All of the makeup fans in this world will agree that lipsticks are without any doubt one of the most important makeup products. Every beauty routine is incomplete without the right lipstick color. It really doesn’t matter how many lipstick shades you have, your collection will always look unfinished until you own every lip color to complete your lip makeup but that is kind of impossible. We always feel like we don’t have enough of these beauties but the truth is we will never get enough of them. If you want to finish any beauty look lip color possesses the power to do that for you.

There are so many things that you need to know about lipsticks such as their origin, different designs of lipstick, lipstick color guide, various lip makeup techniques, and the list is never-ending. Every lipstick fanatic should know about all these crucial things. So, today we are going to take you to the world of lipstick because we want you to be a pro. Before going into a detailed guide regarding lipsticks, lets first talk about what is lipstick and how lipstick came into the picture?

What is Lipstick?

Lipstick is a kind of cosmetic for lips that comes in different colors, types, and textures. Some of them also offer protection to lips like lip balms. They are made using pigments, emollients, oils and waxes. Fruits and Vegetables like beetroot and some herbs are extracted to make natural lipstick color. There are also some animal-based lipstick shades. One of the biggest reasons to use lip color is to accentuate the lips.

History of Lipstick

The history of lipstick traces back to 5000 years ago. It is believed that Sumerian women and men were amongst the first to use lipsticks. Earlier lip stains were attained naturally using fruits, vegetables, flowers, insects, henna, etc. Gemstones were also used in a crushed form to decorate lips. Makeup was more of a status symbol in that period than something related to gender. Some of the Mesopotamian women applied lip color made from expensive jewels to depict their fancier side. Egyptians were true lipstick lover as they used lipstick shades like black and purple.

Different Types of Lipstick Formulas

We see amazing innovation in lip products almost every day but here we will discuss three traditional types of lipstick formulations.

Liquid Lipsticks– This formula has become a range in the beauty industry. Not just that, you will find all makeup enthusiasts owning so many of them. What makes this formula so famous is actually its all-day stay. After applying, it dries down fast and does not smudge. Some of the Liquid lipsticks also leave a velvety touch. They are much preferred because of their full opacity and also they come with a wand for applying it on the lip. Check out this article if you thinking of buying best liquid lipstick.

Stick/ Traditional Lipstick– This traditional lipstick comes in a tube form that you have to twist to apply. They are usually made out of waxes, pigments, and oils. The number of lipstick shades that you will find in stick lipstick is uncountable. They come in a gamut of finishes such as matte, glossy, sheer, satin, cream, and so many more.

Lip Stains– These super fun formulas are known for their no-fuss treatment and light feel on the lip. The thing with lip stains is that they are highly pigmented and you will need a make up remover to scrub them off at the end of the day. Stains are long-lasting and you can wear them on casual outings, date night, or a regular office day, they won’t disappoint you. Not to forget, some lip stains also work as cheek tints, and frankly, this is an amazing fact.

Different Types of Lipstick Shades Finishes

Not all of us know which lipstick suits us the most and it is an important thing to be aware of. So, we have sorted this for you, with this list of various lipstick finishes because we want you to know what’s best for you. Now doing your lip makeup will no longer a difficult task for you because we have got you, girl!

Matte Lipstick Shades

Matte lipsticks are luxury for your lips. They give a more vibrant look and leaves a nice velvety finish. Richly pigmented, these beauties last longer than most of your lipsticks. The most important thing is to be extremely precise while applying them. They are one of the most sold lip products all across the world and that is because they come in outstanding colors. One thing to keep in mind before buying them is that you must go for good brands. Cheap quality matte lipsticks leave your lips too much dry and sometimes create an uneven finish. Stack up your collection with the latest matte lips color to up your style game.

Sheer Lipstick Shades

The sheer finish is something that is liked by women who want soft makeup look. These lipsticks give your lips a hint of color but do not give opaque coverage. Your lips can be seen through it but it definitely adds more shine. They are different from creamy formula and are different from lip stains. They feel smooth and buttery and are very easy to apply. This lipstick comes in a wide variety of colors and it easily blends with other lipstick colors. If you are a beginner at lip makeup then sheer should be your choice. You wouldn’t mess with it because it comes off without any hassle. Sheer finish lipsticks are the perfect choice for daily usage and also for other occasions.

Satin Lipstick Shades

Thank God for Satin lipsticks because they are perfect for every occasion. These are like the perfect amalgamation of a liquid and glossy finish. Comfortable on the lip, they offer a softer appearance and shine. Their moisture content is just apt, not too sticky or dry. The key to having good satin lipstick shades is to select one from a known brand. A good brand satin lipstick will provide longevity. Using a lip pencil with a satin finish will give a satisfying beauty look. Satins are amongst the most bought lipsticks other than liquid ones but they are a great option to ace any makeup look.

Glossy Lipstick Shades

Perfectly suitable for dry lips, glossy finish is one of the best lipstick for makeup. If you want a super shiny appearance then go for glossy lipstick that gives a glamorous watery finish. Their high moisture makes them very hydrating and moisturizing. They come in liquid form and also in stick form. Even if you want to give a finishing touch to your lip makeup then glossy lipstick is all that you need. Look vivacious with those glossy lips that will definitely turn eyes.

Lipstick Shades for Different Occasion

Going for a natural look is something that you must choose for a formal event like an interview or office meeting. You do not want too much attention to be drawn and for that, you must pick a nude shade. Something like mauve pink or any other shade of nude will complete your lip makeup. This is perfect to show your professional side while looking stylish.

Show your vivacious attitude with red lipstick on your date night. You can choose from cream or matte finish, whatever suits you. Use a lip liner before applying your lipstick to complete your look. Do not feel shy to exude those playful vibes because red will do all the talking for you. Game, set, match!

Parties and Weddings are events where you have to show your A-game. Select from dark shades or go for ombre effects that will make you stand out of the crowd. If you do not want to pick from either of them, lipstick shades of red or pink are what’s best for you. Add a touch of your favorite lip gloss to highlight your look.

On all casual occasions, a sheer light pink or a glossy pink lips will look pretty. A light coral is also a nice pick for an everyday casual look. Whether you are going out with your girlfriends or having Sunday brunch with family, you can rely on these lipstick shades.

FAQs Regarding Lipstick Shades – Lip Color Makeup – Complete Guide

It is just not about choosing the right lipstick it is also important that you apply lipstick with perfection. Yes, having precision while putting lipstick for makeup is extremely essential. Here we will guide you step by step to ace your lip makeup.

  1. Remove the Dead Skin

    Begin your process by using a peeling product on your lip. apply it to the lip with your fingers. Peeling will remove the dead skin. It will leave your lips softer and smoother.

  2. Apply a Nourishing Balm

    Give extra softness to the lip with the help of a nourishing lip balm. It will provide the needed moisture to rough lips and you will no longer have cracked lips.

  3. Lip Liner is Crucial

    If you wish for long-lasting lip makeup then a lip liner is what you need. It prevents the lipstick from feathering and also gives an even look to thin lips. Start lining the corners of your mouth and then draw an X in middle, starting from the upper lip to the lower lip.

  4. Applying Lipstick

    Lipsticks can be applied directly but a pro tip is that you should use a lip brush to do so. Fill the lips by using a lip brush that will give better coverage. Make sure to choose a good brand lipstick that lasts for long.

  5. Go a little extra!

    If you want to flaunt your lip makeup like a celebrity then you have to put some extra effort. Use a small concealer brush to define your lips, use the concealer around the edges of your lips to correct the shape. Add a little lipgloss for a shinier finish. This entire step is totally optional but for pouty lips, you must go for it.

Editor’s Note | Lipstick Shades

Lipstick is like little bullets that own space in most women’s makeup collection like nothing else. This sleek makeup essential is something that we cannot do without. Not just for lips, but lipsticks are nowadays used as a multi-purpose beauty product. You are very well aware that your lip color possesses powers like a magic wand. These hidden gems can be used as blush, highlighters, eye-shadows, to name some of its uses. These hacks will help you in multiple uses of your lipsticks-

  • Choose light pink lipstick shades, dab them on your cheekbones using your finger. The chosen lipstick color should be a bit shinier or sheer.
  • Different types of eye makeup can be done using lipstick. Matte lip color is great for longevity and if you wish for your eyes to have wet look, go for a glossy lipstick.  Dab your finger on the lipstick and then buff it over the lids of your eyes.
  • Frosted lipstick can be perfect as highlighters. Some of the lipstick palette in nude shade works better that your blush palette. Click here to know about the top frosted lipsticks of 2020.

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