Digital marketing is part of marketing. In fact, it uses the internet and devices such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital items to aid products and services. Its growth during the 1990s and 2000s changed the way brands and businesses were using it for marketing. As it became included in marketing plans and everyday life. People use digital devices instead of visiting outdoor shops. There are some of the best digital marketing institutes in India. Moreover, these have the best digital marketing courses in India. These colleges can provide digital marketing training in India.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the move of aiding and selling products as well as services. It is done by holding online marketing plans such as social media marketing and email marketing. In marketing, one should know when to make the right offer and also in the right place. However, digital marketing puts you in the place, so your best chances can see you, learn about you, and even ask questions to you and about your products or services.
It will become easy to create awareness before and after the deal of any product. It can even help you convert new buyers into fans who can buy more items. Moreover, it will cut the buyer’s journey by giving the right deal at the right time.

List of Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India

InstituteFeesContact Details
1.IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education70,000/- to 4,00,000/-a.09619958615
2.NMIMS School of Branding and Advertising50,000/- to 4,00,000/-a.02242352239
3.Manipal Institute of Communication
50,000/- to 3,00,000/-
4.Delhi School of Internet Marketing
50,000/- to 70,000/-
5.UPES School of Business30,000/- to 1,00,000/-a.18001028737

1. IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education

IIDE is an Indian Institute For Digital Marketing. It was set up in 2016, and from then they have always aimed towards giving digital skills to learners. They have trained even more than 60,000 students through online, offline, and on-demand ways. Moreover, they are associated with the top colleges of Mumbai. however, they have 4 branches. Being one of the best Digital Marketing institutes in India, they create a learning environment for the students. Digital Skills are important to stay updated in today’s world. So, it launched a School of Digital Marketing, Code, and Design. This can teach students and can furnish them for their future.

Course for Digital Marketing in India :

  1. MBA Level Digital Marketing

This is an 11-month MBA-level master. After the completion of the course, the student will be given an IIDE certificate. It will be useful to them in Digital Marketing jobs. However, this college is known amongst India’s top brands and ad agencies. Hence this certification will showcase the industrial facility. This master course shall also help them to prepare for Google and Facebook certifications. Moreover, the mentors help them to shape their best career path that is based on their skills. The placement committee holds them through their resume. It also gives the best digital marketing training in India.

Placement for Digital Marketing:

They can work as a Brand Manager, Content Marketer, Account Manager, SEO Expert, and Business Development Manager.

2. NMIMS School of Branding and Advertising

SoBA uses unique ways of teaching in order to train the students. They employ a hands-on way to be carried by workers and brand managers. Moreover, they use both classroom teachings and business, along with sports trips to send students to think outside the box. They try to nourish the minds of students in a learning environment. So, that they grow into responsible, creative, passionate workers and business leaders.

Students can have a positive impact on our world in the future. They encourage the students to fulfill their dreams and have a successful future. Especially they shouldn’t be scared to complete their dreams. They try to develop better skills in students. It also, train them to become leaders. They encourage them to be innovative, productive and prepared to be successful in the economy.  This gives one of the best digital marketing training in India. However, this college is counted among the best digital marketing institutes in India.

Course for Digital Marketing in India:

  1. BBA – Branding & Advertising:

The BBA in Branding & Advertising helps the student to develop skills in making, and managing brands. Moreover, this qualification combines plans. It even includes creativity, economics, thinking, and innovation. Moreover, the course is a balanced mixture between humanities and the world of commerce to students. The students who have an interest in new business. For BBA, the student must have a 10+2 qualification with at least 50% on the first attempt. It is a popular digital marketing course in India.

Placement for digital marketing training:

They can work as a Brand Manager, Content Marketer, Account Manager, SEO Expert, and Business Development Manager.

3. Manipal Institute of Communication

The digital and non-digital media rule the most here. Moreover, people love reading newspapers like the way they love their daily shows. As a result, many chances are there in special areas of business, video and audio production, branding, and advertising, film making, blogging, and digital marketing. Anyone who is thinking of a career in digital marketing, this is the time to take part.

Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC) is mainly for media and communication in Manipal. It is a part of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). It is also known by the Ministry of Higher Education. This college is ranked 5th among the top digital marketing institute in India. MIC was set up in 1997. However, the college has some values in its subjects. It gives to benefit the media industry by providing skilled workers for over many years now. Its vision is to give value education to the students.

Course for Digital Marketing in India:

  1. B.Voc Graphic and Digital Media

The Council of India offers a three-year beginners course in Graphics and Digital Media that is highly skill-based. FICCI has helped the Council with the support of the NSDC. The course talks about topics such as social media, digital networking, and branding. Type design, graphic design, packaging, print design, identity, branding, and structures such as signal. They are the key points of the course. This is a newly added digital marketing course in India. They aim to teach all the skills and information needed for the jobs. They also help the students whenever needed.

Placement for digital marketing training:

They can be Graphic artists, Social Media chiefs, and Digital Marketing Managers. These jobs are highly in demand. However, these fields are growing fast these days. Everything is done using digital marketing in many places.

4. Delhi School of Internet Marketing

“Kixx Media Pvt. Ltd.” runs the DSIM School. It is also known as the Digital Vidya company. It is a sign of “Kixx Media Pvt. Ltd.” They teach the students how to hit the right game group at the lowest cost possible. DSIM offers a 45-hour training course. In fact, it also gives a 2-day special course in Internet marketing. This allows the workers to learn useful things, plans, and update the skills that they need. Moreover, it does so in order to increase your company’s market share, raise brand knowledge, draw notice to buyers, meet the right target market, and grow the company. Further, it gives better digital marketing training in India.

Course for Digital Marketing in India:

  1. Masters in Digital Marketing

It develops digital marketing skills to give an advantage. It teaches how to sell online, create new leads, and increase sales with better brand names and marketing. The Masters of Digital Marketing Course offered by DSIM is Asia’s first mixed course. Moreover, it is India’s first Digital Marketing Institute. It is also the first PREMIER Google Partner Institute. This college was the first one to pass 25,680+ students. However, more than 947+ batches have completed the journey successfully. It is the most chased digital marketing course in India.

Placement for digital marketing training:

They can work as a Brand Manager, content maker, and SEO Expert. Moreover, they have different skills in other fields they can work in.

5. UPES School of Business

UPES was set up as a new college that can offer special beginner and master courses, such as cloud computing, mechanical and civil engineering, fine arts, big data, public management, and so on. Their only aim is to help each student achieve their goals in life. It will guide them through this way and also help them, to understand different plans and works.

They are given the chance to fulfill their goals in a positive way. Creativity, skills, and planning, and thinking are all considered as a part of professional growth. Everyone living in society is a responsible active member. They can promote their business for the welfare of society. Moreover, they should help and grow the digital marketing business in the environment. As a result, students should select the way that is useful for them in order to complete their goals. However, it helps them in every way possible. They provide them all the knowledge that is needed for the job.

Course for Digital Marketing in India:

  1. BBA in Digital Marketing

BBA teaches how to make plans to attract customers through many other digital channels. It provides a complete view of planning and completing business. Moreover, it promotes its product on famous search engines and other social media sites. However, to get in the students need at least 50% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th).  Commerce Stream is the most preferred stream during admissions. This course is the best digital marketing course in India.

Placement for digital marketing training:

They can work as a Brand Manager, Content Marketer, and SEO Expert. Moreover, they have different skills in other fields they can work in.

FAQs Regarding Digital Marketing Course in India

Is Digital Marketing a good career to choose?

Yes, it is a good choice. Digital marketing has many benefits such as become easy to create awareness before and after the deal of any product. It has many job options such as in the field of Mobile marketing, Web development, production, and so on. This course is in high demand nowadays. As a result, the income is also high in these fields.

Which cities are best for digital marketing in India?

There are a few cities in India which are best for this course. People can study in these cities to have a bright future. These cities are Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru. These are also known as the hub for this course.

How will be our career in digital marketing?

The career will be the same as those having other practical jobs. Moreover, digital marketing is growing and hence it has many job chances in the future. This can make you rich as these are in high demand. The overall experience will be good in this field.

Editor’s Note | Digital Marketing Course in India

Basically, digital marketing is an online marketing attempt. Email, social media marketing, and even blogging are some examples of digital marketing. Digital marketing training is there in many colleges in India. In fact, they help people to know about your company and also to convince them to buy. This is the new idea of marketing in the 21st century. The things that attract people the most to check any website or shop are their logos and the collection. Some digital marketing companies even have their video ads to attract people. Digital marketing is the best option for any business.


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