Chennai is one of the major important metropolitan cities in India. Being a major city, Chennai is the home of many advanced treatment centers and hospitals. In this article, we are going to explore the top 5 famous and big private hospitals located in Chennai. They are ranked, rated, and explained on the type of health care it offers. So, it is based on the best search engine results for the same.


Hospitals are like lifelines in every city. People of Chennai, are from different regions. They are varied in nature. Many people come to Chennai, because of the medical treatment and, care available here. The sources available here attract people. Moreover, they have a wide range of provisions to treat people. They take care of health insurance programs.

Also, the government has announced many schemes for the benefit of the people. Furthermore, they are taking care and giving treatment to foreign patients. By means of providing health VISA, staying rooms, food, and more. In past years, many people are suffered from unknown diseases. Also, they will not know the cause and treatment. Also, in those days, they will have their tie-up with foreign doctors. So, many people will have only hope in them. Now, they are having advanced treatment and care. This helps in the prevention of many diseases. It helps people come out from many problems. Also, the patient’s recovery rate is higher when you compare it to the olden days.

List of Best Private Hospitals in Chennai

InstituteFeesContact Details
1.Sooriya Hospitala.+91-44-23761750
2.SIMS Hospital50,000 - 10,00,000a.+91-44-20002020
3.Apollo Hospital Chennai8800 - 26,300a.+91-44-28290200
4.Prashanth HospitalsINR 400 to INR 600a.044-46805544
5.The Best Hospital Private Limited

1. Sooriya Hospital

About Sooriya Hospital

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Sooriya hospital started its service in 1991 and has grown rapidly since. Moreover, It is one of the best private hospitals in Chennai. This hospital has good treatment and diagnosis. Furthermore, they hold status in quality and amount of health care that is provided to their patients. Health care provided by the hospital, the rating of ‘top hospital for patient care. Also, they provide excellent doctors along with advanced service with the latest technology. The group has a quality policy involving improvement and teamwork. Moreover, they ensure round-the-clock emergency treatment and care, heart care, scans, and other services.

Treatment & care

Sooriya hospital is one of the famous and big private hospitals in Chennai. A sense of comfort and friendliness are received by the patients that help in their recovery. Moreover, various treatment procedures and services are offered at the hospital. Above all, Heart and lung surgeries are covered Under CM’s Health Insurance Scheme. So, this scheme helps many poor people, who are having low money. They get more benefited because of this scheme.

Thus it gives a very big advantage for those who want health care. They also have a friendly environment to work with making it easier for doctors to treat patients. Also, it includes a full-fledged respirator medical unit, child diet, and nutrition care, heart care, eye care, excellent medical imaging. This makes it much better and they are giving enough care for every patient.

Contact details

Ph number: 91-44-23761750/91-44-23761756/044- 49032300

2. SIMS Hospital

About SIMS Hospital

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SIMS: SRM institutes for Medical Science, is a multi-super specialty private hospital with advanced health care services in Chennai. Also, very good health care is given to patients for their health and recovery. They carry over the name and good quality of the SRM group. Also, they are doing liver care, IVF, cancer treatment and care, and trauma services, etc. The hospital always gives the best care and treatment to the people.

The exceptional quality of the hospital helps in satisfying the needs of both national and international patients. Also, the rapid training helps to face the patients with both friendly and modern care. So, this helps the people to get more supports. People who are all having the health schemes, then the treatment and care will be taken care of from that money.

Treatment & care

SIMS is one of the famous and big private hospitals in Chennai. They ensure to provide the best care for all the patients. SIMS makes a positive difference in everyone’s health and life by providing the best health care. Also, the hospital has 345 Beds of which is a good number dedicated to ICU with a total and 24/7 care. So, the hospital offers a clean and sterile treatment zone with advanced tools and the latest technology. Also, various health disorder and disease ICUs are offered by the hospital. This helps and saves much life of the people.

SIMS sticks to its motto of “best in class” in both health care, quality, and hygiene. So they will provide better treatment and life to their patients. Moreover, SIMS hospital offers many solutions that not only help in curing conditions of patients. Also, in providing a greater solution to their problems. This helps the patient’s speed recover.

Contact details

Ph number: 91-44-20002020/91-44-20002001

3. Apollo Hospital Chennai

About Apollo Hospital

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Apollo Hospital promotes a culture for best health care solutions. They offer productive care in health care. It was established in 1983 to make the best health care available to all. They always inspired by its mission and goal in providing the best treatment to all patients. Apollo is able to achieve this standard with humanity as its goal. This is done by reaching out to each and every patient. So, everyone is getting the care, and the recovery rate is also good here.

It also provides a classical tradition of warmth and a feeling of home to patients. Over the years, they have started various branches and wings throughout Chennai. Moreover, it is becoming one of the important and private hospitals in Chennai.

Treatment & care

Apollo hospital is one of the famous and big private hospitals in Chennai. The centers of excellence in Apollo include heart care, ortho care, cancer treatment. Furthermore, they always give the best health care. This has helped in changing the overall quality of health care over the years. So, they work hard to achieve the best in preventive care and treatment of illness to therapy. Also, the corporate services include health checkups, outpatient services, consultations across 57 specialties, radiation packages, and multi-cuisine Services.

It helps in making it one of the very best. It is done with doctors, health and wellness workshops, and most importantly; their Support Groups. This is done within a short span of time with the best success rates. Recently they have performed double lung transplants during the COVID crisis. So, they have also performed various risky and unique surgeries with the best success rate.

Contact details

Ph number: 91-44-28290200/91-44-28293333

4. Prashanth Hospitals

About Prashanth Hospitals

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Prashanth hospital provides high-class health care services. It brings many special areas together and available for every patient. It holds very high values for health care and works very hard in bringing success to the life of patients. Infertility was a major focus of them during the early days. However, their treatment also covers a variety of diseases and disorders.

They have the latest methods and tech to bring the best treatment to every patient that enters the hospital. They are capable of offering the finest care at a world-class level. Moreover, they believe in the care, treatment, safety, and respect of every patient that it treats.

Treatment & care

Prashanth hospital is one of the famous and big private hospitals in Chennai. Moreover, it has over 60 specialties, 50 advanced specialties, and more than 100 skilled doctors. Also, they are doing reproductive treatments ad care are some of the variety of treatments it offers. They also provide additional services such as yoga and physical fitness.

Diabetes, infectious diseases, kidney stones, and genetic illness, etc. are diagnosed and treated by this hospital. Furthermore, they have more than 500 beds, in addition to taking care of outpatients every day. So, the patients are getting well soon and this results in good for them.

Contact details

Phone number: 044-46805544/044-22439494 / 93 8099 8099

5. The Best Hospital Private Limited

About The Best Hospital Private Limited

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The best hospital was started in the year 1982, with its senior expertise in surgery. In addition to surgery, they also treat various other diseases associated with digestion, urination. Also, it includes breathing, kidneys, nerves, bones, and reproductive organs. Almost all surgeries are carried out in the hospital. It is the best place for consulting and also carrying out general surgeries. Moreover, with just 40 beds, they were started at a very small scale by Dr. B. M. Veerabadran.

The main reason behind starting such a wonderful hospital is to service and provide health care. The hospital was then improved in size and structure to treat more people and provide better care. Moreover, they are purely a success based on hard work, goodwill, and honesty earned among the public. The importance of The Best Hospital is to provide the best health care to all the patients. In addition to comfort and better treatment for many people.

Treatment & care

The best Hospital Private Hospital is one of the famous and big private hospitals in Chennai. The Centre of excellence includes ICU, infectious diseases wing, heart care, asthma, intestinal and lung diseases, stroke, etc. The hospital provides services 24-hour lab services, physical therapy department, and health checkups.

Contact Details

Phone number: 044-24832777/044-24832781/ 247314072

FAQs regarding Best Hospital in Chennai

What is the best hospital in Chennai for treating people with good care?

Sooriya Hospital is the best hospital in Chennai for treating people with good care. This is because they are having advanced treatment and skilled staffs.

List some of the treatment and care at Prasanth hospital?

Bone-related care, heart care, plastic surgery, reproductive treatments, and care, etc are some of the variety of treatments it offers. They also provide additional services such as yoga and physical fitness.

What are all the services that are available in the Apollo hospital?

The corporate services include preventive health checkups, outpatient services, consultations across 57 specialties, Radiation packages, and multi-cuisine Services. This makes comforts the people very much.

Editors Note | Best Hospital in Chennai

Chennai is one of the very important cities in India. In the past decades, hospitals are fewer and only some of them have the advanced treatment and care for the people. So, most of the people will travel to foreign for the treatment. Many hospitals will have tie-ups with foreign doctors. So, most of the time doctors will come from abroad. So, people will have problems for paying operation and treatment.

For the rare disease operations, there will be no proper treatment. So, every time they will approach other tie-up doctors. So, now with modern instruments and technology, many hospitals are doing more successful rare and difficult operations. Moreover, the hospitals doing operations and treatment very quickly. So patients recovery rate is higher when you compare it to the olden days. The government also has many schemes for treatment and operation. This helps and saves many poor people’s life. In this article, we have explored the top 5 famous and big private hospitals located in Chennai.


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