Are you searching for the best graphic design courses in Hyderabad? Do you like to paint your thoughts on screen? We are here for you with the best graphic designing colleges or institutes in Hyderabad. Further, this article has a deep study of different courses available in the colleges for Hyderabad. Also, we have given the course details and admission process for your ease. If you like to edit photos with new ideas, you’re on the right track. Moreover, best graphic design institute in Hyderabad is for students who are an expert in creative planning. Hereafter, we have also stated the acceptance for these courses. Based on our research, we have handpicked the best institutions of graphic design colleges in Hyderabad. We strive for your sharp future. Hence, let’s begin to route your outstanding career with top graphic design courses in Hyderabad!

List of Best Graphic Design Colleges in Hyderabad

InstituteFeesContact Details
1. Arena Animation Institute
-a. +91 9959223313
2. Pixxel Arts-
a. +91 9177258152
3. Fly High Animation-a. +91 9676285287
4. Hamstech-a. +91 7416066555
5. International School Of Design-a. +91 9963858161

The courses given out by the institutes mentioned below are some of the top-rated picks for you. Moreover, we hope that this guide gives you a clear idea about the period of courses. Graphic design courses in Hyderabad moreover don’t have a specific entrance exam. Although, if the students are looking out for an overall design course, UCEED is the exam for it. To know more about UCEED, click here. Further, we have stated the pure graphic design courses for your benefit. Graphic design mainly involves a mix of technology and creative thoughts. If you are in connection with the guides of IT, you are here for a treat.

1. Arena animations for graphic design courses : Top Graphic Design Courses in Hyderabad

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Firstly, Arena is one of the best picks for graphic design in Hyderabad. The course has web development along with graphic design. Also, their main aim is to make the students confident enough to work as a professional. Moreover, the course given is totally an all-rounder with the great teaching staff. The course mainly focuses on making interesting logos, showing creativity in multimedia, digital graphics, and many more. Moreover, the 12th pass is the minimum acceptable for this course. Hence, it can be taken by undergraduates and postgraduates to shape your career. The Arena is very well known for its success in design.

Graphic Design Course Details in Hyderabad :

The course Graphic web design and development (GWDD) is one of our best choices for you. Also, the duration of the course is 15 months. The course includes many other aspects of design for you to be job-ready. Further, the course has around 11 tools and software. The course is based on a standard platform like Onlinevarsity. Along with these, Arena also gives you a platform to display your portfolio. The fee structure for GWDD is around ₹ 1 – 1.5 lakhs. However, the institute makes sure to give the student’s loan facility, which is amazing. Moreover, this is a certified course.

Why should I choose Arena animations?

Arena has around 6 branches for GWDD courses in Hyderabad. So it is definitely a benefit for you. Also, the institution has more than 25 years of experience in this field. Spread around 20 countries, they also offer placements. Along with this, the arena helps you study abroad for higher courses too! Hence, grab this golden chance without fail.

To know more about Arena, click here.

2. Pixxel Arts – The school Of Animation & visual effects: Top Graphic Design Courses in Hyderabad

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Secondly, the decade-old course for the best graphic design course in Hyderabad is offered by Pixxels. Nowadays, graphic design is one of the major trends attracting youngsters. The short courses available through Hyderabad are certified. Pixxels gives one of the best courses for Graphic design. The institution has high-ranked professionals to teach the students. Also, the main aim of the course is to give individual attention to every student. Hence, the classes have minimum students in each batch for best productivity. However, the main aim of the class is to prepare the students for the huge industry and media out there.

Course details

The duration of this graphic designing course in Hyderabad is for 3 months. The course covers high standard tools and software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc. The instructors make sure that the students settle in a friendly environment. Moreover, completing the course will give you the professional tag of a graphic designer. Hence, 90 days to get a certified course is the best option available out there.

Contact details

  • Email ID –
  • Contact number –  040 40218222 / 9177258152

Why should I choose Pixxels?

Pixxels is a very well-established platform in graphic design. The company has a section on its website to display the creative work of students. Moreover, this is clearly because they are confident enough about their training. The aim is already set high to get into higher platforms ahead, hence strong assistance is provided. Also, the platform gives you various placement options for a shining future.

To know more about pixxels, click here.

3. Fly High Animation : Best Graphic Design Institute in Hyderabad

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Thirdly, flying high animation is one of the best graphic design institutes in Hyderabad. The institution mainly focuses on displaying thoughts on the screen with creative ideas. Also, over the span of the course, students are expected to make challenging designs based on the given training to make them an expert. The bar is already set high as the name suggests, ‘fly high animation. Also, the faculty makes sure to prepare the students for the tough world.

Course details

The graphic design course at FHA is looked up as one of the best institutions in Hyderabad. The disciplined course pushes the students to meet compact deadlines. This moreover prepares them for the outer world. FHA includes the latest tools and software in their course. Moreover, they also include the communication and content set. Further, this is important for combining the design with text for better effects in the professional world. Moreover, the course is for a duration of 3 months, 15 days. The tools and software taught include Adobe photoshop, illustrator, CorelDraw, and many more. Further, the institution also mainly focuses on creating engagements to attract more people to the graphics created.

Contact details

  • Email ID –
  • Contact number –  9676285287

Why should I choose FHA?

FHA is an institute of graphic design in Hyderabad with great infrastructure. The student reviews top the bar of excellence. Moreover, completing this course will help you get into your desired sector of graphics. Also, working with a huge or small firm is considered equally challenging as different work profiles have different wishes. Hence, meeting the deadlines with the expected original design is something FHA teaches you. Hence, the graphic design course is definitely a boost to your career.

To know more about FHA, click here.

4. Hamstech : Top Graphic Design College in Hyderabad

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Hamstech is one of the best graphic design colleges in Hyderabad. Moreover, the college has a definite course for graphic design. The college is considered to be one of the best design colleges with international links. Also, the main aim of Hamstech is to polish the creative young minds to bring out original designs. The field of graphic design is blessed with the best courses given out by Hamstech college in Hyderabad. The 28-year-old institute has deep knowledge with great staff to make the course worth its while for students. Hamstech gives out two courses in-depth :

Course details

  1. BA Hons. in Applied Arts (Visual Communication)

The given course by Hamstech is a 3-year degree course. Further, this is for students who wish to make a definite future with a degree in Graphic Designing. Completing this course moreover gets you to various platforms such as art designers for films, advertisements, logos, and many other graphic-based areas. The scope for graphic designing is immense. Hence, except for the regular short-term courses, this one mainly focuses on deep subject areas for perfection. A 12th pass is minimum acceptability for this course. Moreover, the course also includes many celebrity mentor lectures for students. Therefore, hearing from someone who is already an expert will boost the student’s confidence.

2. Certificate in Graphic Design

The course given by Hamstech is a 1-year duration. Moreover, it includes an overview of Graphic design in a year. The institution makes it important to add special celebrity lectures. Also, it has various field trips and projects to work on. This is in order to keep the students occupied all the time and gain knowledge. The syllabus planning by the institution is indeed a great one. Also, the minimum acceptability for the short-term course is the 10th pass.

Contact details

  • Email ID –
  • Contact number -9885420202

Why should I choose Hamstech?

Hamstech is one of the best design colleges. The huge campus adds a feather to the cap. Moreover, the guest lectures and international connections attract many students. Finally, the College also gives promised job offers.

To know more about the Graphic design courses at Hamstech, click here.

5. International School Of Design, Hyderabad : Best Graphic Design College in Hyderabad

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INSD moreover has won the tag for the best design college in India. The renowned institute offers many courses for graphic design. The main goal of the institution is to make students fully soaked in the knowledge of graphic designing. Further, we have mentioned the courses offered.

Course details for graphic designing at INSD

Bachelors in Design

  • The course duration is for 3 years
  • Further, the minimum acceptance is the 12th pass.
  • Includes deep study of many graphic design elements
  • A study of 10+ tools and software

Masters – M. Design / MBA

  • The duration of the course is 2 years
  • Further, at least graduation is the minimum acceptance.
  • Prepares you for the outer world with many other elements in the course.
  • A study of 10+ tools and software.

Diploma in Graphic Design (advanced)

  • The course duration is of 2 years
  • Deeply focuses only on graphic designing
  • Learn to create, edit, advertise, design, interact, and a lot more.
  • A study of 10+ tools and software
  • At least the 12th pass is the minimum acceptance

Diploma in Graphic Design (1 year)

  • At least the 12th pass is the minimum acceptance
  • A quick overview within 2 semesters.
  • Important tools and software included.

Short certificate course for graphic designing

  • Learn graphic designing course in 6 months
  • At least the 10th pass is minimum acceptance
  • Much important software is covered.

Why shouldd I choose INSD?

INSD is one of the top-ranked institutes in Hyderabad. They provide the maximum number of courses for graphic designing. Moreover, they offer promised placements with many renowned brands. Its international connection makes it stand out from others. Hence, INSD is one of the best graphic design institutes or colleges for students looking out for graphic designing as a career in Hyderabad. Click here to know more about INSD.

To know more in depth about Graphic design courses for your career, click here.

FAQs Regarding Graphic Design Courses in Hyderabad

Do we have any specific entrance for Graphic design in Hyderabad?

Not really. Although, you have to clear the UCEED if you wish to apply for an overall course in design.

Are the long term courses better than the short certificate courses?

Here, the answer differs from person to person. If you want to take up Graphic designing as a full-time course, Hamstech and INSD are the best choices. However, you can also sign in for short-period courses offered by other institutes. They are no less in comparison as most of them are verified and have the placement option.

Is there a lot of scpoe for graphic design iin Hyderabad?

Yes. Graphic design gives you a free card to get into the higher industry levels. At the same time, you also have the freedom to begin your own start-up.

Editor’s Note | Graphic Design Courses in Hyderabad

Graphic design courses are trending like a wildfire in Hyderabad. Moreover, there are many variations in course to choose from. We have researched in-depth to create this useful guide for you. Further, all the courses mentioned in this guide have promised placements for students. The course also enables you to get into the industry and media on a large scale. Designing logos and other arts with original creativity is something these courses make you learn. Also, the advanced tools and software included is another icing on the cake. Also, the best part about graphic design is that you are also capable of setting up your own start-up at an individual level. Hence, vast exposure is present.

In all, we hope that this guide turns out to be useful for the best graphic design colleges and institutes in Hyderabad. We strive to serve the best for you. So, its time for you to ace your career with these top-class courses. Good luck!


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