Mental Health awareness has grown drastically in recent years. Many do not consider it as important but, it is as important as the physical well being of an individual. Awareness in regards to mental health illness needs to increase even more. Furthermore, often people bottle up what they are feeling as they feel vulnerable in front of others after sharing their true feelings. The society has certain stigmas and stereotypes related to mental health. The myths of mental health should be replaced by the correct facts of mental health. Everyone globally must take a step towards understanding the myths of mental illness and the actual real facts of mental illness.

The various Myths on Mental health & Illness

Only weak people get mental health problems – a deep aspect of Mental Health Myths & Facts.

FACT: Mental health is not related to weakness or the strength of any individual. However, many people consider that only weak-minded people are affected. Furthermore, it is considered wrong to be vulnerable. In addition to that, talk openly about how your feeling is wrong. The society has labeled it as a weakness. Anyone in this world can go through even the mildest mental health issues. Therefore, it is completely fine and normal. Seeking help and taking care of yourself should be the priority because there is no such thing as weak or strong people in this world. Each and everyone has their own set of problems. In addition to that, this is a constant stigma across the world, the mindset needs to change. A few aspects that play a huge role in your mental health all your life are :

  • Firstly, the family and the atmosphere in your house. Disturbed home environment or constant negative thoughts in your mind when at home. However, family history plays a vital role. The occurrence of mental health problems in your ancestors leads to a higher risk of you being prone it.
  • Secondly, your genes and biological basis can also be a factor in increasing your risks
  • Lastly, the experiences you’ve had in your life will shape how your mind grows. The school incidents like bullying can affect you even in your adolescence or early adulthood. Furthermore, experiences like constant frustration at the workplace or traumatic events can affect you. These experiences trigger you based on how bad the experiences were.

To sum up, the above aspects can happen to anyone. Furthermore, mental health can deteriorate at any point in life. To clarify, you should never think that only weak people have mental health issues.

Therapy is a complete waste of time and unnecessary expenditure – an important aspect of Mental Health Myths & Facts

Therapy is considered a waste of time and many do not take it seriously.

FACT: Often many people find it strange sharing your life and problems with someone you don’t know. But, therapy is a client-focused treatment creating a comfortable environment for the client to speak freely. Therapy can be categorized into REBT, CBT, TA, and many more therapies.

Therapy is not a waste of time rather an opportunity to put your mental health to priority. Seeking help for yourself should not be considered as an unnecessary expenditure. For example, when an individual is hurt on his leg while playing football. He will go to the doctor if the pain continues for three-four days. Moreover, it’s the same with mental health illness. When your mind is swaying to negative emotions and you don’t know what is happening with you. Seeking therapy is important.

Furthermore, therapy can be in the form of counseling sessions with a psychologist. In addition to that therapy can be in the form of painting, dancing model making, and many more during the sessions. Research has shown increasingly positive results in mental health illnesses after therapy.

If someone is diagnosed with a mental illness, they have to live with it forever. Recovering from mental illnesses is impossible

Fact: The above statement is a complete stigma of the society that is completely untrue. Mental health can never stay the same/constant throughout your entire lifespan. Your mind’s thoughts are like a rollercoaster. In addition to that, many factors in your life will keep changing so will your mental health at that time. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health illnesses. Many individuals face these across the globe. A good treatment plan can cure both. Furthermore, these people can live a normal life just like the others. Mild symptomatic patients cure faster and are able to adapt to the world outside quicker. Those with severe depression take some time, but they do recover as time goes and start living a normal life.

Only severe cases of Schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder, are difficult to recover from. There are medicines to control the symptoms. Complete recovery from severe mental illnesses is rare. Furthermore, it could take more time for recovery. However, mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia or hyposomnia, and many more can be cured. It is very much possible for people to recover and live a happy and normal life.

If I seek help for my issues, people in the society might think I’m crazy

FACT: Seeking help isn’t a sign of weakness and definitely not a sign of being crazy. Delaying treatment for something is never a great idea. For instance, if your chest hurts constantly. It is obviously preferred to consult a doctor before it becomes worse. Therefore, the same applies to mental health, if your mental health and problems don’t seem to get better then the best decision is to consult a psychologist and go for counseling.

Furthermore, there may be many people around you who have no idea about what is happening in your life. They are just judging a book by its cover, and not even trying to understand you as a person. It is just a stereotype that people going to therapists are crazy, but you should never think of what the society and people around you will think because they do not know many things about your life.

Symptoms will automatically go away if you ignore it and focus on your work.

FACT: This is untrue for cases with severe symptoms. Firstly, even if the individual has mild or moderate symptoms of any mental illness, ignoring them is a little difficult due to the confused state of mind. For instance, an individual is diagnosed with moderate depression. He will be able to live a normal life for sure. But, there is a possibility that his depression might affect his school/work life or even social life. Furthermore, if there is a delay in treatment of the moderate depression there is a high risk of it resulting in severe depression symptoms. Therefore, it results in major setbacks in life and mentally not being able to cope with the environment and life in general.

I cannot do anything or provide help to people with mental health problems & illnesses.

FACT: In reality, you have a lot you can do to help the person.

  • Firstly, don’t ever discriminate against them from the normal crowd. Treating them with the same respect and equality will help them feel welcomed in the conversation & environment.
  • Avoid making fun of them or labeling them. Society often labels them with words like “Crazy”, “Lunatic”, “Psycho” or even simply “Weird”. These words and phrases are hurtful. Furthermore, those facing mental illnesses are mentally in a vulnerable state. Therefore, words like these will have drastic negative effects on them.
  • Read and research the different mental health problems & illnesses. Furthermore, do research on the different facts of mental illnesses and myths of mental illness. Furthermore, spreading awareness is the best way of helping.

People with mental illness are dangerous, threatening, and violent.

In fact, this is just is a myth of mental illness. Many people facing mental health issues behave just like normal people. Furthermore, you will not even realize that many have a mental health issue. For example, your classmate who you meet on a daily basis and have a good conversation after class could be facing with mild depression. You will never realize that she/he is undergoing issues in life.

Violence and people being dangerous comes only when the symptoms are serious. When the illnesses reach their peak especially in cases of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, then there is a high chance. Severe symptoms of the disorders have violence and impulsivity. However, common man cannot detect many mental illnesses. People with mental health issues mingle with the normal crowd just fine as long as the symptoms are mild or moderate.

Mental illness cannot affect me. As I’m strong, fit, healthy & positive in life

FACT: Time and again people mistake this. Being fit and healthy physically does not change how your mind works. Each and every person deals with problems in life. Mental health issues are the same, anyone can get them. Across your lifespan, you have ups & downs in life. Therefore, being fit would be a plus point for you when you are aging, but mental illness is something that can affect anyone.

Furthermore, being positive in life is a really good thing. Certainly, positive mindset people are more prone to success and a healthy lifestyle. However, it doesn’t mean that positive people are completely protected from mental health issues. For instance, an individual is constantly facing failure for years, but he has a positive mind to keep himself going. But, there could be one odd day that negative thoughts and emotions could occur. Mental illnesses are applicable in the same way.

Aspects to keep in mind – Mental Health Myths & Facts

Mental health is hidden. Many do not pay too much attention to keeping a healthy mind. Here are a few aspects you can analyze. These points will help you understand if anyone from your close social group needs your emotional support as well as help.

  • Socially withdrawing oneself
  • Mood swings – frequent mood changes for no major reason at all.
  • Sad almost always – change in behavior.
  • Thoughts of hurting themselves – self-harm and cuts on hands and body
  • Feelings with extreme emotions
  • Unable to cope with the stress in life – feeling like they are behind in everything
  • Constant irritation and frustration on small things
  • An issue of focusing and concentrating.
  • Hallucinations & delusions ( seeing a person in mid-air, imaginary people, hearing voices)
  • Withdrawal from activities they once enjoyed indulging in.

Furthermore, time and again, each one of us faces distress in our life. Mediation is the best method to calm and relax. An article on Techniques and Benefits of Meditation will help and guide you.

The American Psychiatric Association (Official Website) has constant guidelines. This is the official website to learn and read more about the various mental health issues one goes through. The mental illness myths in your mind will be replaced with mental illness facts.

Hope you have received some insights on the various mental illness myths and mental illness facts that have been covered in this article. Mental Health is an extremely important aspect of the body as a whole. We must not take it for granted and try to keep a healthy mind. Furthermore, awareness of mental health should increase and you must do your best in spreading awareness about it to your loved ones.

FAQ Regarding Mental Health (Myths & Facts)

When should I consider therapy or counselling?

When an individual feels detached from the outside world. He/she also isolates oneself, doesn’t have an interest in the activities he/ she enjoyed doing, sad, and irritable often. Secondly, has extreme troubling concentrating on things and is having recurrent thought of self-harm.

How do I know that I am mentally ill and I need therapy?

There are certain things that you can observe and analyze in the day. Firstly, understand if you are having extreme mood swings frequently. Secondly, feeling really low and sad often, losing interest in activities you once enjoyed, suddenly feeling really happy and then your mood dropping low. Thirdly, feeling irritable often, withdrawing from socializing, and any kind of substance abuse.

How common is mental health and what are the facts of mental health?

Mental is health is found in almost 50% in the United States of America. Awareness is rising regarding mental health in other countries and so are the cases regarding it. One of the major important facts is that mental health can affect anyone at any time in life. Secondly, people with mental illnesses can lead a normal life and nobody even realize they have any mental health issues. Lastly, people in the surrounding atmosphere of the mentally ill person mustn’t discriminate. It could be hurtful and affect the person even more.

Editor’s Note | Mental Health Myths Facts

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the mental health of each one has been affected. It is important for each one around the world to know mental illness facts. The pandemic has changed our lives completely. Furthermore, jobs have been lost and businesses have been shut down. Each and every person’s mental health has deteriorated. It is very important to create awareness of mental health. Furthermore, seeking help and being there for each other is vital. Getting the mental illness facts right and keeping in mind mental health is a key factor.


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