A healthy body is a healthy mind. Along with physical features like, height and weight, the skin is also one of the most prominent features in the human system that appeals to another person. Whether it may be during a formal appointment with a third person or looking at ourselves in the mirror, how we appeal to someone else and ourselves matters. As such a self-portrayal contributes to the self-confidence and positive energy that we may give off or feel by ourselves. This is where tips for skin care and healthy skin tips come into the picture, when asking questions about how to do skin care and how to protect your face.

Why we need Skin Care?

How to take care of your skin and giving importance to ourselves is a very practical factor that plays a major role in a person’s appeal in society. We never see dull celebrities or famous personalities who look like they just have arisen out of the bed for an interview. Skin care and appeal are very important. Hence in this article, we are going to explore how to do skin care & how to protect your face in detail. These healthy skin tips and tricks will give you some insights on how to take care of your skin. This will help to make it more appealing and keeping it healthy. But, always referring or consulting the local doctor or dermatologist for the appropriate routine and ideas is the most advisable choice.

Types of Skin

Skin types always vary from person to person and every skin has an innate unique characteristic features based on a person’s habitat. The following are the types of skin; oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, combination skin, and sensitive skin.

Oily skin

When there is an overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands, it will result in the complexion of oily skin. So it tends to produce more clogged pores and acne.

Dry Skin

Dry skin will produce less sebum than normal skin. It will lack can cause by changing lifestyles or it will be there naturally also. It can occur by exposure of skin to various weather conditions, changing of water (mainly using very hot water), and also by getting many chemicals contacts. Dry skin tends to flaky scalp and itching.

Normal Skin

Normal skin will always have a well-balanced skin texture. It has very little oil content, but overall they will have balanced moisture s & sebum. They have pores and have good blood circulation which will give a soft smooth texture. This skin condition is neither too oily nor too dry. Normal skin will adapt much faster with skin care tips.

Combination Skin

Combination skin will have oily skin in some areas and dry skin in other areas. The oily texture is predominant in the T- Zone (forehead, chin, and nose), and dryness can be seen in cheeks. They will have enlarged pores.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a unique skin type. It is more prone to allergic reactions which will cause rashes, swelling, flaking, etc. The skin type will be so delicate and thick with fine pores.

How to do Skin Care?

Water will always help the skin to maintain the moisture content, which will in turn maintain elasticity. The natural tendency of the elasticity aids in decreasing the wrinkles in the skin. If the skin is not consuming enough amount of water, then the skin will start to become dry, flaky. So it will become more prone to aging or at least will appear as if the skin is aging very quickly. Hence, the first step on how to do skin care is to counteract skin issues by consuming a good quantity of water.

Skin Care Tips for a Healthy Skin

Regular Face Wash

Try to wash the face gently with water thrice a day. This can rejuvenate minimum moisture and freshness on the skin and remove the dirt particles that settle on the skin. Generally, pollutants like dirt and other factors will come and make contact with the skin. So a gentle face wash with lukewarm water will help to remove the clogged pores. It will keep the skin fresh and also add a feeling of briskness to the self. This is the most versatile healthy skin care tip that you can take up and follow to protect your face.

Second Degree Protection

Always wrap up the hair in a comfortable posture while sleeping. This will help to minimize the adsorption of oil from the hair on to pillow covers. Our face tends to absorb this oil from the pillow covers. So try to change the pillow covers and towels frequently.

Also, wash your hands after touching any oily food or surface. Keeping your face protected such as sitting away from the window or covering your face while traveling. This will prevent damage from rough particles and objects. This will help to protect the face from the minor scratch which can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and other agents on the skin.

Cosmetic Cautions

Never share your make up kits and tools to everyone as the surface flora of the skin will get spoiled. Before getting or applying a new skin care product, check its expiry date, and also check whether it is a non-comedogenic product. This is because some cosmetics will cause clogged pores.

Don’t sleep without removing the makeup as it will cause clogged pores or acne to your skin. Try to remove it off with a cleanser or use a makeup remover. You can also use cotton pads or wash clothes and gently rinse the remaining makeup on the skin. Body and hair spray may contain compounds that can cause dryness of the skin. So keeping such sprays away from face contact is a must. These are some of the basic major skin care tips for those who are into modeling or acting or in fashion.

A Caressing Care

After washing the face, wiping the face gently with a soft cotton-based cloth is more advisable than doing it roughly by using a hard towel. This is a major healthy skin tip to protect your face as one will do these things easier due to the fast-moving world we live in. Don’t scratch your face due to the itching caused by pimples or popping zits. As this will increase more and spread throughout the face. Instead applying an appropriate and prescribed face cream or ointment will reduce the swelling or itching.

Dietary Benefits

Always try to eat whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables, high protein content food like fish, eggs, etc. Avoid the food containing high cholesterol, trans fat, and also junk foods that tends to change the hormonal secretions which will directly affect the skin. An important healthy skin tip is to eat high immune rich foods which will help to produce more amount of blood and immune cells. If one is habitual to consume liquor, then minimizing the consumption of liquor intake will also help in resolving skin-related issues.

Stress Management

Good sleep will also help to avoid dark circles around your eyes. As science tells us that a human body requires a minimum of 7-8 hours’ sleep per day. This will help the body to produce more collagen that will reduce the fine. Nowadays everyone is leading a stressful life due to their work pressure. Stress is a major cause of various diseases and disorders, even skin-related issues. Managing and reducing this stress is a must. So kindly try to be stress-free by doing exercises, yoga, and meditation. If time permits you can work out in a physical fitness center. Here there are some articles from our website which will be a helpful guide for you to do exercises, yoga, and meditation at home. Leading a healthy lifestyle will help to maintain healthy skin.

How to Protect your Face?

Trial Test

Based on preferences and skin characteristics, cosmetic products varies from person to person. The most important skin care tip is, before starting with any new product a patch test should be taken. This helps in finding out the sensitivity of your skin best suited for skin care. Sometimes it will take time to react and can lead to some allergies reactions like itching, small bumps, irritations, etc. Thus the patch test lets us know which material is best suited for us. The suitable areas on the skin to perform the patch test are the wrist or inner arm. Waiting for 48 hours without much disturbances to the patch gives the best results.

Following Proper Guidelines

An important tip for healthy skin is that one should not overdo any of the skin care steps, since excessive of something is as equally bad as lack of something. We should try things slowly and not rush after seeing the social media hype and advertising platforms for make-up products. When it comes to skin care products, never try everything out randomly. Customer opinions and reviews, helps you to choose which is better. Using skin care tips and products for a minimum of two to three weeks gives us good results. Keeping a positive mentality while undergoing any skin care treatment helps in obtaining better and quicker results.

Skin Care Product Usage Order:

Some basic skin care products can help to protect your face and skin. Skin care products have an order in which they are supposed to be used every day. They aren’t supposed to be used randomly. The order of usage is as follows: Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen.

This sequence of usage will help to maintain the skin well. If there is a noticeable difference after using the above-mentioned order of skin care products then you can move further, with products like masks, exfoliants and also can treat the spots in the face. Every skin type has a particular aspect of usage concerning the skin care product. For maintaining a safe and healthy skin, first, try to read the directions given in the label of the product before you start to use it.

1. Cleanser

The cleanser is the primary and important product followed in the skin care routine. The application of the product in the morning and evening is most suitable. It will help to remove the dirt, oils, and other waste components from the skin. Apart from being a part of important skin care tips, it also helps to boost and maintain the hydration level in the skin. It is advisable to use a cleanser after working out, which helps in preventing the formation of clogged pores & breakouts of acne. After cleansing, wipe your face gently with washed cotton cloths followed by a semi-dry cloth.

2. Toner

Toner is a good product for skin replenishment. After cleansing your face, the next step is applying toner. Similar to the cleanser, toner also has the best effect when used during both morning and night. Damp the cotton balls or pads with the toner and spread evenly in the face and also in the neck. In the process of skin care, toner helps in providing the extra nutrients to the skin and helps to maintain the hydration level in the skin. After applying the toner wait for a few minutes to move on with the application of serum.

3. Serum

The serum is a product rich in antioxidants (Vitamin C) which will protect the face during day time or when going out. Certain serum products with retinol. Retinols breakdown on exposure to sunlight. The apt time to use these products is during the night. The serum will deliver all the important ingredients directly to the skin since it can penetrate the skin. It should be applied after toner but before moisturizer. Due to lack of time and patience, many tend to mix the serum with moisturizer for application, this should never be done. Using the serum carefully as per its nature, during both day time and night time will yield the best results.

4. Moisturizer

As the name suggests, a moisturizer will help to moisten, as well as soften the skin. The skin can lose the water level during aging and using moisturizer helps to maintain the hydration level in the skin. The last stage of skin care, which is a prelude to applying makeup is the usage of moisturizers. Once you applied, you should give it time to dry. Out of all the important skin care tips, the very essential factor is to wait for the moisturizer to completely dry before applying makeup.

4.1 Day Cream and Night Cream

There are two types of moisturizers. One is day cream & another is night cream; for morning time and night time, respectively. The day cream moisturizer contains SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and this will help to shield the skin from UV rays and aggressive pollutants. The moisturizer that contains retinol will be helpful for night time. As seen previously, retinol will start to breakdown in sunlight and may irritate the skin. Retinols usually will have a thick structure and this helps in repairing face infliction such as dark spots.

4.2 Eye Cream

Usually, the skin around the eye will so delicate and sensitive. Eye creams are widely employed to treat specific concerns like the dark circles around the eyes or dryness in areas around the eyes. It arises due to extreme exposure to blue light such as sunlight or computers or mobiles and lack of sleep. So this eye cream will help to moisturize, tighten, and help to brighten the skin. It will provide anti-oxidants in the afflicted eye area. Not only as a healthy skin tip but as a general health tip; one should avoid too much exposure to blue light.


Finally, the most important product out of all the skin care and healthy skin products, the Sunscreen. Sunscreen helps in reflecting the majority of the radiation that is emitted from the sun. This helps us in the prevention of skin cancer due to overexposure to the sun. This doesn’t mean that one should use sunscreen always. Sunlight is an important factor for the production of Vitamin-D in the human body. So sunbathing during the appropriate time in cohesion with the usage of sunscreen is an important healthy skin tip and also a health tip. It also helps to prevent skin discoloration, fine lines, textural imperfections, and wrinkles.  

Sunscreen should be applied at least 30 minutes before sunlight exposure. If one is using make-up, usage of sunscreen before applying makeup and after using the moisturizer is advisable. Most sunscreen contains SPF-30 and will provide broad-spectrum protection from sunlight radiation and UV rays.

How to protect your face by using Face Mask & Face Oils

Face Mask

Many people were wondering about how to get healthy skin without going to the spa, due to their shortening of time. Face Masks are beneficial as it is used to treat the specific skin issues and helps to protect your face. When compared to toner or serum, the mask will behave a thick texture that will help ingredients to deliver the nutrients like elements by deeper penetrating the skin. It will help to hydrate the skin and remove the excess of oils and will block the pores in the skin. There are many types of face masks available in the market; sheet masks, overnight mask, clay or mud mask, gel masks, cream masks, charcoal masks.

Care should be taken to read the face mask instruction very thoroughly before usage. Some mask ingredients like mint will help to stimulate blood circulation. After frequent usage, we can notice the radiant glow in your skin. Some of the mask products are recommended to store in the fridge for anti-inflammatory benefits. As always, the most important skin care tip, never use a face mask frequently other than once per week. This is one of the many healthy skin tips.

Face Oils

Face oils will protect your face from small minute dirt and other agents, by forming a thick protection layer in the outer region of the skin. Unlike usual oils, face oils will give a fine light texture without making the skin greasy. Face oils are an all in one natural healthy skin tip to maintain good skin and protect your face. Since face oil helps to protect the face from minute dirt particles and in turn preventing clogged pores. It also maintains moisture level, glistens the face, provides nutrients directly to the skin, and also protects mildly from sunlight radiation.

Important tips for skin care here is to not use a harsh scrubbing type method to apply the oil. Care should be taken to not heat the oil while rubbing it on the skin. Face oil must be applied much like when doing a skin massage. We can apply a few drops of oil twice a day by applying morning and night. Irrespective of the skin texture, face oil helps to bring a balance to the skin.

Different types of skinTypes of oils
Normal SkinArgan oil, Squalane oil, Retinol oil
Dry SkinMarula oil, Almond oil, Avocado oil
Oily SkinPeppermint oil, Grapeseed oil, Tea tree oil
Acne-Prone SkinRosehip oil, Pomegranate oil, coconut oil
Combination SkinJojoba oil, Flaxseed oil, Marula oil
Sensitive SkinMoringa oil, Aloe Vera oil, Castor oil
The above table contains the types of oils used for respective skin types

Risk factors of Skin Care Products:

Risk for Pregnant Women

As with any product in the market, there is a good side and bad side for every product when used without proper care. Pregnant women should be careful before using skin care products. FDA (Official Website) has given more information on cosmetics and skin care products; FDA has strictly advised not to use the following chemical ingredients in skin care products. Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate, Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acid, essential oils, Tetracycline, Dihydroxyacetone, Hydroquinone, Aluminium chloride, Formaldehyde, Chemical sunscreen – oxybenzone or avobenzone. These products tend to change the hormonal balance in the body.

Chemical ingredients in skin care products will affect both mother and developing child in the mother’s womb. Using the restricted ingredients may defect to the baby’s development. So pregnant ladies might arise the question of how to get healthy skin? So the answer is to consult the doctor and try to use prescribed products which will be very safe for health. Prevention is easier than curing.

General precautions for taking care of Healthy Skin

People having sensitive skin should not use all the skin care products and cosmetics in the market, as they are prone to allergies. This might lead to further complications. So the best way to handle this by consulting the respective doctor. If you get any allergy or irritation by using the skin care products or cosmetics then, kindly check with your nearest doctor as soon as possible. Some of the products will have adulteration mixtures as their ingredients, so read reviews before buying. One can also consult with a dermatologist. Try to avoid using skin care tools by yourself as it may lead to the development of scars, allergic reactions.

How to do Skin Care by using Natural Herbal Products

Skin care is an important field and factor since the day of the dawn of Ayurveda. For example, Turmeric was used as the most basic skin care product for healthy skin ages ago. During the 18th & 19th centuries, people didn’t have the advancements of pharma as we have today. They utilized the natural organic herbal products derived from various natural sources. Only homemade traditional herbal products were used. They will apply fruits and vegetables mask to the skin which will add the enrichment to the skin. Although whole-plant products should be used with caution as they aren’t processed and contain compounds that do good and also can do harm. Consulting a herbal doctor will help to follow this practice, effectively.

For example, applying papaya skin, Aloe Vera will help for skin glowing. In the olden days, they were using products like Multani mitti or Fuller’s herb, sandal, certain flour packs, etc. Nowadays these products or their components are readily available as soaps also. Again, an important healthy skin tip that is to be followed here is to check first the products whether it suits your skin.

FAQs regarding Skin Care

How can I prevent my skin from aging?

Usually, aging will happen when collagen breaks down, the skin tends to lose elasticity. By drinking plenty of water, the hydration levels in the skin will be maintained. By applying suitable oil and skin care products, you can prevent the skin from aging.

Is Acne skin type people can apply makeup?

Yes, of course! You should try to use the non-comedogenic product. Because sometimes cosmetics will cause clogged pores. These are important healthy skin tips that are applicable even for all products.

What are the daily skin care routine to be followed?

By using the basic products in the following order: Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen. It is very important to check and buy the products whether it will suit your skin or not. The main thing is to read the instructions properly in the label. Sometimes some products can apply only during day or night. These are the simple healthy skin care tips that you can follow in daily routine.

Editor’s Note | How to do Skin Care

In this pandemic, situations try to maintain social distancing by avoiding frequent travel to spas or other areas to do skin care. If you do please, make sure that salons are following CDC recommended rules. As per rules they should sanitize everything inside the spa and should check the body temperature of both the customer and the employee.

Try to purchase products online and use separate skin care products at home. For any issues use online medical consultancy or apps to get answers to any skin problems that may or may not occur. The COVID-19 virus has a tendency to survive in humid conditions. As most skin products have moist conditions, care is to be taken when applying them and venturing outside. Always wash the hands well with soap before touching and using the skin care products. This will help to remove the virus particles and can avoid unnecessary consequences.

Stay safe. Cleanliness is Godliness.


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