 30000
  • IIM ABC Practice Batch – Rs 6999



An IIM and XLRI alumni team founded the company in 1996 in Pune, which became the market leader in North India. The institute mentored more than 1,000,000 students and is ranked second among online MBA test prep providers in India by Alexa rankings.

They offer scholarships up to 100% for CAT 2021. Sectional & Chapter Wise Tests are one of their highlights.


Bulls Eye has been the name to reckon with in entrance examination results. The consistency of their results is remarkable. Bulls Eye produces the maximum number of regional toppers every year, and that number is increasing with each passing year.


  • CAT’21 Pioneer Batch – Rs 9,999
  • CAT’21 Study Pack – Rs 5999
  • CAT 2021 Test Series – Rs 1999

Website: https://mba.hitbullseye.com/

7. EduShastra

Choosing Business School to Securing Admission, each student is provided specialized, one-on-one services in EduShastra. All of their courses are virtual live classes. They don’t offer recorded lectures or animations. They are always on the top lists due to their 90% above success rate.

If you need extra practice, they offer special helpline sessions. They demonstrate their confidence in the area by offering a Money-Back Policy.


Overall 100 percentile – 9

Overall 99.99 percentile – 19


  • Live Online Course – Rs. 18999
  • Hybrid Classroom Course – Rs. 29999


8. Mindworkzz

IIM Bangalore alumnus Mr Arun Sharma founded Mindworkzz 20 years ago as an aptitude training institute. He sought to offer aptitude training and testing services to aspirants for CAT/IPMAT/ CLAT and help them achieve their dream colleges. As a result of being able to pass the CAT test 19 times with a 99% percentile, he is known as the “CAT Wizard”. 

Techniques are more important than hard work. Smart learning is what they believe in. The goal is to equip you with techniques rather than hours of study. Classes are more convenient with small batches and mock tests.


Above 97 percentile – 15


  • Live Online CAT 2021 -Rs. 22,700/
  • CAT 2021 Crash Course – Rs 14,700/
  • Live Online CAT 2022 – Rs 34,700/

Website: https://mindworkzz.in/

9. Cracku

Cracku, founded by alumni of IIT-IIM in 2014, is a company that caters to the needs of students. CAT Complete Cracku or Study Room Package students may ask unlimited questions on any question they solve. Doubts may also be clarified through the Doubt Solving group.

They have a wide number of test-takers, so the percentiles and All-India Ranks reflect the level of competition. Answers to all mocks, study rooms, and concept test questions are detailed. As well as this, you will receive an analysis of each mock as well as question-level data for every mock.


99.9 percentile and above – 25

99 percentile and above – 160


  • CAT 2021 Daily Target – Rs 2999
  • CAT 2021 Mock+ Sectionals – Rs 2999
  • CAT 2022 Complete Cracku – Rs 37999
  • CAT 2 Months Crash Course – Rs 17899


10. Handakafunda

It is an affordable CAT coaching institute that provides a live room for clarifying doubts and queries. It is the brainchild of an IIT Kharagpur alumnus. The class highlight is multiple videos accompany each section, starting from the basics and progressing to the most complex concepts.

CAT 2019/2020 RESULTS

  • 24 students got more than 97.5 Percentile
  • 39 students got more than 95 Percentile
  • 57 students got more than 90 Percentile


  • CAT 2021 Course + CAT Test Series – Rs 9999
  • Complete MBA Prep 2021 – Rs 12499

Website: https://www.handakafunda.com/


In the past, it was challenging for us to get into coaching institutes of our choice. Depending on the scenario, problems can arise due to distance, fees, or timing. Technology has made it possible for you to take online classes at your favourite coaching institute. The distance and time are no longer a concern. All you need is a finger touch to access top classes. What are you doing now? Go online and take CAT classes.

FAQs Regarding Top 10 Online CAT Coaching in India

What is a CAT exam?

The CAT exam is considered one of the most popular entrance exams for top business schools in India, such as the IIMs. Other colleges also take CAT results for admission.

Who can take the CAT exam?

To qualify for the CAT exam, candidates must have at least 50% marks or equivalent GPA in their graduation or professional degree. Those who are appearing final year graduation can also apply.

Can I get into IIMs if I clear the CAT?

Top B-schools look largely at CAT scores to determine selection. But an MBA program considers an applicant’s overall profile also.

How many questions are there in a CAT exam?

There are 100 questions in total. There will be 34 questions on Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, 32 questions on Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and 34 questions on Quantitative Aptitude.

What is the passing score for the CAT?

The Entry-level candidate shall have scored at least 40% on each paper and 50% overall.

Can CAT 90 percentiles be hard?

Many top B-schools require scores above 90 percentile in CAT, which makes it difficult for applicants scoring between 80 and 90 percentile though there are still a large number of candidates who score at an 80 to 90 percentile. 

How easy is it to get into an IIM?

IIM Lucknow tends to attract MBA aspirants despite having an arduous admission process. Even with a percentile of 96-98, one can get a call for an interview if he has balanced and good academics.


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