In this speedy life, we all crave a little peace. Getting some time off from our busy schedules to breathe and relax sounds good, no?

Heading towards a spa could be a fun option, and one can feel stress-free and relax their body and mind. Delhi, the capital, has many options for a weekend spa day.

List of Best Massage Centres in Delhi


One of the best in Delhi, Swedish Thai Spa is a perfect place to get rid of all your stress and get into that deep relaxation mode. They provide the best spa experience by creating a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for you. Their only aim is to pamper your body, mind, and health by giving the right treatment and services. All the spa and aroma rooms are very hygienic and clean. 

Services offered by the Spa 

  • Swedish therapy – releases stress, cramped muscles and improves blood circulation (90 min, Rs.4,000 + Shower & Steam)
  • Thai therapy – reduces muscle stiffness, and backache (90 min, Rs.4,000 + Shower)
  • Turkish therapy – reduces tension in your body and improves blood circulation (90 min, Rs. 5,500)
  • Aromatherapy – reduces stress, heals and relaxes the body, helps in skin problems & hormone imbalance (90 min, Rs.4,500 + Shower & Steam)
  • Scrubbing therapy – reduces stress, hydrates, removes dead skin cells and body toxin (90 min, Rs.4,000)

ADDRESS – Swedish Thai Spa, Shop no. 6/13, 1st floor, lane 35, Ajmal Khan Road, Near Karol Bagh Metro station, Karol Bagh, Delhi, 110005

PHONE NUMBER – +91 9711002186



Delhi’s everyday life is hectic. Therefore, to get a quick little break from it, you need to catch up with yourself and give yourself the treat of Sawadhee traditional spa. This is one of the best spas in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. They offer a wide range of spa therapies, body scrubs and other relaxing treatments. 

Services offered by the Spa

  • Traditional Thai massage – stretches the body and reduces muscle stiffness (60 min, Rs.2,900)
  • Warm herbal massage – relaxes the muscles and reduces stress (90 min, Rs. 4,400)
  • Hot stone massage – heat therapy for muscle relaxation and balancing flow of energy (90 min, Rs.4,400)
  • Lotus signature massage – reduces stiffness in joints and helps in blood circulation (90 min, Rs.4,400)

ADDRESS – Sawadhee Traditional Spa, Plot no.3, Local shopping centre, C-9, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, 110070

PHONE NUMBER – +91 1140576340



One of the best family spas in Delhi, with various massages, facials and body scrub treatments. The Spa is famous for its aroma and Thai massages. They believe that our bodies deserve to be pampered the right way, and there should be no compromising in that. 

Services offered by the Spa

  • Potli or Basti therapy – reduces backache, joint pain and stiffness in the body (45 min, Rs. 2,950)
  • Kaya Kalp – exfoliates and moistures the skin and protects the skin from pollutants (105 min, Rs. 5,000)
  • Blue Terra Royal message – gives relaxation and removes the tiredness (120 min, Rs. 7,000)
  • Aromatherapy – relaxes the body and mind spiritually, is very therapeutic (45 min, Rs. 2,400)

ADDRESS – Blue Terra spa, 1st floor, F-46, Malhotra Building, Central Delhi, Connaught Place, Delhi, 110001

PHONE NUMBER – +91 9999895855



It is a luxurious spa is specially designed to deliver a rejuvenating experience for people, with modern architecture that enhances the ambience. Their main aim is to help people get rid of their tension and anxiety and relax through their best spa therapies. 

Services offered by the Spa

  • Aromatherapy – relaxes your body, reduces any pain in the back and destresses 
  • The Ayurvedic Massage – relaxes the body and stimulates blood flow
  • Face massage – skincare services like masks, peel off, steam, etc. 

For prices, you can call directly at the Spa 

ADDRESS – The Annandam Unisex spa, 3/30, Ground floor, Balraj Khanna Marg, West Patel Nagar, West Delhi, 110008

PHONE NUMBER – 9599096326



One of the best options for spa treatments when in Delhi, is Abiocco Spa. They believe that work and exhausting schedules have a huge impact on our body as well as the mind. This is why their whole team has been well trained to deliver the best massage therapies to people so that they can breathe. 

Services provided by the Spa

  • Signature massage – reduces stress and muscle stiffness (60min, Rs.3,499)
  • Traditional Thai massage – reduces stiffness and stretches the body (60 min, Rs.2,499)
  • Ayurveda massage – relaxes and heals the body and mind (60 min, Rs. 3,299)
  • Jacuzzi massage – relaxes the body and removes the lactic acid from the body (60 min, Rs. 3,999)

ADDRESS – Abbioco Spa, S-27, 2nd floor, main market, Green Park, Delhi, 110016

PHONE NUMBER – +91 9319808400



Set at the Taj Palace, New Delhi, Jiva spa is one f the best luxury spa retreats. Following the ancient Indian therapies for rejuvenation with a mix of contemporary methods. They offer a variety of relaxing spa treatments, body scrubs, facials, etc. Their masseuses are well trained to deliver the best service to you.

Services provided by the Spa

  • Aromatherapy – reduces stress and is therapeutic 
  • Vishrama – complete revitalization of the body (120 mins, Rs. 7,500)
  • Sushupti – exfoliates and reduces the stress (120 mins, Rs. 8,250)
  • Vishuddi (scrub) – purifies and cleanses the body with aroma feels (120 mins, Rs. 9,500)
  • Lavana – a salt therapy for healing

ADDRESS – Sardar Patel Marg, 2, Diplomatic Enclave, Malcha, New Delhi, 110021

PHONE NUMBER – 011 66503538

WEB – 


The Revive luxury spa offers world-class massages and spa treatments in Delhi. With a great staff and a positive ambience, you just cannot get enough of it. They are one of the best authentic spa retreats in Delhi currently. 

Services provided by the Spa

  • Beauty spa for both men and women – cleansing treatment
  • Thai massage – reduces tension and muscle stiffness
  • Destress Spa – to reduce stress and relax the body
  • Couple spa/massage – relax your body and reduce stress along with a friend or your partner
  • Turkish Spa – traditional body scrubbing 

For prices, you can call the Spa directly.

ADDRESS – Revive Luxury spa, M-45, Greater Kailash, Delhi, 110048

PHONE NUMBER – 09313000016



Neoveda spa has won many awards for its best services. It is completely inspired by the new Ayurveda, providing modern spa treatment along with ancient Indian values. This place is one of the best when it comes to relaxation in Delhi. Their well-trained staff and masseuses make sure that you get the best experience. They offer a lot of spa therapies to choose from, and it has been specially designed to achieve complete mind and body distress. 

Services provided by the Spa

  • Ayurvedic massage – helps in achieving spiritual satisfaction and relaxation
  • Scrubbing therapy – it removes the toxin from the body and opens blocked chakras
  • Foot and hand care treatment 
  • Slimming and toning therapies

Price – Rs. 3,000 (approx.) for massages. You can call the Spa directly for more queries.

ADDRESS – Neoveda Spa, Bangla Sahib Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi, 110001

PHONE NUMBER – +91 11 42500200



The word Aheli itself suggests purity. This Spa, at the Roseate House, Delhi, promises to deliver calming and positive atmosphere where one can ease their mind. It’s one of the best luxury spas in Aerocity currently. 

Services offered by the Spa

  • Aheli Signature – reduces stress and give relaxation 
  • The Classic Message – reduces stress and improves blood circulation (60 min, Rs. 5,000)
  • Traditional Bali – stimulates the flow of blood & oxygen and provides deep relaxation (60 min, Rs. 5,000)
  • Indian Ayurveda – reduces stress and impurities from the body and helps in healing & detoxification (75 min, Rs. 7,000)
  • Tropical Escape (scrub) – removes all the dead skin cells and impurities (30 min, Rs. 3,500)

ADDRESS  The Roseate, D- block, Samalkha, New Delhi, 110037

PHONE NUMBER – 011 30158580



Chi, a luxurious spa, is set in one of the best hotels in Delhi, the Shangri-la. They provide various rejuvenating spa treatments for the wellness of your body. Their main goal has always been to provide relaxation and reduce your stress. 

Services provided by the Spa

  • Signature Asian Blend – gives your body the right balance and energy (60 min, Rs. 5,500)
  • Aromatherapy – reduces muscle stiffness, increases blood circulation and also helps in sleeping better
  • Abhyanga massage – helps to increase the blood circulation (60 min, Rs. 5,500)

ADDRESS – Shangri-la, 19, Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi, 110001

PHONE NUMBER – 9111 41191919


 It’s time to destress! We hope that our list helped you choose your Spa. So, what are you waiting for? Go now and book a nice spa treatment for yourself and make your body happy. 

FAQs Regarding Spas in Delhi

Which is the no. 1 spa in Delhi?

In Delhi, Blue Terra tops the list when it comes to the best spas. There is a wide range of relaxing spa treatments offered by them.

Is Spa not legal in Delhi anymore?

No, the Spa is legal in Delhi. However, the new rules by the AAP government state that any type of inappropriate activities are not acceptable. 

Are spa treatments expensive in Delhi?

It completely depends on the treatment you choose. For different therapies, there are different rates, and they also vary from place to place. So, there is no exact cost for spa treatments. Usually, they start from Rs. 1,500 and goes up to Rs. 7000-8000.

What are the best oils for relaxation?

Some of the best oils for relaxation are 
Coconut oil
Almond oil
Lavender oil

Are spa treatments harmful?

No, not at all. Spa treatments are important for the wellness of our body and mind. They are not harmful but beneficial. It reduces the tensions trapped in our bodies. 

What will a masseuse do during a body massage?

A masseuse gently massages the body, curing the pain and the stiffness in the body. If you have back pain or joint pain, they press those points to reduce it. Their massage eliminates the stress from our bodies. Usually, spa therapy is for 60 mins minimum and 120 mins maximum. You can choose the time according to your needs.

How long does it take to have a proper Thai massage?

It takes 60-90 minutes in full Thai massage. It includes some stretching as well that releases the stress and body ache. 

Is Thai massage better than a Swedish massage?

In a Thai massage, there is a use of more power to help in the flow of energy. However, in a Swedish massage, the focus is more on relaxing the body using rubbing methods. This is the reason why a Thai massage is much better in healing than a Swedish massage.

Which massage should I go for if I have neck pain?

For your neck pain, a Swedish massage and a deep tissue massage are the best options. Both of these massages help in reducing the stiffness in the neck and shoulders. 


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