Many of us encounter several problems in our daily life, and they lead us to issues like anxiety, depression and insecurity. If not cured on a smaller stage, these problems could lead to major problems and mental breakdowns. Depression in teens has also become very common due to constant comparison, lack of mental strength and negative self-esteem. Studies show that around 20% of teens suffer from depression before they reach adulthood.

Sometimes we all need a helping hand who can show us the right way by observing our behaviour and providing us with the mental support we need. A therapist is the one that comes to the rescue.


A therapist can rationally understand your mental problems without passing unnecessary judgments and provide you with the best possible solutions and outcomes they have practically observed in their years of experience. 

List of Best Mental Therapists in Bangalore

1.Ms Chaya 

Dr Chaya is a certified counsellor who has been practising counselling for many years and has successfully handled hundreds of cases. Her wellness sessions are created using a combination of current medical technology, traditional Indian Ayurveda, and knowledge gained from years of practice.

She has also led wellness sessions for a variety of corporate clients. At the invitation of various universities in the United States, including Cleveland State University, Case Western University, Kent University, and the Jewish Community Centre, she has delivered wellness seminars on ”Stress Management and cycles meditation.

Points to consider –

Education QualificationsBAMS | MSc in Psychology | PhD in Psychology
Years of professional experience16 years of experience
ClinicSerenity Wellness Institute94, 95, Crossroad, South avenue RBI Layout, Cross Road, Bangalore
Consultation chargeRs. 1200
SpecialityStress Management

Patient stories –

2.Ms Sakshi Agarwal

Sakshi Agarwal has nine years of experience in counselling and therapy and identifying, treating, and rehabilitating kids with disabilities and other learning disorders. She knows a lot about mental health concerns that affect people of all ages. Drama, art, and dance movement therapy help adolescents with emotional, behavioural, and cognitive issues. She has also worked with patients with memory, attention, perception, language, and information processing issues.

Points to consider –

Education QualificationsMa – Psychology
Years of professional experience9 years of professional experience
ClinicMending Beliefs CV Raman Nagar near Purva stations, Bangalore
Consultation chargeRs. 1000
SpecialityMarital Counselling

Patient stories –

3.Ms Neha Ravichandran 

Ms Neha Ravichandran is convinced that counselling is a constructive approach to move forward when people cannot cope with difficulties and are alone or with little trusted support. She enhances her counselling using psychometric tests, colour therapy, art therapy, graphology, and other techniques. 

Her ability to connect with those who want to make a positive difference in their life is exceptional. She employs a variety of innovative clinical techniques and homoeopathy with the assistance of experts in the field.

Points to consider –

Education QualificationsDiploma in Counselling Skills
Years of professional experience5 years of professional experience
ClinicAthreyaa WellnessLakefront, Seetharampalya, Hoodi Main road, Bangalore
Consultation chargeRs. 1500
SpecialityColor therapy

Patient stories –

4.Mr Jayaprada Suresh

Dr Jayaprada has worked at PES University as a Visiting Professor and IIMB as a Counsellor. She also specialises in family counselling and maintaining a healthy family attitude. 

She has around eight years of experience as a specialist counsellor.

Points to consider –

Education QualificationsMS – Counselling and psychotherapy
Years of professional experience8 years of professional experience
ClinicDr Jayaprada’s19-A, 3rd floor, 15th Main road, Bangalore
Consultation chargeRs. 1250
SpecialityFamily Counselling

Patient stories –

5.Ms Anupama Maruvada 

In 2003, Ms Anupama earned a master’s degree in child life and family studies from Illinois State University. In 1999, she earned a master’s degree in human development and family studies from Avinashilingam Deemed University for Women.

Since then, she has served in her clinic CBT 2 and provided child therapy and emotional support to thousands of parents and their children. Her approach to children is unique and refined. In her practice, she also treats ADHD patients.

Points to consider –

Education QualificationsMasters in Child Life and family studies
Years of professional experience22 years of professional experience
ClinicCBT 2 – Child Behavior Therapy With Cognitive Behavior Therapy3 Floor, TJ Towers, Millennium Road, Bangalore
Consultation chargeRs. 2500
SpecialityChild Therapy

Patient stories –

6.Ms Kala Bhandari

Kala Bhandari is a therapist who offers to counsel. Behavioural and relationship counselling, as well as family counselling, are areas of expertise.

Her specialities include counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy. She speaks Hindi, Kannada, and Marwari in addition to English.

Points to consider –

Education QualificationsBA- Psychology
Years of professional experience26 years of professional experience
ClinicEka counselling 4/6, Main road Bangalore, 4th Block, Jayanagar
Consultation chargeRs. 1000
Speciality Behavioural, Relationship and Family Counselling

Patient stories –

7.Ms Dedbattya Mitra

Ms Debdattya Mitra has nine years of experience as a Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, and Counselling Psychologist in Indiranagar, Bangalore. In 2012, she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Calcutta in India. Ms Debdattya Mitra works at The Mind Research Foundation in Bangalore’s Indiranagar neighbourhood.

Premarital counselling, relationship counselling, family counselling, De-addiction treatment and child psychology are some of the services provided by the doctor.

Points to consider –

Education QualificationsBA- Psychology
Years of professional experience9 years of professional experience
ClinicThe Mind Research Foundation14th – A, Main road, HAL 2nd Stage, Bangalore
Consultation chargeRs. 750
SpecialityPremarital and relationship counselling

Patient stories –

8.Mr Senthil Kumar

Mr Senthil’s counselling approach is more practical, focusing on primary approaches that can be followed with current lifestyle, thanks to his blend of IT, Psychology, Ayurveda, and Yoga skills and background. In addition, the remedies are aimed toward holistic approaches to balancing the body and mind, which is the root of many of these issues among working professionals.

He also holds Ayurveda health workshops on weekends, where he teaches about the Ayurveda system and how to use it to treat lifestyle diseases. The programme also includes learning basic self-massage techniques at home, such as body, head, foot, and face massages and daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.

Points to consider –

Education QualificationsDiploma in Counselling Skills
Years of professional experience7 years of professional experience
ClinicLife to Live Wellness697, 8th cross, Main road, Bangalore
Consultation chargeRs. 750
SpecialityAlcoholism and Drug addiction

Patient stories –

9.Ms Sana Rubiyana

Ms Sana Rubiyana has worked as a Counselling Psychologist in Richmond Town, Bangalore. She works at Fortis la Femme in Bangalore’s Richmond Town. In 2016, she earned her BA in psychology from Jain University, and in 2018, she made her MSc in psychology from Bangalore University.

Parenting Issues & Doubts, Concentration Problems, Family Counseling, Adult Counseling, and Loneliness are some of the services provided by the doctor.

Points to consider –

Education QualificationsBA – Psychology
Years of professional experience5 years of experience
ClinicFortis la Femme 62, Richmond Road, near the Sacred heart church, Bangalore city
Consultation chargeRs. 800
SpecialityParenting issues and doubts, Concentration, family counselling, Adult problems. Loneliness, etc

Patient stories –

10.Mr Sreevathsa

We would end the list with Mr Sreevathsa. He specialises in the fields of Individual, Relationships and Modification of inappropriate or aggressive behaviour found among children. 

Not only this, but Dr Sreevathsa is also a lifestyle coach and believes in developing your mind and body at the same time.

Points to consider –

Education QualificationsMS | Diploma – Counselling skills
Years of professional experience8 years of professional experience
ClinicAntarman Counselling Centre416, 24th crossroad, Near MVJ PU College, Bangalore
Consultation chargeRs. 1200
SpecialityRelationship and Individuality

Patient stories –


After the Covid-19 outbreak in the world, which has drastically changed our lives, and the average number of adults who suffer from depression is 4 out of 10 (i.e. 40%) which has considerably increased in the past year. Thoughts on visiting a psychologist will not only make you feel better but also untie the mental barriers that constantly drag us down.

 FAQs Regarding Psychologist in Bangalore

Q How does a therapist treat the patient? 

Psychotherapy, often known as talk therapy, is a treatment option for persons suffering from many mental diseases and emotional problems. Psychotherapy promotes a person’s growth promote well-being, and healing by controlling troublesome symptoms.

How should I explain my problem to my therapist?

To explain your problem in the best way to the therapist is to be open and explain everything in order and brief. Also, give practical examples of the things that happen to you. Remember, the therapist is the one who will listen to your problems.

What will be the consultation fee of a psychiatrist in Bangalore?

The average consultation fee of a therapist in Bangalore is around Rs. 1500 – 2000.

What is therapy? 

Therapy and counselling are a particular type of meeting where you meet a therapist and solve problems related to family, loneliness, depression and other mental problems. 

Whom should I approach for a therapy session?

A counsellor is the best person to approach for a therapy session. They provide you with the best possible advice and outcomes to make you feel better and give you mental support.

When should I consult a psychologist? 

The right time to consult a psychologist is when you feel low or need help regarding problems that an ordinary person cannot understand. For example – Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Insecurity and others.

What medicines does a psychiatrist prescribe you?

Most of the psychiatrists prescribe these medicines-
1.   Antidepressants – Antidepressants are mainly used to treat people who are depressed.
2.   Anti-anxiety – Psychiatrists frequently prescribe anti-anxiety medicine.
3.   Stimulants and Mood stabilisers.

What tests are performed by psychiatrists to check the problem?

Diagnostic tests for mental illness is the test performed by psychiatrists to check mental health problems. This is done by conducting various assessments such as testing intelligence, mental capability, stability, etc.

How much amount of time is required in a therapy session?

Depending on the time, a therapy session can take about 40 – 60 minutes but can even stretch up to 2-3 hours in the long run.

How should I book a therapy appointment?

 You can book a therapy appointment by contacting the clinic or online by using different websites. 


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