In India, we always picture girls and women with shiny hair, especially in our movies. They are our most significant source of imagination where they show the lead female with long, bright, styled, and well-groomed hair. But in reality, the health and natural growth of the hair is never taken into consideration. And even noticing we apply multiple chemical-based products for fast results!

People say “patience is a virtue,” but choosing patience seems exceptionally painful for hair growth. Hair is primarily made up of proteins called Keratin. Hair oils help stimulate hair growth; they strengthen existing locks and help maintain a healthy scalp with the oils our bodies naturally produce. 

Good hair oil stimulates hair growth, combats dry scalp and dandruff, remedy damage, add luster, and nourish hair. You have to understand the type of hair you have, the quality, and what you need a remedy. Several hair oils stimulate hair growth. Below we have listed a few which are best for the development of your hair. 

List of Best Oil for Hair Growth

1. Biotique Bio Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil For Falling Hair

This brand combines modern science with Ayurveda and can give you the kind of hair you have a dream of. It is a blend of potent herbs as tesu, amla, mulethi, coconut oil, pure bhringraj and goat milk which aids in hair growth. 


• This oil helps to treat alopecia and other scalp and hair concerns to give clean, healthy, and gorgeous-looking hair. 

• It improves the texture of the hair, strengthens each hair strand, nourishes the scalp, promotes new hair growth, and prevents greying. 

• The best thing about this oil is, it makes hair visibly silkier in just one use.

• It is light and non-sticky and controls hair fall, and treats dryness.

• It comes in a sweet and pleasant fragrance in a travel-friendly pack at an affordable price.

Price: INR 159.


2. Khadi Natural Henna & Rosemary Herbal Hair Oil

An array of unique ingredients makes up the glorious Khadi Natural Henna & Rosemary Herbal Hair Oil formula to give thick, long, healthy hair. This hair growth oil contains rosemary and henna, which treat inflammation and soothes the scalp. 


• It enhances new hair growth, restores natural hair colour, and imparts brilliant shine to dull hair. 

• This oil helps to promote hair growth on balding scalps and prevents hair loss. 

• It makes hair soft, silky, lustrous, and more manageable. 

• It acts as an antioxidant to kill bacteria and give a healthy and clean scalp as well. 

• This nourishing oil improves the texture of thin hair and adds volume.

• This oil is non-sticky and non-greasy and prevents split ends and breakage of hair.

• The oil has no parabens and contains mineral oils, which conditions the hair and promotes hair growth in a few days.

Price: INR 375.


3. St. Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Oil

St. Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Oil is bioactive oil enriched with Moroccan argan oil, which acts as a natural emollient to promote hair growth while moisturizing the hair. It is formulated to restore and strengthen weak, damaged, and brittle hair. 


• It is infused with jojoba, avocado castor, olive, almond, and rosemary oils that restore and nourish hair. 

• The natural ingredients in hair oil help detangle wet hair and seal the hair cuticles to make the hair look naturally silky, smooth and healthy. 

• It protects hair from heat damage and is recommended for women.

• It adds shine to the hair, prevents hair loss, dandruff and soothes the scalp.

• The oil does not contain silicone, sulphate or paraben.

Price: INR 549.


4. Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Deep Conditioning Hot Oil

To keep your hair from drying out, especially during winters, Parachute formulated this ayurvedic deep conditioning hot oil. It nourishes damaged hair and makes it soft, silky, and healthy. 


• It contains deep conditioning herbs like black pepper, white thyme, malkangani extract and hibiscus. 

• White thyme promotes hair growth by increasing the blood circulation in your scalp. 

• This vitamin-rich oil contains flavonoids that have excellent anti-dandruff and growth-stimulating properties.

• It strengthens your hair, reduces itchiness on the scalp and combats hair loss.

• The oil has special warming oil, which nourishes the hair from within, reduces hair breakage, and makes it more manageable. 

• This oil also helps to relieve headaches or stress. 

Price: INR 110.


5. Indus Valley Bio Organic Grow Out Hair Oil

Do you want healthier and voluminous hair? Try Indus Valley Bio Organic Grow Out Hair Oil made from natural extracts, premium herbs and essential oils like Centella, nettle, bulb onion, false daisy, and clove oil. 


• These ingredients work exceptionally well in promoting hair growth and strengthening the hair cuticles. 

• This innovative oil has multipurpose uses as preventing dandruff, hair loss, breakage, and split ends. 

• It enhances micro-circulation in the hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth. 

• It provides vital nutrients to the scalp and roots and restores the natural balance of the hair. 

• It increases the production of tyrosinase to help in the re-pigmentation of discoloured hair.

• This oil nourishes weak and limp hair, prevents itchy scalp, and stimulates visible hair growth within weeks.

Price: INR 199.


6. Aroma Magic Stimulate Hair Oil

As the name suggests, Aroma Magic Stimulate Hair Oil truly works like magic to give you gorgeous hair. Its rich formula stimulates the roots and increases blood circulation in your scalp to prevent hair loss. It creates a relaxed and calm sensation on the scalp when applied. 


• It treats inflammation and scalp infection. 

• It strengthens hair follicles from within and increases your hair’s elasticity. 

• This light and non-sticky formula claim to cover greys and retain your natural hair colour. 

• This colorless hair oil needs to be diluted with water or another carrier oil because of its thick consistency.

• It treats scalp infection, adds shine to your hair and promotes the growth of the hair within weeks. 

Price: INR 400.


7. Nature’s Absolutes Castor Oil

Nature’s Absolutes Castor Oil is manufactured from organically grown castor seeds specially grown in Rajasthan. This oil is extracted using the traditional cold pressing method to avoid compromising on quality. 


• It regulates the secretion of natural oils and nourishes the dry and flaky scalp. 

• Castor oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients that help to strengthen weak and brittle hair. 

• This gentle and lightweight hair oil adds a radiant glow to your hair, make them more healthy and manageable. 

• This oil adds volume to the hair and gives a long-lasting shine. 

• It prevents premature balding and promotes healthy hair growth. 

• This oil revitalizes the dry strands, repairs split ends, soothes an irritated scalp, and prevents dandruff.

Price: INR 300.


FAQs Regarding Hair Oil for Women

Q. Why do you observe hair fall after oiling?

On average, one can lose 50-100 strands of hair every day as long as the hair fall rate is average. After oiling, you should let it set on hair and scalp absorb it for a certain amount of time. Washing it off earlier may not serve the whole purpose of oiling.

Q. Will you experience hair fall after oiling hairs?

 Oiling does not help wholly to prevent hair fall; instead helps to increase hair growth. Growing pollution leads to a buildup of dust and oil on the scalp, which blocks hair follicles and aids in hair fall.

Q. What should we look at when buying hair oil?

A. When you are looking for hair growth oil, one should look for stimulant ingredients like ginseng, rosemary, mint, and even chilli to ensure good blood flow and stimulation of the hair follicles, which leads to consistent hair growth.

Q. What precautions should we take when using essential oils?

A. Never apply an essential oil directly to your hair. Instead, always use them with a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil, or use them in your shampoo or conditioner. 

Q. How should we apply hair oil to stimulate hair growth?

A. Hair growth oils are applied directly to the scalp and massaged for the best effect. The active ingredients are absorbed through the scalp to stimulate the underlying dermal papilla, which regulates growth. It is promoting to the scalp’s microcirculation, which encourages hair growth.

Q. Which oil brand is best for hair growth?

A. Khadi Natural Henna & Rosemary Herbal Hair Oil is the best hair oil that promotes hair growth.

Q. How can you grow hair faster, thicker and longer?

A. Use the right hair oil according to your hair type, make use of wooden combs, and eat nutritious food—advice from experts to make less use of hair styling tools and avoid the colouring of the hair.     

Q. How does coconut oil help damaged hair?

A. Damaged hair tends to look frizzy in dry weather. Coconut hair oil penetrates the hair shaft and helps to smoothen damaged, uneven hair.

Q. How often should we oil our hair?

A. For the best results, people with good hair and oily scalp can oil their hair twice a week. And people with thick hair and dry scalp should oil their hair once a week. 


The above oils can help improve the health of your hair with minimal risk of side effects at an affordable price point. In addition, they are easy to use. Mixing hair oil with a carrier oil or your shampoo and regularly applying that on the scalp can increase hair growth, strength, or shine—these oil help improve hair health. Different oils help hair growth, add strength and shine.


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