In this fast-paced lifestyle, every person faces stressful situations. Furthermore, stress leads to additional harm. Exposure to a high level of stress can lead to harming the mental and physical health of an individual. Therefore, each person has their ways to overcome stress & how to deal with stress. In this article, you will be able to read elaborative information on the following. Firstly, how to deal with stress. Secondly, how to cure stress. Lastly, how to fight stress & how to deal with it.

The 2 types of stress are. Firstly, positive stress is also known as Eustress. This type of stress is when then there is a wedding in the house. The parents of the bride are in great stress of all the events going smoothly. Therefore, Eustress does not have any harmful events, the only reason it is called positive stress.

Secondly, there is distress or negative stress. For instance, incidents of losing a loved one, hospitalization of a loved one, or event a traumatic event in your life. Mentally the individual is drained but later it can affect the person physically too. Therefore, Distress is also called negative stress.

How to deal with stress in any situation?

Every person is unique and has their ways of dealing with stress. But, there a few common ways that have worked with everyone across the globe.  

Dance is out or listen to music.

When in a stressful situation, the mind wanders. Furthermore, you are not able to think straight. Therefore, to lighten your mood, one of the best ways to overcome stress is to dance it out or listen to music. The music can be of your choice. For instance, it can be silent or even meditative music that helps you relax. Moreover, if you do not like silent music, choose your favorites and listen to it at that moment. Each one of us has a playlist that we can hear on repeat. We all create an association with the music we like therefore, it lightens our mood.

Dancing it out is another really fun way of how to deal with stress. We all know how to dance like at least a few steps here and there. Dancing makes you feel free. Furthermore, it makes you forget all that you have in your mind. This is one of the best ways in how to cure stress.

A little me-time for yourself is indeed needed to become relaxed. This is a real fun initiative on how to fight stress. It improves your confidence and sorts your mind. In addition to that. you will realize that your problem is not as big as you think it is.

Meditate – important aspect in the ways to overcome stress

Meditation is a proven relaxing method on how to cure stress. The trance-like state and the stillness bring your body to a relaxed state of mind. Inner peace and congruence of your thoughts with your actions are key. However, in stressful situations, you might sway from what you wanted. Therefore, meditation is an extremely authentic method on how to overcome stress.

However, some people do not know to meditate or often are not able to get into a meditative state of mind. Therefore, there is an alternative to meditation. Firstly, you can sit in silence and do nothing but feel the wind passing by you. Secondly, you can go for a walk and just listen to the birds chirping and leaves rustling in the morning. However, make sure you do not use your phone or any electronic gadget. Sitting or walking in silence is just another feeling which will help you reflect. Consequently, you might find solutions to your problems or just have a relaxed mind to start afresh.

Here are a few techniques and benefits of Meditation. A complete guide to help you understand how it works.

Share your issues with someone –

Conversing with someone about the stress your having can help you. Letting out what is bottled up inside your heart, will make you feel less stressed. Furthermore, if you talk to someone, you might even talk on a varied range of topics leading to removing thoughts regarding the stresses in your life. Sharing what you feel and are going through can be effective on how to cure stress.

In addition to that, when you share the stress in your life with someone, they might be able to help you deal with the stressors. Everyone has a different approach to coping with stress. Therefore your conversation with them might help you get a different perspective on dealing with the situations in your life.  

Manage your time & take control of the situation – key aspect of ways to overcome stress

Often situations occur when there is too much work on an individual. In addition to that, you feel burdened and extremely stressed. Therefore, a schedule or a To-do list is a must. Time management is a difficult task for many. But, an important and much needed. A proper schedule will help you organize your work effectively, leading to you working more efficiently.

Furthermore, managing your time helps you pre-plan. Secondly, gives you a buffer zone in case you need to make any changes in the original plan. For instance, you have a project submission next week. You start working on it the day you got it and finish it two days before the deadline. You have an additional two days to make changes and perfect your project. In addition to that, you will not do the last moment of work in life and will feel less burdened.

Taking control is basically, figuring out the different ways in how to overcome the stress. The best option is to make a list of all the solutions you have in mind. Secondly, writing the pros & cons of each solution. Consequently, resulting in you getting the best solution to your problem. Taking control enables you to understand that whatever has come ahead of you isn’t impossible to face and there are various solutions available.

Talk yourself through it (Positive Self-talk)

The way you think of yourself matters. Therefore, what you say to yourself in your mind also really affects how to overcome stress. Being too harsh on yourself can lead to negativity growing in your mind about yourself. Furthermore, you might feel you are not good enough resulting in low self-esteem & low self-confidence.

When dealing with difficult situations talking to yourself helps. For instance, phrases like “You can do it”, “You aren’t a quitter” can trigger you towards positivity. The sense of hopelessness will be gone when your self-talk, as you created energy of enthusiasm to fight whatever comes in front of you.

How to fight Stress in any situation?

Several individuals face difficult situations daily. Some certain proven ways help in fighting as well as tackling stress.

Exercise & Diet

Physical fitness is increases efficiency in daily life. Endorphins are hormones that block pain. These hormones help the body cope with stress and give a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. Working out or exercising in any form will help you displace your stress on that physical activity. Furthermore, if the situation is getting you frustrated then by exercising you are indeed removing your frustration. Sweating it out is one of the best ways on how to overcome stress.

It is very important to exercise to keep regulate your body’s metabolism. It helps you cope with stress as well as the changes in the environment.

Diet is another important aspect to keep in mind. Often, when stressed we binge eat on junk food, just because it tastes good. You should make a conscious effort to pick healthy food while grocery shopping and stock up only on those.

Eating healthy boosts your metabolism. Furthermore, dry fruits, eggs, and many more make the brain sharp. Therefore, your cognition and brain activity alleviates.


As we grow older our responsibilities increases and our sleep decreases. However, we do feel sleepy but the worries and stress don’t let us have a sound deep sleep.

When you are stressed mentally, the body requires 8 hours of complete sleep. Sleep is considered important as an individual is fresh to tackle problems. Furthermore, when you are fresh you can think clearly.

Sleep routine must be set by each one to keep it in the priority list. Earlier you sleep in the night, the better is it. Early morning is a great start to the day.

Keep a diary and journal for everything

A diary is a place where you can vent out whatever you are feeling at that moment. If you have no one around you to talk to, a diary is something where you can share what are felling. In addition to that, you can be honest with your diary because you don’t have to worry about anyone judging you.

Furthermore, journaling your life helps you to reflect back and see how faced many difficult situations in your life. Therefore, you will realize that there have been so many things you have faced in your life and this is just another small issue. You will get the confidence to tackle even the present stressors. This is one of the most common ways to overcome stress.

Pamper yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Each and every person goes through ups & downs in life. A problem or a stressful situation is just a phase and it’s going to pass. Pampering yourself is the ultimate way on how to cure your stress if you are mildly stressed.

Sometimes we forget to give time to ourselves. Take this opportunity and forget about all the stresses you are having. A hot bath and some silent music in the background, face packs, or even facials. There are various ways of pampering yourself. For instance, it could be cooking your favorite meal from scratch, having a glass of wine and dancing with your partner, playing four favorite online video games, going for a long drive with the fresh wind hitting your face, or lastly, it can even be a long 10-hour undisturbed sleep.

Moreover, pampering yourself gives you a feeling of relaxation. Furthermore, you deserve it after all the hard work you are putting in so many aspects of your life.

Seek professional help when you feel it is required – a significant aspect of ways to Overcome stress

It is wise to seek professional help when you feel like the stress is getting to you. When you feel that it is beyond your means to handle the situation, it is time for you to seek professional help. Often, in a stressful situation, you feel confused, lost & overburdened. Furthermore, you aren’t able to think straight and professional help & guidance can be a boon at that time. One of the most beneficial ways on how to fight stress & how to cure stress.

Firstly, seeking there is nothing wrong with seeking help. Secondly, a professional will help you realize where you’re going wrong. Lastly, gradually you will feel more confident and in control of your life. Seeking help will guide you on how to cure stress & how to fight stress.

Hope you have received some information on how to cure Stress. Secondly, how to fight stress and lastly how to deal with stress. Furthermore, the website of the National Institute of Mental Health (Official website) can help you clear any more doubts you have in mind.

FAQ Regarding How to overcome Stress

What are the different symptoms of stress?

Insomnia or excessive sleeping, headache, problems related to the stomach ( diarrhea, constipation & general stomach upset), low energy, decreased interest to do anything & increase in heart rate.

How to deal with stress?

There are various of dealing with stress. The most common ones include yoga, meditation, listening to music, indulging in activities of personal interest ( for instance, painting, cooking, dancing, and so on), going for walk or a long drive, deep breathing, exercising & managing time as well as taking control. These are a few ways on how to fight stress as well as how to cure mild stress.

What are the different emotional signs of stress?

Constantly feeling sad or unhappy in life, thoughts, and constant worry about certain aspects & anxiety. When you feel irritated and angry about small things and very quickly. Loneliness or feeling extremely overwhelmed with life.

Editor’s Note | How to Overcome Stress

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the lives of many have changed. Jobs have been lost & businesses are going in loss. Many companies are undergoing layoffs. This year, every household facing financial difficulty in some form or the other. Moreover, the bread earners and families are stressed about how the finances should be managed over this long duration. However, getting too stressed is of no use, as one cannot do anything. The global economic situation has deteriorated and it will take some time to boost. Furthermore, the quality time with family should be used to its fullest, as soon the normal work life will set in.


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