Smartphones, the most common gadgets, are now available in a wide range. Today companies are making smartphones with the latest features at a very low cost to make them accessible to most of the customers. So, if you are looking for a good smartphone of range as low as ₹ 10,000 and even less, you have plenty of options. But which is the best smartphone may still confuse you. We have gathered detailed information on the latest and best smartphones under ₹ 10,000 to help you make an informed choice. 

This article brings for you the top 7 best smartphones under ₹ 10,000. Let us take a look starting from the best.

Best Smart Phones Under 10000rs

1.The Realme Nazro 30A

Realme has made its way to the Indian market and is now one of the best and sought-after brands when it comes to smartphones in India. The brand launches new and latest versions of smartphones frequently and thus gives you a wide range of options. The Realme Nazro 30A, by Realme, is an affordable smartphone giving you the features of any high ranging smartphone. The phone has two Nano-SIM slots and a slot for storage expansion. The power button and the volume buttons are conveniently placed, making it easier for users to handle. 

Specifications of The Realme Nazro 30A

  • A large screen of 6.50-inches with 720×1600 pixels gives a clear view. The internal storage of 3GB with Media Tek Helio G85 processor makes the set smooth.
  • The storage capacity of 32GB allows for a large amount of data to be stored.
  • It can increase the storage by 256 GB with the help of a micro-SD card.
  • The battery with 6000 mAh allows for long hours of back-up.
  • The rear camera with 13 MP and the Front Camera with 8 MP gives a fine picture quality from the rear camera and also from a selfie.
  • A charger with an 18 W capacity allows for the fast charging of the mobile.
  • A rear-mounted fingerprint scanner helps for an easier unlocking system.
  • It is available in two colours: Lazer Blue and Lazer Black.

Price: ₹ 8,999


2.Xiaomi redmi 9 

Xiaomi aims at “innovation for everyone”; thus, it pursues its vision to bring the best smartphones at an affordable price for its users. The smartphones by Xiaomi are elegant, and they have the latest and advanced technologies. The Xiaomi redmi 9 is a good option for all those who like elegant designs, excellent quality under ₹ 10,000. The phone is equipped with technology that helps you to play games effortlessly. In the process, the graphics remain intact in quality. The body is elegantly designed with a plastic back and plastic frame. The glass front is made of Gorilla Glass 3. 

Specifications of Xiaomi redmi 9 

  • A display unit of 6.53-inches and 1080×2340 pixels helps form a clear picture.      
  • RAM with 4GB capacity and a 2.3 GHz Media Tek Helio G35 Octa-core processor makes the phone super-fast.
  • Storage capacity of 64GB gives ample space to store a large amount of data.
  • Expandable storage of 512 GB through micro-SDXC is available.
  • Battery Capacity of 5020 mAh gives a good back-up.
  • Charger with 18 W capacity charges the phone very quickly.
  • A rear Camera with the configuration of 13MP+ 8MP+ 5MP+ 2MP gives a focussed shoot.
  • The front camera with an 8MP configuration helps for great selfies.
  • A rear-mounted fingerprint helps in unlocking the system without hassles.
  • It comes in two colours: Carbon black, Sea Blue.

Price: ₹ 9,499


3.Micromax In 2b

When it comes to buying a smartphone under ₹ 10,000, Micromax gives you some of the best options. Micromax In 2b may not be able to fulfil all your hi-tech usages, but it decently gives you the chance to perform most of your everyday jobs, including playing some games. The software provided makes the phone work smoothly, the camera quality is average, including the video. The battery gives you a full backup for a day through the charger takes around 3 hours to charge the battery fully. The body is made up of a plastic frame, and it does not gather dust and fingerprints. For its low price, the display is of decent quality showing a good colour combination.

Specifications of Micromax In 2b

  • A display screen of 6.52-inch and 720×1600 pixels offers a sharp view.       
  • RAM with 4GB and Unisoc T610 processor helps in the efficient working of the phone.
  • Storage with 64GB helps to install several apps and games and also to store abundant data.
  • A battery with 5000 mAh capacity keeps the phone charged for a whole day.
  • A charger of 10 W capacity charges the phone with moderate speed.
  • The rear camera with a 13MP+ 2MP configuration offers you clear photos and videos.
  • The front camera with 5MP gives a sharp selfie.
  • This smartphone comes in three colours: Black, Blue and Green.

Price: ₹ 7,999


4.Motorola Moto E7 Plus

Motorola often launches other low-budget smartphones. The Motorola series smartphones are technical of good quality and are equipped with trending features. Motorola Moto E7 Plus comes with the goodness of the Moto series with some variations. The phone has a competitive display size with a dewdrop notch and a new aspect ratio of 20:9. The camera works best in the daytime and performs average in low light. So, if you are looking for a good set that offers you the latest features at a low cost, this set from the Motorola series can be a good choice. 

Specifications of Motorola Moto E7 Plus

  • A large screen of 6.50-inch, 720×1600 pixels gives you a panoramic view.         
  • RAM with a capacity of 4GB along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor makes the system fast.
  • Storage with 64GB gives an abundance of space to store many videos, photos, and documents and give space for various apps.
  • Battery Capacity of 5000 mAh keeps the phone working for long hours.
  • A charger with 10 W charges the phone with moderate speed.
  • Along with a battery backup, it also has a Micro-USB port.
  • The rear camera of 48MP+ 2MP gives a perfect shoot.
  • The front camera of 8MP gives you the best selfie.
  • A rear-mounted fingerprint helps in quick unlocking.
  • The phone also has a water repellent design that protects it from getting damaged by any liquid from outside or inside.
  • The phone comes in two colours: Twilight Orange, Misty Blue.

Price: ₹ 8,999


5.Samsung M02s 32 GB

Samsung, a reputed name in electronics, is a master launcher of smartphones. Many series of high-quality smartphones are available in the Indian market. The company always upgrades these phones. The smartphones by Samsung range from low budget to high budget. Samsung fulfils the aspirations of all types of customers: those who like to have basics at a low cost and those who like to make phones their status symbol. For those customers who would like to go for low-cost phones, Samsung M02s 32 GB is a good offer. This decent phone has nice features for its low cost. 

Specifications of Samsung M02s 32 GB

  • The display screen, 6.50-inches long with 720×1560 pixelsgives a fine view.      
  • RAM with 3GB and Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 with Octa-core processor makes the system fast.
  • Storage capacity of 32GB allows for a sufficient amount of data to be stored.
  • Battery with 5000 mAh capacity keeps the phone run longer, but 7.5 W charger takes a long time to charge the battery fully. 
  • A rear Camera with 13MP+ 2MP +2MP helps in good shoot photos and take videos. 
  • The front camera of 5MP takes a nice selfie.
  • A rear-mounted fingerprint helps in unlocking the system fast.
  • Comes in three different colour options Blue, Black and Red.

Price: ₹ 9,500



POCO C3 is one of the recent entries into the Indian market. This multitasking smartphone has several competitive features, and because of this reason, this product is growing popular in the market. Its affordable cost suits most of the customers. With such a low price, it is one of the best things. The phone gives you ample space to load it with your favourite apps, videos and games. The operating system with the processor helps the system run with moderate speed. It features a high HD resolution display. A dual-camera allows you to have a good selfie with the front camera. A 10 W charger supports the battery, which can give a long backup if fully charged. It has a slim body and weighs around 194 g. 13 MP primary camera with a 2 MP depth sensor, and 2MP macro sensor makes it most suitable for smartphones under ₹ 10,000.

Specifications of POCO C3

  • A display with 6.43-inches and 720×1600 pixels provides an overall good view.       
  • RAM of 3GB and Media Tek Helio G35 with Octa-core processor help the phone to run smoothly. 
  • Storage with 32GB gives an abundance of space to store the data.
  • Battery Capacity with 5000 mAh keeps the set charged for long hours.
  • A charger of 10 W charges the set with moderate speed.
  • The rear camera having 13MP+ 2MP +2MP gives a fine shoot.
  • The front camera with 5MP allows for a nice selfie.
  • The phone is available in three colours: Arctic Blue, Matte Black and Lime Green.

Price: ₹ 7,500


7.The Infinix Smart 5A

Another very competitive smartphone in terms of price and quality is the Infinix Smart 5A. It has a large enough display with a dewdrop notch housing a dual-camera set-up. The phone has a uniqueness. The front of the phone has a dual flash set-up with two LED flashes. An aspect ratio of 20:9 is very competitive in terms of price. Though the set has low storage for internal memory, it can be expanded using micro-SD. The battery gives a long backup and has a long life. The primary camera comes with 8MP and all depth sensors, and the front camera with 8MP. Thus, as far as the working of the camera is concerned, it is average.  

Specifications of The Infinix Smart 5A

  • The display unit of 6.52-inches and 720×1560 pixels gives a full view.       
  • RAM of 2GB with Media Tek Helio A20 processor makes the system work moderately.
  • Storage of 32GB allows sufficient storage capacity.
  • Battery Capacity of 5000 mAh keeps the phone working for long hours.
  • 10 W capacity charger takes moderate time to charge the set.
  • The rear Camera of 8MP+ Depth gives an average quality photoshoot and video shoot.
  • The front camera of 8MP gives a nice selfie.
  • The set comes in three colours: Ocean Wave, Midnight Black and Quetzal Cyan.

Price: ₹ 6,999


Thus, this curated list will help you in making a better decision finding the best smartphone under 10000/-. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are low-budget smartphones good?

Yes, even smartphones of less than ₹ 10,000 can give good features and help you in your daily work. Nowadays, a good processor of low cost also makes the low-cost smartphones work smoothly. 

Q: What makes a smartphone good?

The type of processor, the capacity of RAM, storage capacity, fine screen, battery capacity etc., make a smartphone good and efficient. These help you work with your phone smoothly, giving you a sharp view and enough space to store your data. 

Q: What should I look at while purchasing a smartphone?

While purchasing a smartphone, you should look at the display unit, camera type, storage capacity, processor, RAM, and budget. In most smartphones of ₹ 10,000 and less, you get these features of good average quality.

Q: Which is the best smartphone under ₹ 10,000?

The best smartphones with nice features worth less than ₹10,000 are The Realme Nazro 30A, Xiaomi redmi 9 and also smartphones of Motorola series. These give you the best features at a low cost.

Q: How to increase the storage of smartphones?

Most of the smartphones come with a storage capacity of either 32GB or 64GB. It gives you enough space. But still, people use microSD cards to increase the storage of the phone. These are easily available in the market. 

Q: Can we use microSD cards in smartphones?

Yes, many smartphones have slots to put microSD cards to increase the storage capacity. Some of the smartphones with extra slots for microSD cards are The Realme Nazro 30A and Xiaomi redmi 9.

Q: Which smartphone is the best for a camera under ₹ 10,000?

Smartphones that give the best picture quality for photos and videos under ₹ 10,000 are The Realme Nazro 30A, Samsung M02s 32 GB and Xiaomi redmi 9. These give a sharp and focussed picture.


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