Hair care tips are some of the most widely researched hints in the current day scenario. Due to various reasons such as lifestyle and stress hair care has gone down leading to severe balding and hair loss.  Hair is one of the most important appeals and healthy hair tips will provide ease of understanding and maintenance of your hair. The primary hint to take into account when asking the question, how to take care of hair? is to carefully follow the tips to care for hair fall. By controlling the hair fall primarily, one can revitalize and rejuvenate the hair strength and overall hair health. Below we will see some tips for hair and hair fall control.

Different types of Hair:

Normally Hair texture will get varied from person to person. Hair is basically classified into 4 types; Straight, Wavy, Curly, Coily, or kinky hair.  FIA classification system categorized the hair into many subparts. The genes in our body will help in deciding the nature of hair textures that we acquire and sometimes, people want to change the texture of their hair. So they will take the treatment and will change their hair to the desired texture. An important hair care tip is one should maintain the post-treatment procedure carefully and If not, they will tend to have uncontrolled hair fall. Each type of hair has a unique characteristic; wavy, curly, kinky hair will get frizzier in nature. It is better to follow the treatment based instructions strictly given by the spa beautician.

How to take care of healthy hair?

Generally, if you are undergoing any treatment or have done any chemical process or bleach or dyed hair, those sequential processes will become your hair care routine.  For example, frequent hair wash is not advisable for people who have dyed their hair. They should follow the proper instructions advised by their respective spa or doctor or else, the hair might get ruined or might fall apart from the original structure. Apart from the treatment or chemical process, there are some general basic hair care tips that should be followed at your daily routine.

Shower products must be used first, followed by heat protection and which in turn will be followed by mousse or volumizer, and finally; a shiny serum. After this, you should dry your hair plus start to style your hair by using gel products and then resort to using a hair spray for setting the hair. The final styling product should ensure to maintain and seal the moisture content in your hair. Make sure and follow the instructions as to whether these products, will keep your hair healthy or not.

Cleansing hair with shampoo and conditioner

Using shampoo and conditioner routinely will help to cleanse your hair. It will remove the accumulation of dirt and excessive oils from your hair. Due to improper cleaning, there will be a chance in lice infestation and dandruff accumulation will start, thus slowly decreasing the growth and thickness of the hair. So automatically there will be hair fall. Hair strands, roots, the scalp will become dry and brittle. There is a good thumb rule to be followed for cleansing, of which the main tips for hair are; one should wash your hair twice per week maximum, too much cleansing will make your hair dry and it will also remove the essential needed oils which are secreted in your hair by naturally.

Hair care tips for using shampoo

Cleansing the hair well with proper standard shampoo will help to clean your hair. There are many types of shampoos available and normal daily use shampoos will help to do a good cleanse in your hair. There is another shampoo called clarifying shampoo, which should be strictly used once per month as it will have heavy surfactants that help to remove the build-up settlements in your hair. So limit your usage level and follow as per the label instructions. Always shampoos should be diluted in the water and then one should apply it gently on the hair to clean the deposits. Usage should be careful, as not to scratch when you are applying in the hair.

Hair care tips for using conditioner

After using shampoos, you should use a conditioner. Conditioner should not be applied to your scalp and roots of the hair. Generally, the conditioner will help to retain your moisture content in the hair. Deep conditioner, rinse out conditioner, Leave-in conditioner; are the types of conditioners from which you can select it and start using it according to your need. But you should follow the directions instructed in the label because the applying method will be different from every conditioner type.

Lotions and oils

To maintain a good hair structure, you should apply hair oils or lotions daily. These things will help to maintain the moisture levels in your hair. It will provide enough nutrients and nourishment for your hair growth.

Hair care tips for hair dressing

Hair dressing’s basic steps are combing, brushing, and using the serum. Using serum will help to avoid hair entangling and also avoid the hair from being frizzy for the whole day. Try to comb your hair when it is in a wet state. First, make it air dry and then start to use wide teeth comb. Using a brush in your hair should be gentler. Try to use it once per day.

How to care hair using styling products

There are many hair styling products are available. The main healthy hair care tips to be followed here is that ensure that products are branded and it should also be protectant to your hair.

Using products like gel, mousse, volumizer, texturizer, heat protection spray, shiny serum, pomade, wax, and hair spray will make your hair more stylish, but then again using these products as per the need is advised. Such products will promote your hair growth into a well shiny, maintain good textures and make your hair very lightly, etc., It also helps to convert your hair into curls or wavy or any desired hairstyles.

Tips to care hair fall

Hair washing

The best healthy hair tips if washing the hair regularly. This will help to get rid of the dirt in your hair and it will remove the excess oil in your head. Too much head bath also makes your hair roots dry and it will lead to hair fall. Not washing the hair for a long time also leads to the accumulation of dirt’s and that also affects your scalp and growth of the hair will start to be reduced. It will cause itchiness, flaky, and cause dandruff.  Generally, an increase of dandruff will lead to the development of pimples in the face.

Try to use branded shampoos. If there is any problem in your hair, consult the doctor and start to use that recommended shampoo. Non-standard shampoos will cause hair fall, skin irritation, and also hormonal imbalance which leads to disruptions. Always try to use the conditioner as per the directions mentioned in the label. Conditioner is used to protect the hair from environmental pollutant factors and other damage like heat styling, etc. It should not be applied on the scalp and it should be used for applying on the tips of the hair very gently.

Healthy tips for hair drying

Drying your hair naturally will help you to protect the hair for a long time. When it is an urgent, important, and necessary situation, you can use hair blow-drying and heat styling tools otherwise try to gently rub your hair with a soft cotton cloth. Using a hair drier regularly leads to damage of the hair scalp and hair roots. Generally, wet hair will be so fragile; so try to avoid harsh rubbing by the towel and also combing the hair roughly which will damage the hair follicle and will make the hair fall apart. Wrap up the hair by a soft towel or you can use old cotton t-shirts till 15 minutes. After that remove the towel, and make it natural way air dry.

Hair oil

 Usually, our hair will need more nourishment. Oil should be applied regularly, as It will nourish the nutrients in the scalp and retain the moisture level in the hair. Coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, argan oil, olive oil, etc., are chemical-free oil which helps in hair growth. It helps to treat the damaged hair and provides essential nutrients to the hair. This will help the hair to grow strong – thick, shiny, with a smooth texture, and healthy, plus it will reduce hair fall. It should be applied very gently and rubbing the oil all over the area of the head from hair root to the hair ends helps in maximum use of the oil to strengthen your hair.

Hair care tips for using oils

In general coconut oil will help in preventing loss of protein and protect the hair from various environmental damages like sun, saltwater, smoke, etc. An average amount of coconut oil can be applied in the hair daily. Coconut oil helps in the repair of hair split ends and will a good remedy for dandruff. It will maintain the moisture content. It will be applied by massaging throughout the head and mainly scalp will be get nourished with the nutrients. Massaging will also help in blood circulation which will make the root of the hair strong and healthy.

Properties of hair oil

Different oils have different uses in hair care and differ in their usage of healthy hair tips; castor oil helps hair growth very quickly, reduces hair damage, and helps to retain moisture content in the hair. Argan oil has vitamin E that will help to reduce the frizz, rejuvenating hair growth and it will also help to maintain the moisture content. Olive oil has antioxidant properties that will help to protect the hair. These are the major tips to care for hair fall in using oils to avoid balding.

Tips for hair protection

The most important factor that governs all the answers, overall in how to take care of hair is exposed to sunlight. Just like skin damage, exposure to too much sunlight will cause damage to hair too. So try to cover your hair with any clothes or wear a cap when venturing outside for a long time as overexposure to sunlight will dry your hair and remove the moisture content of the hair. This will again lead to a lot of hair problems. Normally exposing to the sunlight, early in the morning is very important and it will improve your immune health. But exposing the hair in the very hot mid-day sun will definitely damage the hair strands.

Also, try to avoid a hot shower when taking a head bath. It will remove the natural oil from the head and will make your head very dry. Always try to bath in lukewarm water or tolerable cold water. Washing hair in saltwater or chlorinated water has a tendency to dehydrate and make the scalp dry. The deposits of the salt content in the scalp will cause the formation of dandruff, hair breakage, split ends, dry hair, etc. Try to sleep in a silk pillowcase to prevent hair damage while sleeping and rubbing the hair on a pillowcase, wrapping up the hair in a soft cloth also helps.

Hair Style accessories

A healthy hair care tip to be followed is, try to stop sharing your hair accessories with anyone. This is because unhygienic pollutants will start to spread among your close people and might spread from them to you. Try to use separate towels, comb, brushes, soaps, rubber bands or hair ties, etc. Don’t tie your hair very tight as it will lead to breakage of the hair and will loosen the root of the hair. Try to use the wide teeth comb. It will help from reducing the breakage of hair and help to detangle the hair easily.

Styling equipment like hair heating tools will cause damage to the hair strands and easily hair will become dry.  So it is better to use the heat protecting spray to the hair. Too much of using hair heating tools will change your hair texture. It will cause hair fall and makes hair very weak and will start in hair falls.

Stress-free lifestyle

In day to day life, stress is causing more problems and creates a hormonal imbalance in the body. Directly it will lead to hair fall, skin, and other problems. So make a routine habit of doing exercises, yoga’s & meditation. This will reduce the stress level and will regulate the perfect cycle in the body system. The best tips to care for hair fall with respect to stress is to lead a peaceful and stress-free life to reduce the amount of sheer pressure that is exerted on your body that might lead to the falling of the hairs.

The healthy hair tip to care hair fall is eating more immune rich healthy foods. Try to avoid more junk foods and oily content foods. Food provides more nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, minerals, to the body. So try to follow a healthy food diet by taking balanced protein-rich food to promote good hair growth and drinking plenty of water, as water will help to maintain hydration in the body.

Hair problems

Generally, hair problems will come due to the pollutant factors, genetics, overuse of chemicals, overexposure of the sun, hot shower, improper food diet, harsh brushing of hair, heat styling equipment, and mechanical stress. This will damage the hair strand, hair root, and will cause severe hair fall. Here there are some of the common facing hair problems in day to day routine.


One of the major and common hair issue everyone is facing in day to day routine is dandruff. Dandruff or flaky skin cells will cause dry large flakes of deposits and as well as the secretion of excess oil, which will mingle with the skin cells and it will form plaques on the scalp. So there will be itching and irritation and that tends to damage the scalp, leading to hair fall.


Dandruff can occur in many ways. It is causing due to the changing of the lifestyle. If one is not using proper shampoo, then all dirt’s, dead skin cells will get accumulated together and will cause flaky and itching dandruff.

If you use different personal hair care products from others and following unhygienic hair care practices leads to dandruff issues on the scalp. Oily skin people have more chances to get dandruff. Sometimes dandruff will be get reflected on the skin also. So they will get pimples and marks in their face. Dandruff will cause itching and that will tend to breakage of hair strands. So there will be easy hair fall.


There are many ways to fix this dandruff problem. The main hair care tip is should follow the medication or treatment consistently. Sometimes it will take time to reflect the proper result. First of all, you can consult a dermatologist or any professional spa for sorting out this problem. Also, there are many basic solutions to sort out this dandruff.

Usually, dandruff makes your scalp dry. So there will be a need for moisture content in your hair. Use oils to restore the moisture content. Coconut oil will help to retain the moisture and it has anti-bacterial properties. This will help to protect your hair. It also helps in the good growth of the hair. The hair roots will become more rigid and it will give thickness to the hair. There are many branded shampoos are available exclusively only for dandruff which will help to get rid of dandruff.

How to care hair from dandruff

Healthy hair tip to remove dandruff can be followed by upholding good hygiene practices, that will help to get cure it. Avoid sharing the towel, brush, comb, and other accessories. Try to clean and wash your brush & comb often. Due to itchiness, scratching will become a habit and scratching is more dangerous because it will increase dandruff and will damage the root and hair strands, so try to control yourself. from making scratching a habit if you have dandruff issues. There are many home remedies, where you can easily reduce and cure dandruff. The main healthy hair tip is to use oils daily. Using coconut oil, Aloe vera, and tea tree oil will help to eliminate dandruff easily.

Try to take more probiotics and eat more healthy immune rich foods. Apple cider vinegar also helps to reduce dandruff. Always check whether it will suit you or not before taking these home remedies. Otherwise, it will give allergic reactions. So better test before taking the home remedies.

Split end Hair

When the single strand of hair is separated into two strands, then it is called split ends. Split ends can be classified into many types. In medical term, Split ends otherwise called as Trichoptilosis. The following are the types of split ends. They are the basic split, the mini-split, fork in the road, the tree, the candle, the knot.

The basic split

Basic split is the beginning stage of split ends. Normally cortical cells in the hair will be packed tightly together. Those large cells will start to separate and cause split ends. Early treatment can cure this basic split end.

The mini split

The mini-split can be seen in the early stage. So if we give proper nourishments to the strand, then it will be repaired easily.

Fork in the road

Fork in the road split is not common and will cause more wide spread damage to the hair. So early treatment is better.

The tree

The tree split will cause more damage to the hair strands. The cortical cells will start to separate and multiply into many branches. As soon as possible, try to do hair cut by consulting the beautician or dermatologist.

The candle

The candle split will occur by the loss of the outer cuticle without the split end and it can fix it by nourishing oils.

The knot

The knot split can be commonly seen for the curly type of hair. There will be a chance of forming own knots of tangled curly hair or improper brushing of the hair. This tends to easy breakage of hair strands.

Treatment for split ends

Split ends should be treated immediately in the early stage itself. Consult the doctor and go the treatment, vice versa. Out of the many ways to treat split ends, two are very prominent; split end repairs can be done by Candle treatment, hair dusting, hydrating your hair well, using conditioners, hair oils, and serum regularly.

Healthy hair tips to cure split ends

There are also natural remedies to fix the split ends; using honey, egg yolk, Aloe vera, papaya, massaging with coconut oil, applying a natural hair mask will help you to treat split ends to a certain level. There are some small hair care tips where you can prevent the split ends.

Applying the prescribed oils is an important healthy hair tip to follow regularly, It will give more nourishment to the hair follicle. Try to do brush the hair gently and don’t use much heat styling tools for the hair, trim the hair regularly, and cleaning the hair regularly also helps. So try to avoid this situation. Don’t tear your split ends on your own, as it will lead to many other complications.

Heat damaged hair

Many people are facing the problem of heat damaged hair, due to the overuse of heat styling equipment. Sometimes due to professional commitment, people are taking enormous risks to care much less for their hair in this fast-moving world.

How to care hair from heat styling tools

Healthy hair tips regarding heat damaged hair, is that it will lead to the formation of split ends, makes your hair dry, and hair texture will become tougher. Knots and tangled hair strands will be formed very easily in the hair. Hair will become so brittle and it will be very tough for brushing and hairstyling. If you identify that your hair has undergone heat damage, then take immediate action to tend to it. Consult a proper dermatologist, but there are some basic steps which you can do it by yourself.


An important healthy hair tip to care for hair fall is trying to use standard natural hair masks which will help to bring back the hair to the normal. Using coconut oils, Aloe vera, and avocado oil will help to moisturize your hair. You can also cut or trim the damaged part of your hair. However, take care to not do it by yourself and go to a proper spa. Don’t take a head bath daily, which will drain your essential oil needed for the hair. Use a heat protecting spray which will help to protect from the damage of the hair. Taking protein treatments will make your hair bonds stronger. This is an important tip to take care of hair from hair fall. Next, Using proper shampoos and deep conditioners will help to repair the hair. Above all, try to rinse your hair in mild-cold or lukewarm water.

FAQ s regarding Hair care

How to prevent the dry hair?

Usually, dry hair will come when there is a lack of moisture content in hair, but this can be prevented by using hair oils, gels, serum and also, avoid washing the hair very frequently.

How to prevent dandruff?

Dandruff can be prevented by using hair oils such as coconut oil and tea tree oil, which will help to eliminate dandruff much easily, rather than by using chemical treatment. Usually, dandruff also sticks on surfaces, so avoid sharing your hair tools. Similarly, avoid using tools used by others.

How to cure the split ends?

Try to trim your hair regularly by following natural remedies that can fix the split ends much easier and quicker. Using honey, egg yolk, Aloe vera, papaya, massaging with coconut oil, applying a natural hair mask will help you to treat split ends to a certain level.

Editor’s note | Hair Care Tips

Try to maintain a healthy atmosphere in your surroundings by cleaning and wiping surfaces often with a proper disinfectant; hence, minimize touching the face or hair after touching surfaces, this can help you to try and avoid the infection via the coronavirus. Next, when you visit a spa kindly ensure that salons are following CDC instructions properly, In particular; all the equipments in the salon sanitized after a person completes their work. Try to use separate hair accessories and avoid sharing hair accessories as COVID-19 spreads as a result of the virus easily sticking and transferring through the materials. Always wash the hands after and before using the hair care products, this minimizes the spread of the virus transmission via materials.


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