Contact lenses are extremely useful for people who have weak eyesight and don’t want to wear glasses. So, if you are looking for one we have included everything. From the disadvantages to types of eye contact lenses. However, they need proper care and may irritate your eye if mishandled. They should be chosen wisely and also according to the eye shape. There is a huge variety of lenses in the market from colored to temporary ones. Don’t forget to check the pros and cons before choosing. Do visit your doctor before picking up one. To check the disadvantages or types of eye contact lenses is very important. You should be aware of each detail. Understanding contact lenses before putting them in your eye is very important.

How to decrease Vision Loss?

Taking care of your eyesight is extremely important as it may decrease with age. Moreover, excess usage of phones, laptops, etc increases vision loss. So what are the starting symptoms of vision loss? well, it starts with pain in the eyes. Then if neglected you may start to have frequent headaches and it won’t go away. At last, you will have a blur vision and eventually, you have to visit a doctor. So to decrease vision loss start wearing specs that protect your eyes from the blue light of phones and laptops. That will ensure that the harmful light is not damaging your eyes. Above all, Do visit an eye doctor every once in a while to ensure eye health. Many doctors prescribe eye drops to soothe and relax the eyes.

TIP: Many studies have shown that excessive usage of electronics can cause Myopia. So, start taking care of your kid’s eyes at a very early age. Encourage them to read books and play with toys instead of using the phone.

Contact lenses are different from each other? But how?

Understanding Contact lenses are very important. There are major two types one for the eyesight and the other for time-based purposes. To understand contact lenses we have to dive in. So, the time-based ones mainly offer the wear on a daily, monthly, weekly and half-yearly basis. The daily wear ones are quite popular among people due to hygiene purposes and how easy they are to replace. Monthly ones have a life of 30 days so you can wear it daily without throwing them away. However, you have to change its liquid constantly. And Half-yearly ones have a life of 6 months they are a little expensive as compared to the daily or weekly based contact lenses.

People who don’t have time to constantly worry about the time span may prefer this one. Everything about contact lenses has to studied properly as they may harm your eye if not taken care of properly. The Eyesight ones are quite delicate and are prescribed by the doctors. They are custom as they are made on the basis of the power of the eye. Eyesight lenses are not for everyone and should be only preferred by people who have a weak vision.

How Contact Lenses users prevent Dry Eye?

CLIDE is very well known to people who wear lenses quite often. Firstly, long extended wear of lenses can irritate and make your eyes tired. Dry eye is the last thing to desire. So, how to prevent it? well, the easiest step is to avoid wearing them if not necessary. Your eyes definitely need a break from all that stress. Secondly, try incorporating eye drops in your routine as it will keep them hydrated. And try to wear specs at home as wearing lenses constantly can harm the eye. Also, what many people don’t know is that lens water content plays a huge role in how dry your eyes are. A high percentage of water in them leads to dry eyeballs during the wear period. You may count as a disadvantage of contact lenses.

TIP: The oxygen supply of the eye is also important as it maintains hydration. So, to keep the flow going, opt for silicone gel lenses as they reduce eye drying. Most importantly don’t forget to visit your doctor if the dryness doesn’t stop after taking these precautions.

Types of Contact Lenses

We promised you to cover everything about contact lenses. So, how can we not include types of lenses in our list. But do you know that considering lens material is very important. Precisely choose contact lenses according to your eye type.

1. Soft lens

They are made with a watery gel material. Hydrogel is the name of it. Also, they are very thin and easy to use. They easily attach to the shape of the eye.

2. Silicon Hydrogel

They are the advanced version of the soft lens. As they allow oxygen to pass through it which prevents a dry eye. Moreover, they are highly popular and have a huge demand. You can easily find them in the market.

3. Hybrid

These are the newest version of lenses. As it is competing neck to neck with soft and silicon lenses. And they provide you the clearest vision as compare to any other lenses.


They are quite old and no one prefers them anymore. Because the main material is plastic in it and they can easily irritate the eye. Hybrid, silicone and soft lenses have taken its place.

5. Gas Permeable (GP)

They are as comfortable as soft lenses. Also, they hold their shape on the eye while you are wearing them. It is quite difficult at first to wear it but once you get the hang of it, you will be obsessed with these.

Durability as the part of Understanding Contact lenses

Contact lenses are very delicate and should be well taken care of. Moreover, replace them when they are supposed to be disposed of. Extending the wear of lenses after a time period can cause an eye infection. This is one of the disadvantages of contact lenses too. Here is the list of contact lenses and their durability.

1. Daily Disposable type of eye contact lenses

They are temporary and as the name suggests they need to be disposed daily. Also, they are more suitable for people who are trying lenses for the first time. Go ahead and try them out on any occasion.

2. Replacement Lenses

They should be replaced every 6 months. Because firstly, extended use may cause eye infection. Secondly, it will irritate your eye and can cause permanent damage too.

3. Reusable Lenses

As the name suggests these are reusable and can be worn quite often. But excess of everything is dangerous. So, do replace its liquid quite often and don’t forget to give your eyes a lens-free day. However, these lenses should be replaced after a year.

TIP: If you don’t want to get in the hassle of changing lenses every now and then. GP lenses are your way to go as they are made with high-quality material. Also, they may last you for more than a year.

Designs and Features

Understanding contact lenses is incomplete without its designs and features. So here we have picked the most popular and trending designs and features.

Designs of eye contact lenses

A) Spherical types of contact lenses

They are used to correct myopia and hyperopia as they have the same power.

B) Multifocal

They have a different power for correcting different problems. As they correct both near and farsightedness. Astigmatism can also be cured by some of these.

C) Colored lenses

Well, they are quite famous for enhancing and changing the entire eye look. However, not many people know that you need a prescription for them. Using cheap quality can damage your eye and can cause permanent eye damage if wear longer than suggested. This is the disadvantage of these types of contact lenses. Buy them on Amazon.

Features for Understanding Contact lenses

  • Many types of lens companies have created contacts for dry eye. So, if you suffer from dry eye do check them out.
  • Suffering from astigmatism? well, stay specs free by using Bifocal contacts that correct Presbyopia too.
  • Many special lenses are available for movies and theatre purposes that give you vampire, ghost or cat eyes. Try them out on Halloween.
  • If you don’t already know, power lenses come in colors too. So, go ahead and experiment with your eye color.
  • Many lenses provide protection to your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Also, doctors use special kind of professional lenses to correct any damaged eye. Isn’t it amazing?

How to Choose the right one for you?

You can choose Contact lenses in 4 easy steps :

  1. Focus on the Problem

    While choosing the right lens for you. Always focus on the fact that it must correct your vision problem. Don’t pick anything that is not useful for you.

  2. Shortlisting

    We cannot stress enough on the fact that the lens should be according to your eye shape. There is a huge variety of lenses with powers, shape and much more. Therefore, choose wisely.

  3. Recommendation

    Always go to your doctor before picking them. Because doctors tend to recommend special kinds of lenses for those who have sensitive eyes.

  4. Experiment

    You can experiment with the color of your lenses to give you a different look.

Pros and Cons


Contact lenses are quite easy to clean. Also, disinfecting them is easy too. A large number of people generally use just one lens solution and they are good to go. However, there is a separate solution available for people with sensitive eyes. Moreover, don’t forget to visit your doctor frequently to ensure eye health.


First and foremost lenses can get lost easily. Also, there is a risk of corneal infection which can damage your eye health. Moreover, lets just not forget how expensive lenses are. You have to be very cautious while wearing lenses as dust can irritate your eye. Also, the disadvantages of contact lenses include that you don’t fall asleep while wearing them. In severe cases, eye operation can be required.

FAQ Regarding Everything about Contact Lenses

1. Can anyone wear contact lenses?

It varies from person to person. Because some people may have sensitive eyes and get an infection from them. Even if you are choosing lenses for a temporary basis don’t forget to consult from the doctor.

2. Can someone sleep while wearing contact lenses?

Sleep is the worst thing that you can do to your eyes while wearing lenses. Doctors always recommend to take your lenses off before going to bed. Sleeping with lenses can irritate your eye.

3. Can Contact lenses be shared with your friend?

No absolutely no. Don’t ever share your lenses with anyone as it increases your chances to get infection. A damaged eye is the last thing you would want for yourself.

4. How frequently should someone visit the doctor?

Thrice a year should be okay. But if you are experiencing vision loss, irritation in your eyes or anything else. Visit your eye doctor immediately.

Editor’s Note | Everything about Contact Lenses

COVID-19 has taken a toll on everybody’s life. While we were quarantined the one thing that was experienced worldwide was a decrease in vision. Yes, you heard it right over millions of people visited eye doctor to get an eye checkup. But who wants ugly looking specs? no one. Therefore, don’t forget to switch up your look with lenses. There are many types of eye contact lenses available in the market. However, don’t forget to get a prescription from your doctor. Disadvantages of contact lenses can be overlooked if one wants to get rid of specs.


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