“Idea. Innovate. Inform. Inspire” This question is for freshers seeking digital marketing jobs-Do you have any have an idea about career options in digital marketing? This article serves as a complete guide to frame your Digital Marketer Career and a fruitful future of digital marketing job. If you’re willing to shine out of the group and share your ideas with the globe, shower magic of “digital marketing,” and also, the magician is you.

The content covers career in digital marketing, the future of digital marketing, options in Digital Marketing jobs for freshers.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing includes all showcasing endeavors that utilization an electronic gadget or the internet. Organizations influence digital channels, for example, search engines, social media, email, and different sites to associate with current and prospective clients.

Importance of Digital Marketing

 Digital marketing has become a requirement for modern-day businesses. Marketers can’t market their products without online existence. Most importantly, your competitors are online. They are trading at a larger scale to their targeted customers. Both small and large businesses are reaching an online audience extensively. This is the reason why it is essential to understand the need and follow recent trends.

Types of Digital Marketing

Before we proceed to study Digital marketing career, we need to first know and also understand the types of digital marketing :


Search Engine Optimization

  • It is the science and craft of getting your web pages to rank higher in SERPs (search engine results page).
  • Search engine optimization comprises both on-page SEO and off-page SEO strategies: while the previous is everything you do with/on your site to prevail upon clients, including authoring on-point, helpful, and connecting with content, the last is what you do outside your website, including linking activities.
  • A definitive objective of SEO is to build the number of website visitors by ranking high in Google( and other search engines’) SERPs (search engine results page) for specific target keywords.
  • It is a bright career option in Digital marketing jobs for freshers, and this is an excellent step to the future of digital marketing

Paid Per Click

  • It manages paid search results on Google and includes bidding on explicit keywords that will earn the most web traffic for you.
  • You can utilize the Google Keyword Planner and Google AdWords to complete your research and show up on a lot of keywords that are well known and cost-effective for you. Then execution of both short and also long term PPC ventures will charge you each time a client navigates to your site through the paid advertisement on Google.
  • The overall cost per click (CPC) will change depending on how in-demand a specific keyword is.
  • For instance, the opposition you face while endeavoring to land that keyword and the quality score of your site, i.e., a measure utilized by Google to decide the spot where your paid advertisement will be arranged on its SERP.
  • A well-thought-out PPC system from PPC experts can give your web traffic a nudge in the correct direction.

Social Media Marketing

  • It is the utilization of social media platforms to interface with your crowd and fabricates your brand.
  • Paid/sponsored advertisements via social media are a reasonable choice as they reach the demographic you expect to target and run for the term you have set.
  • As often as possible, posting convincing, compelling, on-trend content will prompt it being shared by individuals via social media and resulting in brand acknowledgment or awareness. For instance, if you are a B2B (business-to-business) organization, LinkedIn is the best approach. If you make visually appealing products, Instagram could be the path forward.
  • Facebook page that is perfectly healthy presented and with remarkable content functions admirably for practically all organizations.

Content Marketing

  • It is a sort of marketing that includes making significant and steady content to draw attention in a defined audience.
  • Content marketing services structure the very spine of digital marketing as it can loan itself amazingly to different branches and help in changing passive website or social media page visitors to dynamic clients.
  • Content promoting is a ceaseless procedure, and it pays to invest in a decent content marketing team. It is likewise critical that you focus on content placement and search for roads that will furnish you with the most extreme visibility.
  • This is a very impressive career option in Digital Marketing with a great future of digital marketing.
  • It is a brilliant opportunity as digital marketing job for freshers to show their expressions and ideas by writing skills through content creation

Email Marketing

  • It is a procedure of sending commercial messages to a gathering of individuals through email.
  • Keep your current/forthcoming clients educated about the most recent developments in the business, a new product/service launch, or the posting of another blog article, approach them for their feedback on a past buy, give them a recurring service reminder, and so on.
  • Above all, being viewed as a legitimate and trusted source of information can land you a spot in somebody’s recognized email senders’ list rather than merely being a piece of a tall pile of spammy emails.
  • This is an excellent career option in Digital marketing and various types of digital marketing jobs for freshers in this domain.

Influencer/Affiliate Marketing

  • Influencer promoting is a sort of online networking advertising which incorporates influencers’ to embrace and make reference to your products.
  • Numerous organizations work with such influencers to make brand awareness and convert probably a portion of their immense fan following into productive leads for themselves.
  • Various others let associates or brand delegates connect with a fluctuated segment and create deals. Moreover, Google AdSense is a decent path for website owners to bring money by conveying promotions about different items and administrations while brands acquire more visibility.
  • These influencers or partners might be offered an upfront amount, or a level of or commission on sales and leads, this type of digital marketing should be well-researched to work.
  • This is an excellent career option in the digital marketing domain, especially for digital marketing job freshers who want to learn and earn.

Viral Marketing

  • It is a type of marketing where customers give or offer information about the organization’s goods or services through social networks.
  • This content may be in any form, including videos, blog posts, and so on, and spin around a variety of genres or topics, such as travel and food, beauty, online journalism, and so forth.
  • Advertisers these days search out such content creators in an attempt to have information about their products/services placed strategically within the content.
  • It is a good career option in digital marketing jobs for freshers with a remarkable future in digital marketing.

Mobile Marketing

  • It is a method of marketing through SMS.
  • Sending marketing messages through SMS and pop-up messages is a time-tested way of getting the recipient’s attention, especially since more than 90% of such messages are opened right after receiving them.
  • Above all, sending clients news about deals, discounts, coupons, and sales, loyalty point updates, etc. is an extraordinary method to grab attention from your client.
  • Just ensure that you give beware of meddling pop-ups, mobile site responsiveness, more slow web/data speeds in the go, etc. while endeavoring to consolidate mobile marketing into your overall marketing plan.
  • This is a natural choice for digital marketing jobs for fresher .and a good career option in digital marketing

Radio & TV Ads

  • This type of marketing uses radio or TV advertisements as a source of marketing.
  • The radio and TV overwhelmed the world when they were first imagined; however, today, they are agile, offering approach to others all the more remarkable media and communication channels. To finish everything off, today, there exist online as well as portable radio and TV.
  • One ought to likewise think about advertising with online/mobile video/audio streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Gaana, and so forth; however, they may not fall in the umbrella of audio conventional radio or TV.

Electric Billboards

  • Did you realize that you may need to dish out anywhere between one to fifteen lakhs for every month to lease an electronic billboard in a significant Indian city? Everything relies upon the area of the electronic billboard, your advertising competition, and the highlights (additional squinting lights, life-size figures of mascots or brand ambassadors, etc.) you need to incorporate.
  • In any case, many contend that the appeal of a digital hoarding is lost in the present occasions where everybody has their noses buried in their phone and scarcely considers them.
  • Others guarantee that the more eye-catching, breathtaking, and charming your promotion, the higher the transformation rate for your business. Above all, electric billboards are also one of the good digital advertising tools.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing


The future of digital marketing, according to the current scenario, is predicted to be remarkable by the active participation of digital marketing freshers as well. The following positions are evidenced, glorious, and noteworthy for carrier opportunities in Digital Marketing:

  • PPC Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Professional Blogger

PPC Marketing Manager


As a PPC marketing manager, your job will be to manage pay-per-click campaigns. Thus, you will be liable for running client campaigns in Google Ads and on Bing, Facebook, and Instagram. You will explicitly deal with:

  • Audience targeting and also keyword selection
  • Writing copy
  • Running A/B testing
  • Data analysis
  • Expanding traffic and diminishing ad spend through optimization

Individuals who love stats and data are excited about this job. PPC ties up with analyzing data sets and also utilizing the data for your potential benefit.

Qualifications required for PPC Marketing Manager– At least, a bachelor’s in Marketing, Digital Media, or a related field, and a certification in Google Ads (beforehand Google AdWords) is an advantage.

Attention-Grabbing facts regarding PPC Marketing-Google drives 95% of all paid search ad clicks on mobile.52% of individuals who click on PPC advertisements to call the sponsor. The better your ad is, the higher CTR you accomplish, the less you’ll be paying per click. Search Engine Watch found that for the Google Display Network, each 0.1% expansion in CTR (Click Through Rate) brings about a 20% decrease in CPC( Cost Per Click).

Social Media Marketing Manager


He/she takes care of the company’s social media strategy, together with making content and advertising. Duties include:

  • Posting new updates
  • Increasing audiences for social media accounts
  • Interacting with the followers of social media accounts and responding to their query
  • Promoting the company’s whole and image
  • Above all, measuring and analyzing follower engagement

Any individual who adores social media and can utilize analytics will appreciate this job. If you realize what goes into an extraordinary post and are incredible at communicating with social clients, chances are right; this is for you.

Qualifications required for Social Media Manager-There’s an extensive array of choices with a career in digital marketing, no specific degree is required but expertise in social media marketing and promotion is helpful.

Interesting facts regarding Social Media Marketing-54% of B2B marketers state they’ve produced leads from social media. Did you know? 80% of B2B social networking leads originate from LinkedIn. However, just 26% of organizations coordinate online life into their business methodologies.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist


As an SEO manager, the most objective is to enhance the company’s ranking in search engines, significantly Google. The responsibilities include:

  • Web promoting and marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Content strategy designing
  • Developing a social media strategy
  • Organizing campaigns to enhance search listings results
  • Developing a keyword strategy

Somebody with a demonstrated SEO track record and exceptional leadership skills will flourish in this job. It additionally calls for somebody who is versatile. Above all, you will be the driving force behind the organization’s online presence, so you must have the option to stay on top of the trends and expertise to utilize them to drive traffic and increment sales.

Qualifications required for Search Engine Optimization Manager-Minimum of a bachelor’s degree is needed, and frequently a minimum of 2 years of relevant SEO expertise.

Attention-Grabbing facts regarding SEO– Google.com is that the most visited website with around eightieth of searches being conducted through this program alone. Moreover, the amount of searches on Google/second is over forty thousand. There are one hundred thirty trillion indexed pages, and this range is continually growing.

Influencer Marketing


It is also known as Affiliate Marketing. The influencer promotes a business’s brand message, for instance, merchandise or services on social media, as you incorporate it into your existence and interact with followers on a current basis. However, the responsibilities include:

  • Engage, your social media following with the brand
  • Promoting  brand  &  its merchandise or services
  • Using hashtags to confirm that your posts come back up in as several relevant places as attainable

Those with a social media following of 10,000+ engaged followers and also a niche are extraordinary influencers. As per Influencer Marketing Hub, this market includes superstars, industry specialists and thought leaders, bloggers, and also content creators. Besides, small scale influencers (regular individuals who have become known as an expert in a particular area or niche).

Qualifications required for Influence Marketer-A sound operating understanding of critical social media platforms can get your foot within the door, as can create considerable, active, and engaged following.

Interesting facts regarding Influencer marketing– According to Linqua, “39% of marketers accumulated their influencer promoting budget in 2018,” and a half-hour of online marketers were defrayal between $25K and $50K on influencer marketing.



The first job as a blogger is to write down, edit, and publish content to an internet site or journal. The biggest goal is to extend traffic to the location by writing content that’s relevant to and academic for the reader. Responsibilities can include:

  • Promoting merchandise from affiliates
  • Writing & researching articles
  • Pitching ideas and Providing useful tricks and tips to readers
  • Keeping up thus far on social media trends that are relevant to the business
  • Maintaining the brand’s image and also tone, all told posts
  • Promoting the whole through social media
  • Working with the SEO team to implement keywords

The AUTHORS are fit for this position! Most importantly, If you’re somebody who loves to learn and research, then this is for you.

Qualifications required for Blogger-Bachelor in English, Journalism, or Communications. While someone with the zeal of writing is like icing on the cake.

Interesting facts regarding Blogging– In 1999, there have been simply twenty-three blogs. Till now, there are more than 2.5 billion blogs on the web. WordPress.com alone has over sixty million of them. Each second, a new blog is created. However, there are thirty-one million bloggers within the U.S.

Marketing and Automation Specialist


The marketing automation specialist focuses on the day to day handling of a company’s automatic promoting strategy such as website style, and also app development, responsibilities embody

  • Make landing pages
  • Set up email automation and promoting campaigns
  • Use analytics to optimize targeting audience segmentation
  • Increase in conversion.
  • Automate client communication

Any individual who likes data, technology and advertising can consolidate those interests in this job. Most importantly, the key to a decent profession in this field is carrying out work such as creating successful ad campaigns, propelling them, checking the data, upgrading, altering, and also repeating the process.

Qualifications required for Marketing and Automation Specialist-A minimum of a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, an expert in promotion strategies within the business, is additionally beneficial, which is the key performance indicator for Business Analytics.

Interesting facts regarding marketing automation:-Marketing automation is one in every of the fastest-growing code industries; it’s presently value$6.1 billion and predicted to be double in size by 2023, in step with SharpSpring’s “Investor Presentation Gregorian calendar month 2019.

Other exciting job roles in Digital Marketing include UX/UI designers who are responsible for pitching ideas using storyboards, testing for bugs, developing required user interface elements. The main work is to design functional and visually appealing software. It requires high tech skills such as that of Code developers and app designers.

Indian Government Promotes ‘Digital India’

  • Be it social media, surfing Google for information, and also online purchases, India has changed this medium into an undeniable market. Furthermore, this market has thrived into making Digital Marketing as a prime source of bringing business through the web!
  • Indian Government advanced Digital India From 69 million online customers in 2016, and over 100 million of every 2017, India has seen an unmistakable ascent in the internet populace. Since the launch of Digital India in the year 2015, an initiative by the Indian Government to improve online infrastructure & digital empowerment, there has been mushrooming of a total market of (start-ups), services, and, also, connect people globally! It has brought about an ascent of active internet users, mobile associations, social media traffic, and the sky is the limit from there.
  • Digital Marketing is developing at a speed of 25-30% in India every year. Also, according to the accepted statistics, India has reached about 500 million clients of the internet before the end of 2018. India additionally has the World’s most significant Facebook populace. The fast digitization, online portals, social media channels, and lead to a growth of digital marketing in a trend par imagination.

Growth of Digital Marketing in India

When we think about the key indicators of success in marketing, the primary thing we consider is the number of individuals who came to through marketing practices. The internet’s penetration has reached extraordinary numbers. Looking at India itself, it has the second-biggest number of internet users on the planet.

  • By 2023, the quantity of dynamic Indian internet users will arrive at very nearly 666 million. So when companies see these numbers, they understand the significance of the internet as a channel of marketing. Online marketing is a less expensive technique, with higher come to; this is amazingly appealing to the organizations as their point is to interface with costumers with few measures of expenses.
  • Organizations are giving such a considerable amount of significance to digital marketing that probably the greatest ones are rebuilding their marketing budget to move their concentration to digital.
  • As indicated by GlobalData, the growth of the Indian e-commerce market is pushing to ₹7 trillion by 2023. With each purchaser secured down their homes, all conventional advertising endeavors are impossible. Organizations that didn’t have a social media page will currently need to accelerate their digital transformation and plan a digital strategy to speak with their crowds. Thus, the digital marketing scope in the future won’t just flourish yet additionally let organizations get by in the market

The future scope of Digital Marketing jobs

  • The digital marketing career scope in the Indian web industry alone will be worth $160 billion by 2025, as per a Goldman Sachs report, which is three times its present worth. Numerous organizations are moving their concentration from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Digital advertising spends are set to reach Rs 25,000 crore in India by 2021 at an increasing pace of over 10.5%.
  • This is going to prompt a situation where lakhs of occupations will be accessible in the digital marketing sector, which incorporates social media marketing, content creation, and online retailing, online advertising.
  • In the current situation, It is seen explicitly in an examination done by Google and BCG, where India ranks higher. It appears to be taking a dynamic and more mature digital approach in marketing, ahead of many brands across APAC, Europe & Latin America, with the most seasoned brands reporting significant benefits for digital marketing efforts.
  • A recent report by Linkedin shows that digital marketing jobs are one of the emerging careers in India since digitization is being adopted so to a great extent in the nation. As the more youthful generation is emerging in India in numbers, we see an enormous increment in social media utilization by Indians.

In India, 67% of internet users will be under 35 by 2020 as per Statista & the total population in India under 35 is around 65%. It implies, their biggest audience is this gathering, and to contact them, they should enroll employees who are capable of doing so, which is the job of Digital Marketers.

What does the future hold for Digital Marketing in India?

  • The return on investment for organizations through digital platforms has surpassed that from genuine stages. Organizations are today moving towards a more digitally empowered set-up to make the most golden period of digital marketing that India is witnessing.
  • Around 70-80% of the population is committed to making purchases online via e-commerce websites such as  Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc. making waves with their influence over the market in a country that still has  2/3rd of the population with no access to the internet or smartphones.
  • As the access to the internet over a more significant population rises, India is to witness a revolution in terms of digitalization, which will soon make India as one of the top markets on the planet with the most noteworthy quantities of active internet users.
  • Most of the domains, such as online podcasts, web stories, entertainment, sports, business, social awareness, depend on digital marketing platforms. And above all, a career in India gets progressively subject to digital platforms for generating revenue, sharing information, and nation’s progress, Digital Marketing is turning into a promising industry with fast profession growth, expanding impacts, and far widespread activities!
  • As far as the sort of jobs that are accessible in the digital marketing sector, probably the highest employment incorporates Social Media Marketing. As of now, Facebook has about 241 million dynamic users in India — a million more than the U.S— making India the nation with its most significant user base. The total advertisement spending in the Social Media Advertising section adds up to US$3,283M in 2019 in India. Social Media Marketers not just deal with digital ads, which we see via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram; however, the organic posts on these social media sites also.
  • Within the Social Media Marketing umbrella, there is a further division of jobs that incorporate Digital Ads Manager, Content Strategist, and Video Marketers. Seeing the videos, Google-possessed YouTube declared that India was its most significant and fast-growing audience in the world, with more than 265 million month to month dynamic clients. It is expected that 500 million Internet users in India will devour online video both for diversion, sharing, and picking up, making YouTube an amazingly good spot for Indian organizations to promote.

Along with Social Media Managers, SEO specialists and Google Ads specialists are also in high demand. SEO alludes to Search Engine Optimization, which is where certain links rank on search engines like Google. Google gets more than 63,000 searches for every second on any given day. Details show that a link that ranks higher on a Google Search page is probably going to get more amount of clicks. It makes SEO a vital marketing strategy for organizations. There are additionally jobs where individuals take care of Google Ads for companies. This is because Google represents over 79% of all worldwide desktop search traffic, and Google Ads convert half better than organic indexed lists.

Points to consider in Digital Marketing Jobs and Career for Freshers

Before stepping out in the digital marketing career, the freshers should know about the fundamental stepping stones such as digital marketing assets and how they can frame an excellent digital marketing strategy:

Digital Marketing Assets

Here are the absolute most normal digital marketing assets and strategies businesses can use to contact individuals on the web :


Nearly anything can be a digital marketing asset. It just should be an advertising tool you utilize on the web. That being stated, numerous individuals don’t understand how many digital marketing assets they have available to them. Here are only a couple of models:

  • Your site
  • Branded resources (for instance logos, icons, abbreviations, etc.)
  • Video content (for instance video promotions, product demos, and so on)
  • Images (such as info-graphics, item shots, organization photographs, and so forth)
  • Written contents ( for instance blog posts, eBooks, item depictions, testimonials, and so on)
  • Online items or tools (such as SaaS, calculators, intuitive content, etc.)
  • Reviews
  • Social Media pages

Above all, most digital marketing assets can be categorized as one of these classifications. Yet, intelligent marketers are continually coming up with decent ways to reach clients online, so the lists continue growing. This should be essentially known by digital marketing freshers seeking career option in digital marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital development or digital marketing strategy is an activity plan that characterizes the guide towards your digital marketing objectives. It clarifies to digital marketing freshers and us how your methodology will achieve your goals, for instance, expanding your guests, expanding your lead generation, and also bring down your expenses by six percent.


Steps to develop an excellent Digital Marketing strategy

The center of a strategy of Digital Marketing is dependent on choosing a good career option, which results in good data marketing jobs for freshers and also a great future of digital marketing. Thus, These strategies are essential for digital marketing freshers and can be characterized in 8 stages mentioned below:

Define your brand

Firstly, If you don’t have a brand guideline, start with making this. Consider your USPs (unique selling points), value proposition, brand voice, history, statement of purpose, color palette, and also, typestyle.

Characterize your purchaser personas

Secondly, a purchaser persona is a semi-fictional portrayal of your optimal client dependent on market research and real accurate data about the existing clients. Consider including socio-economics, inspirations, and standards of conduct.

Set S.M.A.R.T. goal; for optimal performance

Thirdly, the SMART objectives are built up utilizing a particular set of criteria that guarantee your goals are achievable. SMART represents specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Characterizing, through the SMART system, takes out all-inclusive generalities and guesswork, sets a clear end goal, and gains it a lot simpler to follow ground and distinguish missed targets.

Prioritize your digital marketing strategies

Fourthly and most importantly, ensure you focus on what offers the most incentive for your business, as indicated by your recently characterized SMART objectives. Local SEO, for instance, is very trendy and helpful in 2020; however, clients may, as of now, discover you effectively through Google. Or then again, they can’t identify you precisely yet, yet in your time-bound objective, you characterized you have to expand income inside a month. Going for a PPC crusade may be a superior decision.

Set your digital marketing budget

The US Small business organization recommends 7-8% of your gross income ought to go towards your marketing budget, with about 42% of that devoted to digital marketing. However, the average digital marketing budget for most organizations ranges between the $2,500 and $12,000 every month.

Brainstorm your technique

If you want to advertise, research what stages you ought to promote on. Lead generations for law-related administrations won’t have a lot of impact on Instagram, for instance. Google Ads would be a superior decision. How can you reach your purchaser persona the best way? Does the advertising platform permit me to focus on the measures of the buyer persona? If you are publishing content, organize what should be released first as per your SMART objectives. What’s more, make a content calendar for at least 3-6 months to accomplish those objectives. This is an excellent way of strategy making technique to focus on digital marketing jobs for freshers. It directs towards excellent future of digital marketing

Launch your Campaign

Now that your strategy is very much defined, it’s an ideal opportunity to launch your campaigns. Yet, before you start, ensure that you have all the tracking options implemented.

Tracking of results and objectives

Make sure that you can quantify the exhibition of your strategies by following different goals. Standard tools for this such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google ads are used. They can assist you in tracking the ROI of the strategies and also in furnishing you with essential data to act on.


Digital Marketing is an industry that permits individuals as employees to investigate various options and techniques. It isn’t intended for only one sort of individual; it fits numerous kinds of individuals, including the individuals who are creative, analytical, insightful, technologically inclined. However, the Digital Marketing industry is continually changing, where in some cases, the patterns will be for Voice Searches; other times, understanding patterns like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence will be required.

In conclusion, there is a full cluster of alternatives if you are qualified and prepared for a career in digital marketing, and there are various digital marketing jobs for freshers as well as experienced fellows. However, the potential outcomes are as invaluable as your ability to explore them.

FAQs regarding Digital Marketing Career

What do you mean by Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an integrated marketing service utilized for attracting, engaging, and converting customers online. It implements multiple channels, for instance, influence marketing, content marketing, social media, online advertisement, and also search engine optimization, which allows various brands to connect and build links with targeted customers and make the most of real-time marketing programs.

What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing?

Digital marketing is a unique way of marketing that can be performed on any digital channel or device for promoting a service, product, or building a digital brand. In contrast, Internet marketing is a subset of digital marketing, where marketing can be done via the internet with various traffic resources.

What are the various career opportunities of Digital Marketing?

The certification provided after completion of digital marketing course beckons a window of opportunities, and few of them are jobs such as websites/blogging, startups, freelance services, digital branding companies, work for AdSense, and many more. There are various digital marketing jobs for freshers and good career options in Digital Marketing

Which organizations offer Digital Marketing jobs?

Many credible industries offer digital marketing jobs to competent professionals like Web Design& Development, Advertisement agencies, Digital strategy firms, Financial Agencies, also Educational & Training Institutes, and health care, to name a few. Thus it can be stated that it is a remarkable future of Digital Marketing in India.

What all is a covered in an ideal digital marketing course?

The Digital Marketing Course mainly covers the concepts, strategies, and also, topics related to this form of marketing such as career options in digital marketing, the future of digital marketing, various digital marketing jobs for freshers.

Editor’s Note | Digital Marketing Career

Especially considering the current coronavirus crisis, the job market will increasingly focus on digital and technology skills as it will enable them to work remotely. Thus, companies are looking for people who are skilled to handle digital marketing jobs. There is a massive career in digital marketing and various opportunities for digital marketing jobs for freshers. Digital Marketing is the quickest growing field and backbone of the twenty-first century. The future of digital marketing is predicted to be remarkable and most significant career options in digital marketing are evolving day by day.


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