Nowadays, the power of the internet has taken a huge rise. The promotion of goods and services over the internet is known as Digital Marketing (DM). Further, learning this skill from the best institute proves to be very helpful. More importantly, it increases your chance to get jobs on national as well as globally. In this article, we will be taking you through the top best digital marketing training institutes and courses, and classes in Kolkata.

What exactly is Digital Marketing?

With the help of Digital Marketing, one can promote goods and services on all digital platforms. This can be done by just using a computer, laptop, or cellphones. Firstly, DM knows no bounds of time. Secondly, it doesn’t shut down. Thirdly, all marketing takes place over the internet. The internet is available to everyone 24×7. It is an evolving process. In other words, it is always changing. Therefore, customers can directly contact the business. Most importantly, it helps in the growth of the business. Likewise, it is expected to be the future of marketing. The internet provides many opportunities. To clarify, the internet and DM are important to each other. Consequently, DM grows online. DM helps you connect to mobile customers.

Digital Marketing also increases the reach of your products and services. In addition, it increases your popularity. It also increases your stand in the market. It saves a lot of resources. That is to say, that DM has become the new essential element of marketing. DM has made the process of business easy. Moreover, the Government also supports DM. Further, the scope is also wider. Today, people are using the internet a lot. As a result, it helps businesses to reach them quickly. Small Towns get a voice due to DM. It has been a blessing to customers. It includes less effort from businesses. DM institutes provide good practical training. Here, we provide you a list of the Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Digital Marketing means when goods and services of a particular brand are advertised over the internet. It has improved the overall marketing. DM helps small-scale businesses. It helps them achieve their goals. It also helps to establish a good brand image. This makes it easy for the companies to survive in the market. Through DM it becomes easy to attend to consumer problems. Doubts can be attended in live chats. Therefore, one can easily know the problems faced by the audience. Business can solve the problems faced by the customers. It also saves resources. It helps your business to know its stand. DM helps in overall working of the business.

Moreover, DM is very cost-efficient. In today’s world, the competition is very high. It becomes difficult to survive. To keep up with the latest trends one must consider learning DM. It helps you have an online presence. DM also helps your business grow. DM saves time for both customers and businesses. As a result, it increases the chances to compete with big companies. IT also helps to segment your audience. Through DM you can easily track your own growth. DM helps you to know where you stand.

List of Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Kolkata

InstituteFeesContact Details
1.NIFT25,000/- to 1,50,000/- a.9830269100
2.KDMI20,000/- to 1,00,000/-a.90077 46211
3.CMI40,000/- to 50,000/-a.033 40576601
4.Karmick Institute20,000/- to 80,000/- a.+91 9836423755
5.AIDM30,000/- to 80,000/-a.033 40053715
b.+91 9830840870


NIFT | Image Source

About NIFT

NIFT is one of the outstanding Digital Marketing course in Kolkata. Over 20,000 students have been trained by this institute. It consists of a very hardworking and qualified faculty. The courses taught here include all topics and modules. Students gain an advantage of practical knowledge. The courses taught here help in your growth. They also train you to become a professional.

This institute conducts two batches including the weekdays batch and weekend batch. The institute provides training in SEO and DM. Therefore, it is Best Digital Marketing Institute/classes in Kolkata.


NIFT offers students a wide range of topics. Similarly, even the faculty keeps itself well updated with the latest trends. It offers 100% help in placement once the student completes the course. Also, the trainees ensure the students in case of any doubts regarding any of the lessons. NIFT also has a reasonable fee structure and flexible training hours. Therefore, it is one of the Digital Marketing Training/classes in Kolkata

Contact Details


Phone: 9830269100/ 9830269700

Any other query:

Address: 25, G. C. Avenue, Opposite Mission Cafe. Kolkata – 700 013/ 16C Ashutosh Mukherjee Road 1st Floor, Near Homeland Mall. Kolkata – 700 020


KDMI | Image Source

About KDMI

KDMI is one of the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Kolkata. It trains students to excel in the trending skill of Digital Marketing. It has a course based on practical knowledge. This results in students getting better jobs. The faculty pays personal attention to all the students. In addition, they also provide notes. This institute provides amazing facilities to students. They include rooms, transport, 24×7 electricity.


KDMI believes in providing the best knowledge to everyone. Their practical approach helps students to meet industry standards. One can pay in cash or credit. The faculty is highly qualified. The students attract good jobs. Entrepreneurs find success in their business. All the courses make the students qualified. They also conduct workshops. In short, KDMI can be stated as one of the best DM Training Institutes in Kolkata.

Contact Details


Phone: 90077 46211

Any other query:

Address: BF-305 near Baisakhi Bus Stop BF Block, Sector 1, Bidhannagar Kolkata, West Bengal 700064 India

3. CMI

CMI | Image Source

About CMI

Calcutta Media Institute offers Diploma and Post Graduate course in DM. CMI trains its students in the best digital skills. It also offers courses in media and management. CMI provides its students best digital knowledge. It also sets a standard for digital learning. The faculty here also teaches in the top IIMs. Moreover, they are highly trained and qualified.

They train the students for interviews and also provide study materials free of cost. Likewise, the institute also offers live sessions. To sum up, they also conduct free demo lectures and also have short-term courses. In short, it provides all the needed information. Therefore, CMI ensures that students get rich knowledge.

Why CMI?

CMI provides a one-year course that is divided into two semesters. The institute also provides training in certification courses. CMI also gives out certificates once you complete the course. It also has a partnership with IAMAI. CMI makes modules according to the needs of the students. CMI arranges multiple workshops and events. To sum it up, CMI provides the best Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata.

Contact Details


Phone: 033 4057 6601

Any other query:

Address: 501, Elgin Chambers, 5th Floor, 1A, Ashutosh Mukherjee Rd, Sreepally, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

4. Karmick Institute

Karmick Institute | Image Source

About Karmick

Karmick is one of the prime Digital Marketing Classes in Kolkata. It has a very well-equipped base for students. It has updated computers and internet connectivity. The students are provided with international projects also. Karmick provides its student with complete digital knowledge. This results in the overall growth of the students. The institute offers top education at a very reasonable fee. It has courses that can be learned by students from all fields. For instance, students from Non-IT fields.

The students gain clarity and become experts after the completion of the course. Karmick has teachers trained in the industries. The trainees devote all their time to the students. The institute also provides 100% support in placement. The students get good jobs after the courses.

Why Karmick?

Karmick gives Certificates after completion of the course. They provide 24×7 help to the students. They also have updated course and syllabus. The teachers are very qualified. The Karmick also ensures complete support in placement. The students end up getting great jobs. Karmick also has a fees that every student can afford. Karmick has 92% record of placement.

Contact Details


Phone: +91 9836423755

Any other query:

Address: 116A, Street No 6th, (Premises No:1118)Purbalok, Mukundapur Mukundapur, Kolkata, India – 700099


AIDM | Image Source

About AIDM

AIDM is among the top known Digital Marketing Training Institute in Kolkata. The course has a term of 1-6 months. It covers all the important topics like SEO, email marketing, and many more. One can learn all the important rules about how to become popular over the internet. Moreover, they also have flexible teaching hours every week.

AIDM has a Diploma as well as post-graduation certification. After that, the faculty is always attentive towards the students. The faculty also keeps itself updated. The course includes all the necessary information required to be a professional.


AIDM gives you deep knowledge about all the topics related to DM. After completing your courses you gain attraction for good-paying jobs. You also gain the capacity to start something on your own. AIDM assures that all its trainers will be available to every student in case of any difficulty or doubt in any of the lessons. At the end of every course offered they will provide certificates to all the students. These qualities make AIDM the best among the Digital Marketing Training Classes in Kolkata.

Contact Details


Phone: 033 40053715/ +91 9830840870

Any other query:

Address: 238B, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Lake Gardens, Kolkata 700045

Is Digital Marketing a good career option?

With moving time, companies are considering DM to boost their sales. DM is a growing career option. Technology develops every day. This allows a person to constantly upgrade his DM skills. Since the last few years, internet marketing is gaining a lot of scopes. So, it is an excellent career option.

What roles does Digital Marketing provide?

DM is an ever-growing field. It provides a variety of job profiles. You can go for roles like DM Manager, Web Designer, SEO Expert, and many more.

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce means when people sell or buy goods online. People can pay online to complete sales. This is the new way of trading. On the other hand, it requires the internet. One can send or receive data or money. Distance and time do not become a problem. Certainly is one of the best options to consider.

Editor’s Note | Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

In today’s time it many people around the world use the internet. Similarly, they also find it easy to search for your products. DM helps to make your brand visible to the internet. Therefore, it becomes famous. In addition, it provides various channels to promote the brand. Also, It increases the scope of your product. It helps in lifting your brand. For Instance, your brand gains more sales. Small Businesses grow and are able to achieve their goals. Firstly, DM increases the sales of your company. Above all, it profits the company. DM also helps you find the right customers.

Kolkata Is known to be one of the most important cities. It has a beautiful culture. It also provides a great education to students. The institutes provide the students deep knowledge of DM. Students get more career options. The live sessions help the students to become industry-ready. More importantly, it helps to gain practical knowledge. In conclusion, the students become professionals. Similarly, it helps in growth. However, even hard work is a must. The students become capable of starting their own projects. Further, they also get some good job packages. This article, therefore, contains the 5 Best Digital Marketing Institute in Kolkata.


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