Beauty begins with healthy and glowing skin. Pampering your skin starts with cleansing. The initial phase for healthy skin is purifying – with a decent face wash. There are a wide variety and range of face washes present in the market, and it is tough to pick the right one for your skin. Relax, we’ve made it simple for you. In this article, we have carefully selected the top 10 face washes for all skin types that you all are looking for your particular skin type.

List of Best Face Cleansers in India

1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil is a skincare brand that Dermatologists have suggested for more than 70 years and is today utilized by a vast population. As a brand of Nestlé Skin Health, Cetaphil offers products- for face and body lotions, child care, sun care and mild skincare items.


  • This creamy and gentle cleanser will give your skin super hydration.
  • Cetaphil gentle cleanser will act as a skin moisture barrier and strengthen skin cells to regenerate.
  • It is formulated with micellar technology to remove dust and dirt effectively.
  • It eliminates impurities from your skin and gives you a fresh look.
  • Moreover, this cleanser will regulate weakened skin barriers, and it will work as your protective shield against 5 signs of sensitivity- skin irritation, roughness, dryness, tightness and dead skin cells.
  • Facewash is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.
  • The brand provides soap-free face wash, so it will not dry out your skin.
  • Balances skins ph level to retain skin natural barrier.
  • It is proposed for normal to dry skin types.
  • It is clinically, and dermatologists tested for sensitive skin as well.

Price: 591 ml- INR 816 to INR 850


2.Aroma Magic Neem & Tea Tree Face Wash 

Aroma magic is the largest and first aromatherapy cosmetic brand in India.


  • As the name suggests, Aroma Magic will do magic to acne-prone skin and prevent pimples from coming back.
  • It contains ayurvedic ingredients like neem, which have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • There is rose petal extract for balancing sebum production.
  • This cleanser comes with added vitamins that help to lighten scars and dark spots. Therefore, it will improve your skin tone.
  • Moreover, this cleanser is blended with lavender and tea tree oil will keep acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads at bay. Hence, it soothes and calms skin irritation.
  • It is recommended for acne-prone and oily skin.
  • Avoid use on skin type- dry and sensitive.

Price: 100 ml – INR 170


3. Biotique BXL Cellular Clean Foaming Cleanser

Biotique is the best company for skin and hair care products. They believe in Ayurveda and the natural medicinal system, so they maintain a balance between modern and traditional science to provide healthy and beautiful versions of you.


  • This cleanser is an instant solution for deep cleansing and purifying the skin.
  • It comes with natural botanical extracts, which result in radiant and glowing skin.
  • It is soap-free.
  • Bio BXL formula helps to replenish and rejuvenates skin cells to restore skin youthful appearance.
  • Besides, this face wash is a natural therapeutic formula for all skin types.

Price: 200 ml- INR 499


4. Navah Pore Minimising Face Wash (pomegranate + honey)

This company believes in “beauty that is uniquely you”. Navah is a skincare Indian brand. These products are free from nasty harmful chemicals to formulate the best quality skincare regime for you without any side effects.


  • Face wash is rich in antioxidants and removes free radicals.
  • It comes with the goodness of honey, which acts as a pore cleanser and makes skin gleaming.
  • Pomegranate has anti-ageing properties and improves skin texture by increasing collagen production.
  • Moreover, give you all-day freshness and moisturized skin.
  • It is befitting for all skin types, but it will provide dry and chapped skin with good results.

Price: 100 ml- INR 279


5. Neutrogena Deep Cleanse Facial Cleanser

Neutrogena is an American company. This company’s parent company is Johnson & Johnson. It is famous for skin, hair and cosmetics products all over the world.


  • It goes deep down to dissolve all the impurities present in the skin and effectively cleans it.
  • This cleanser removes dead skin surfaces and gives you clean and clear skin.
  • Moreover, it won’t clog your pores.
  • It is suitable for acne-prone skin because it is non-comedogenic.
  • It is for normal to oily skin; avoid if you feel dryness.

Price: 200 ml- INR 518


6. CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Cerave is the only globally leading brand that has formulated products with essential ceramides and patented MVE technology. Terms develop all products they offer. That’s why it is the first dermatologist-recommended skincare brand.


  • It comes with the benefits of ceramide and hyaluronic acid, which gives hydration to your skin and locks it.
  • The cleanser has a creamy texture that goes down deep in your skin and restores the skin barrier, and turnbacks its moisture level.
  • This cleanser is very gentle and mild as it is none soap formulation.
  • It won’t clog pores.
  • It is recommended for people with normal to dry skin.
  • Suitable for acne-prone skin because of its non-comedogenic property.

Price: 473ml- INR 2798


7. Nourish Mantra Cucumber Mint Upvan Facial Cleanser

Nourish mantra is constantly working in recreating ancient Ayurvedic formulations for modern living. They have a wide range of holistic wellness products.


  • It is a gel-based cleanser.
  • This cleanser comes with the help of aloe vera, which soothes your skin.
  • Nutritive niacinamide draws out impurities.
  • Cooling gel formulation refreshes and brightens skin.
  • Minty aroma energizes your senses.
  • The product is free from SLS and parabens.
  • This cleanser has synthetic chemicals and a mild fragrance that is below 1%.
  • Protects your skin from damage from the sun and environmental stresses.
  • All skin types can use it.

Price: 70 ml- INR 175


8. Khadi Natural Sandalwood & Honey Face Wash

Khadi natural are known for their best and quality hair care products. This company is India’s leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of natural herbal authentic products.


  • It helps in shrinking skin pores.
  • Therefore, it helps in tightening the drooping skin.
  • Honey helps in retaining skin moisture and heals skin irritation and common problems.
  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Long-lasting aroma and freshness.
  • Give your skin a natural shine.
  • It will benefit all skin types/hairs.
  • This cleanser is a good choice who have a combination skin type.

Price: 210 ml- INR 185


9. Morpheme remedies Ubtan Haldi & Kesar Face Wash

This company has a clear vision to enrich and give the best herbal and ayurvedic products. They offer scientifically researched herbal products passed through rigorous quality checks to provide us with the best. Interesting? Go through the details of this great face wash.


  • This cleanser will introduce your skin to natural herbs and ingredients.
  • It gently exfoliates your skin and removes dust, dirt and grime effectively.
  • The facewash has natural botanical extracts which not only clean but moisturize your skin at the same time.
  • Ubtan will give you brighter and glowing skin.
  • Haldi helps to reduce acne and acne scars.
  • Therefore, it prevents common skin problems.
  • It provides you with the nourishment of Kesar, which have antioxidants antinociceptive properties that led to youthful skin.
  • Balances skin Ph level.
  • Also, help in tan removal.
  • All the ingredients which are used are safe.
  • There are no harmful chemicals. It’s sulphate and parabens free.
  • It is clinically tested and recommended for normal skin types. But it is good for acne-prone and combination skin.

Price: 120 ml- INR 349


10. Dove Inner Glow Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

Dove represents” the home of natural beauty” because they believe that everyone is beautiful. The company offers skin and hair products. They are accredited with PETA and make cruelty free products.


  • This face wash will reveal your skin’s natural radiance.
  • It is formulated for smooth and glowing skin.
  • Moreover, it has nutrium moisture beauty serum for deep nourishment.
  • Dermatologically tested and suitable for normal skin.

Price: 100 ml- INR 484


Choose any face wash of your choice according to your skin type to help you achieve your best skin ever. Enjoy your healthy and gleaming skin.

FAQs Regarding Face Wash in India For All Skin Types

Q. Which face wash is effective for blackheads?

Face wash which is effective for acne and pimples, may work for blackheads as well. The best face wash to get rid of blackheads is Aroma Magic neem & tea tree face wash.

Q. Which type of face wash to use on acne-prone & sensitive skin?

If your skin is sensitive plus acne-prone. Would do wonder if you used a mild and gentle cleanser with no harmful chemicals. It should be sulfate and paraben-free. Always go for the cleansers which have soothing ingredients like honey, Kesar, cucumber etc.

Q. Which facewash do dermatologists recommend?

CeraVe and Cetaphil are dermatologist recommended face wash.

Q. Is there any chemical-free and natural face wash for combination skin?

Khadi natural sandalwood & honey face wash is perfect for those having combination skin with acne.

Q. Which type of facial cleanser will work for oily and sensitive skin?

You may look for a gel-based facial cleanser with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid. Use mild and gentle face wash so that it will not over dry your skin.

Q. Is facewash having micellar water good or bad?

Face wash with micelles water effectively deep cleaning and removing dust, dirt, grime and make-up. People who have acne-prone skin should use it responsibly because it’s not necessary that it suits them or not.

Q. Is it important to change our face wash with seasonal changes?

No, it is not necessary to change cleansers with seasonal changes. People with combination skin may have different skin types in different weather can look for appropriate face wash.

Q. Which type of face wash is ideal for combination skin?

Both gel and cream-based face cleansers are good for combination skin.


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