The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an exam conducted for the master’s program for children with a background in engineering. The GATE exam tests your understanding of the basic subjects of engineering and offers admissions accordingly. With the high number of registrations in the exam, clearing the exam may require professional help. Below is the list of how to select a best GATE Coaching in Chennai, with a list of Top GATE Coaching in Chennai. To help you secure your future after graduation. You can clear this examination with the help of self-study, but the GATE PSU Coaching Classes in Chennai. However, they guide you in the right direction of working hard, which becomes very important in competitive exams.

This exam is conducted by IITs, IISc & Government.

Why GATE Coaching Classes?

With every aspirant having their own requirements when joining academic classes for any kind of competitive exams. The major role is played by the mindset of the aspirant. Learning to deal with concepts, questions, etc. Coaching classes play a major role in building up the mindset of the aspirant. Below are a few reasons out of the many of joining GATE PSU Coaching in Chennai.

  • The direction of study: Every aspirant when chooses to prepare for any competitive exam, will work hard. But when you go for GATE Coaching Classes in Chennai, they tell you the correct manner in which you have to study. Making your hard work and dedication more effective.
  • Regular Classes: With the hectic schedule of preparing, Coaching Classes are the best place where you can find out your real competitors Furthermore, helping you work harder and in a more realistic manner. With this, they also help you keep track of your preparation, and you can easily realize if you are falling back.
  • Professional Guidance: When a part of Top GATE Coaching in Chennai, the experts in the field can help you figure out all the things, you need before and after taking the exam. Furthermore, helping you be on track and schedule helps you accomplish your goal of clearing the competitive exam.

Structure of GATE Examination

Subjects Covered in Written Exam

Like every other competitive exam there, GATE also covers different concepts and subjects to test your knowledge. Clearing attests to your understanding of the basic concepts of your graduation degree. The subjects which are covered under the GATE exam are:

  • Numerical Ability:  Numerical computation, numerical estimation, numerical reasoning, and data interpretation
  • Verbal Ability: English Grammar, sentence completion, verbal analogies, word groups, instructions, critical reasoning, and verbal deduction.
  • Technical Ability: This paper depends on the subject that you choose for technical
  • Engineering Mathematics: This is not included in all papers.

Moreover, every institute will provide you with different experts on these subjects, to help you with your preparation. Including practice material of questions of the type of exam. And also mock tests to simulate real exams.

Rounds of GATE Examination

The GATE Examination consists of two rounds, namely Written and interview round. GATE PSU Coaching Classes in Chennai help you prepare for both the rounds. Once you are through with the written paper, the only barrier between your dream institution is an interview round. The second round could be a personal interview round, a group discussion round or as some instituitions prefer both the rounds, before making their final admission list.

The score of your GATE paper, is valid for three years, and you can use it anytime before it expires.

List of GATE Coaching in Chennai

InstituteFeesContact Details
1.GATEFORUM₹1000 to ₹36000a.044-42144432
2.The GATE Academy25,000 - 40,000/-a.08040611000
3.ACE Engineering Academy54000/-a.8688824287
4.IES GATE Academy40000 - 50000/-a.+91-9445017000
5.Vani Institute45000/-a.044-24345294

Below is the list of the best 5 GATE PSU Coaching in Chennai, which can help in your dreams coming true. And help you in securing your future, once the exam is cleared.

1. GATEFORUM – Best GATE Coaching in Chennai

GATEFORUM is the best in terms of providing assistance in Chennai and around the country. It has made its name through years of working in this field, furthering it with diversified options of courses. It provides seven courses, each with different specialties. Moreover, all these seven can deal with all the varieties of an aspirant, who wants to make his future with this as the stepping stone.

Along with this, they also have a test series called TarGATE, which helps the student to prepare accordingly. The USP for this GATE Coaching Classes in Chennai is their personalized coaching that they provide to every aspirant that opts for it. Furthermore, this is done by sharing pdf, video lectures, and one-to-one doubt clearing sessions.

Moreover, if you are someone who wants every bit of study and preparation on a personalized level this is the coaching you should go for.

For more information contact them at or click here

D7 , T.V.K Industrial Estate , Guindy,,
OPP to HDFC ATM and BSNL Office
Chennai -600032,
Ph: 044-42144432
Mobile: 9677030010

TIP: Before choosing any coaching centre, do not just decide on the basis of online review. Talk to them clear all your doubts, and then move forward with taking admission.

2. The GATE Academy – best GATE Classes in Chennai

The GATE Academy based in Chennai, has been a go to for many GATE aspirants from past few years. This is because of their guarantee to give each and every student personal attention, this increases the chances of a student clearing the GATE examination. As with personal attention comes the benefit of being able to understand and acknowledge your week points and work on them.

With this they also provide a comprehensive kit of study material, which is well analyzed and worked upon, with the help of subject experts, to give an exact idea of how GATE questions look like. Also, with more than 80+ tests available they are able to stimulate the examination, and gets the aspirant to work with accuracy under pressure.

Need their guidance? Contact 8040611000

3. ACE Engineering Academy – GATE Coaching Institute in Chennai

The ACE Engineering Academy has been in the field of educating and building professionals for the past 25 years. And this is one of the reasons you can rely on them to teach you in the best manner possible. Their faculty includes professionals from IITs and IIMs who help you show a realistic view of the world. Based in Chennai, they provide an average of 6-10 hours of lectures for weekend batches and 3 hrs of daily classes for weekdays.

They are known for guiding the student in the right direction, helping them out in exploring all the career options available once you are through with your exams. Moreover, they help you plan out your future and build expectations that can realistically be accomplished.

More information and details available at or their website

New no 39, old no 20, North Usman Road,
T Nagar (above Reliance Fresh)
Mahalingapuram Fly over, Chennai-600017
Contact No : 044–42123289, 9343799966

4. IES GATE Academy – GATE Coaching Centre in Chennai

IES GATE Academy has its GATE Coaching Centre in Chennai, where it offers you one of the best coachings in the entire city. With being only based in Chennai, the efficiency and student-teacher ratio are what make it come on the top of the list. The USP for this institute is that they let you study and attend classes for the same fee till the time you have achieved your aimed rank. Going forward, with the world they also conduct online classes along with offline classes. Moving forward motivates aspirants to start taking coaching in their 2nd and 3rd years respectively. To not pressurize them in the final year.

Moreover, their fee is quite affordable ranging from 25000-40000 for online courses, and 40000-60000 for offline methods.

For more information contact them at

New No. 50, Old No. 18, Mahalakshmi Street, Beside City Union Bank, Near Siva Vishnu Temple, T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017, Tamilnadu.

  • +91 – 9445017000
  • 9445027000
  • +91 –  9445037000

5. Vani Institute – GATE Coaching Classes in Chennai

Vani Institute is one of the best GATE PSU Coaching in Chennai. With having its headquarters in Hyderabad, they have their branches across six different cities. Where they provide you with a variety of courses, according to your need for the exam. Their courses range from online to classroom teachings. With diversity in these two types as well. Vani Institute further offers you recorded sessions, for people who are working. And also live classes and offline classes for students as well as aspirants who are completely focused on clearing the exam.

Moreover, the team of this institute is among one of the best support teams an aspirant can wish for. Alongside their classes, they also publish study material available on online stores for aspirants who wish to self-prepare.

Contact them at or click here

#23/2/2, Ground Floor, Natesan Park Back Side, Kannadasan Salai, T. Nagar, Chennai.

Ph : 044-24345294 | 9444045294

To help you find coaching institutes for other competitive exams like CAT, UPSC check our website. And get the most genuine feedback on the best coaching institutes. You can also check the article on Other Coaching Centre in Chennai except for GATE. Also, find the best Coaching Centres and Institutes for GATE Coaching throughout India. So that you have complete knowledge of the coaching centre you choose for yourself.

FAQs Regarding GATE Coaching in Chennai

Does GATE examination guarantee admission?

No, the GATE examination does not guarantee admission. The admission completely depends on the institution or the PSU you want to be a part of. The education qualification for every other institution will be different, along with dates and times of admission. So, if you are looking for admission to a specific institution keep a track of what all is required beforehand.

Who is eligible for giving GATE?

There are no such eligibility criteria to give GATE. You need to be a graduate or a final year student in order to appear for the exam. However, if looking at it from the perspective of age, GATE 2021 has no age limit.

What is the fee of GATE Exam?

The fee of your GATE exam depends on what your subjects are. It can range from 750-2000. Depending on the category you belong to, along with which phase of the registration you register yourself for the exam. If you do it in the first phase itself, it will be relatively cheaper than doing it in the extended phase. And if you do not belong to any category and are neither a female, your registration fee will be higher than others.

Editor’s Note| Best GATE Coaching in Chennai

Coaching or any place of guidance always plays a very important role in how you study and be on the right track for achieving your goals. GATE PSU examinations can shape an aspirant’s future for the best, and that is why getting into the top GATE Coaching Centre in Chennai becomes very important. Always do your part of research before taking admission to any institution on the basis of reviews available. However, always have a chat with the faculty, try and interact with coaching aluminize to get the most realistic view of how things in the center work. And then think about taking admission from the perspective of how you handle and tackle things, and will the coaching center be able to give justice to your way of understanding and grasping things.


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