IAS(UPSC) is considered one of the most difficult exams in India; yet however, many students prepare for IAS/UPSC each year. Similarly, appropriate guidance is also a vital requirement for clearing any exam and the same goes with IAS/UPSC as well. If you are from Jaipur; or anywhere near Jaipur, this article suits best for you. Here is an incline of the top IAS/UPSC Coaching Center in Jaipur.

Everything about IAS.

IAS officer is a broad profession with several choices. A member of the Indian Administrative Service; can operate in a variety of capacities.

Besides, you can also work as a Personal Secretary as an IAS officer to a Minister in the Central Government. Further, one can be chosen to the public sector and UN agencies, as well as entities such as the World Bank, IMF, and ADB, which offer IAS staffs deputation probabilities for abroad postings. IAS officers may also be eligible to serve for worldwide organizations such as; the WTO, Commonwealth, SAARC, and the International Court of Justice, etc.

The basic Knowledge.

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is a division of the Indian government’s Services. In Addition, The IAS is one of three branches; of the All-India Services and is India’s highest civil service in addition to the IPS and the IFS.

Associates of these facilities also work for the central government, along with the state government. Officers might be assigned; to a range of public-sector initiatives as well.

Eligibilities and Requirements.

This one of the most difficult sets of competitive exams all over the country due to the high degree of competition, becoming an IAS officer is challenging; yet, anyone with the right frame of mind as well as approach and proper preparation; can become an IAS officer.

Yet, a candidate must also pass the UPSC CS exam; to become an IAS officer (UPSC CSE). After that; it is in the segment of three; different positions, such as – PRELIMS MAINS & INTERVIEW.

Knowingly; each of us is equal in the eyes of the nation; there are no boundaries with anyone to sit in IAS/UPSC exams; Similarly your Gender; Cast; Race; Creed; Background; don’t matter when you appear to give IAS/UPSC exam.

Qualifications needed.

  • One must be an XII pass.
  • However, students can be of any stream background.
  • However, there is no necessity for subject combinations.
  • Clearance of UPSC CS Exam.
  • The candidate must have, a Bachelor’s degree from any renowned university.
  • Also, those who have acknowledged government or similar professional credit; are also eligible to give the IAS exam.
  • One must be at least 21 years old to sit the IAS exam.
  • Overseas Indian aspirants, require an OCI certificate.
  • Besides all these, there are no other such requirements until now.

Duty of an IAS Officer.

An IAS officer attends as a sub-DM part-time after joining the service. The procedure will last after this probation gets fulfilled.

After some time, then; the officer will have an allocation to the district as DM and Collector.

After that term of service, the officer may be qualified for the upgradation, as The DC is in command of a total state government division. Succeeding that, IAS officers may be in command of government administration. Moreover, IAS officers are given responsibilities to ensure that the country is adequately represented at that level of political discourse or not.

Also, there are more possibilities that, the IAS officer may also get to join, an organization including the IMF, the World Bank, and the ADB furthermore, the AIIB, as well as the UN and its agencies too.

Importance/Need of best IAS/UPSC coaching

This exam will not be simple for anyone. Therefore, candidates will need a lot of patience, discipline, and consistency to pass this test,

It’s also the fact that no solo method will work for all candidates. Therefore, As a result, the candidate must develop genuine and well-thought-out exam preparations. Best IAS Coaching Centres do contribute to the development of the aspirants.

Best IAS Coaching Centres can appropriately educate candidates. Whether it’s in terms of choosing an optional subject and creating a study schedule or preparing answers; for writing through the UPSC test series.

Even though there are numerous coaching Center across the country, it is crucial to select one that provides the appropriate level of help to pass the exam.

HERE IS A LIST OF THE BEST TOP IAS/UPSC ACADEMY/COACHING CENTRE IN JAIPUR, for all The students aspiring to become the most honourable servants of the nation.

List of IAS Coaching in Jaipur

InstituteFeesContact Details
1. Chahal Academy
1 Year Batch - Rs.75,000
2 Year Batch - Rs.1,00,000
3 Year Batch - Rs.1,25,000
Unlimited Batch - Rs.1,50,000
a. +91 7284811227
2. KSG InstituteFoundation Course- Rs. 1,57, 000(9 months)
Advanced Foundation- 1,85,000( 2 years)
a. +91 9811293743
3. Drishti IASComplete Course - Rs. 1,70,000a. 1800 1216260
4. Byju's-a. +91 9243500460
5.Chanakya IAS AcademyComplete Course - Rs. 50,000a. +91 7656949029

1. Chahal Academy – Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur

Chahal Academy is one of the leading academies; for IAS/UPSC coaching in Jaipur. It was founded by Mr. Sumesh Chahal in 2011. They have branches in other regions of the country as well, apart from Jaipur.

It is one of the top IAS coachings, in Jaipur, with a teacher with rich experience. A team that dedicates itself to generating content for students, and an administrative staff that is both friendly and professional.

Chahal Academy since its start; is famous for its knowledgeable faculty, thorough covering, enthusiastic classrooms, frequent assessments, detailed explanations, great study materials, and focus; on individual attention.

Chahal Academy provides students; with both offline and online lectures and helpful study courses, infographics, and 24/7 support. They are guiding their students in acquiring exactly what they require. All to ensure whatever they learn gives them a fruitful result.

They have shared the responsibilities of many students by far and helped many aspirants to achieve their goals, Due to which they are one of the most trusted names in the coaching sector in Jaipur and across India by students.

More about Chahal – Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur

  • It is one of the best coaching centers to prepare for IAS/UPSC in Jaipur.
  • Teachers at Chahal are well knowledgeable.
  • They provide the library as well.
  • By far; Chahal is a faithful firm for education.
  • It also; provides advanced courses and technology for studies.
  • Moreover; they are Maj loved by its students.
  • In Addition; they are highly liked by their parents too.

Contact Details:

Official Website – www.chahalacadmey.com E-Mail – chahalacademy@gmail.com Ph. no. – +91-7405251088 & +91-723821227


2. Khan Study Group – Best UPSC Coaching in Jaipur

In 2008, Mr. A. R. Khan founded KSG, a well-known IAS Coaching Centre in Jaipur, Apart from Jaipur, KSG has locations throughout India as well.

Not just local students, but aspirants from all over the country come to KSG to take advantage of the best facilities and advice available to help them achieve their goals.

The teaching Faculty at KSG is very knowledgeable and passionate, about helping their students in every possible way. Furthermore, it has a long history of aiming to ensure a bright future for its students and has earned a reputation as one of Jaipur’s top IAS academies.

By far; They have specialized in guiding students in every manner possible, thus KSG gives all of the most up-to-date study materials, holds mock tests on occasion, and hosts debates and quizzes; on themes such as politics, socio-economic development, and cultural development.

They feel that each student should be guided in his or her own mindset so that both KSG and the  Aspirant can succeed together. Therefore, for the same reason, it is amongst the most trusted names in the coaching industry in Jaipur and throughout the country.

More about KGS – Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur

  • By far; KSG is one of the top IAS Coaching Centre in Jaipur.
  • The faculty here is very well experienced.
  • They are amongst the most trusted institutes
  • The library is also provided at KSG.
  • KSG believes in giving education in modern ways.
  • Although; KSG is loved by its students.
  • However; it is praised by parents as well.

Contact Details:

Official Website – www.ksgindia.com Ph. No. – +91 141 4052441, +91 141 2743441 & +91 8290800441 Address – 404, Apex Tower, Lal Kothi, Tonk Road Jaipur 3032015, Rajasthan, India.


3. Drishti – IAS Coaching Institute in Jaipur

Drishti was formed in 1999 by Dr. Taruna Verma and Dr. Vikas Divyakriti. In addition to Jaipur, Drishti has branches in other locations of the country as well.

In the same way, ‘Drishti: The Vison’ aids aspirants preparing for IAS, it is a set of several ventures relating to the field of education.

Drishti has a long history of working to provide a bright future for its kids. It has earned a reputation as one of the best UPSC Coaching in Jaipur.

All of the classrooms at Drishti are outfitted with the most up-to-date teaching equipment. This institution is managed by a team of more than 500; individuals.

Drishti assists their students by giving effective lectures, study materials, and anything else important linked to the course. Drishti has so far been able to assist many aspirants in achieving their goals and being successful in life

It is one of the most well-known names among aspirants for the best IAS academy in Jaipur and around the country.

More about Drishti – Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur

  • By far; Drishti is amongst the Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur.
  • The staff at Drishti is very Professional.
  • Drishti has the most experienced Faculty.
  • Moreover, the course provided by Drishti is the most reliable.
  • It has the most technologically advanced way of teaching.
  • No doubt; Drishti is one of the nicest options for students.
  • In addition; Drishti’s model of teaching is liked by parents as well.

Contact Details:

Official website – www.drishtiias.com Ph. No. – 1800 121 6260 , +91 8750187501 & +91 11 47532596


4. Byju’s –

4. Byju’s – UPSC Coaching Institute in Jaipur

Byju Raveendran and co-founder Divya Gokulnath founded Byju’s in 2011. Apart from Jaipur, It has other branches in different states.

However; In the world of education, Byju’s is a trusted brand. They believe in advanced teaching methods and have furnished their classrooms with the latest technology. They also provide students with tabs that are filled with course material.

Although Byju’s is most known for their online lessons they also offer offline classes. They have a  highly qualified faculty with a lot of experience.

Further; The institution is well known for working hard with its students to make the future bright for its students for since long. It has developed the reputation of one of the Top IAS academies in Jaipur.

In other words, Byju’s is one of the most well-known tutoring companies in Jaipur and around the country by the students.

More about Byju’s – Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur

  • Byju’s is known to be one of the Best IAS Coaching Centre in Jaipur.
  • It works; with the most professional staff.
  • Also; the Faculty is highly qualified at byju’s.
  • In addition, Byju’s has the faith of the public since the start.
  • It believes in providing digital knowledge.
  • Byju’s is one of the nicest options for students.
  • It is preferred by parents as well.

Contact Details:

Official website- www.byjus.com Ph. No. – +91 9243500460


5. Chanakya IAS Academy – IAS Coaching Centre in Jaipur

Mr. Arun Kumar Mishra founded the Chanakya IAS Academy in the year 1993. It is one of Jaipur’s most prestigious coaching institutes, as well as one of the best in the country.

For years, this Academy has been grooming. The next generation of IAS officers and has earned the title of Best UPSC Coaching Centre in Jaipur.

Chanakya Academy; has one of the most up-to-date teaching equipment is installed in every classroom. And the best-experienced faculty to help students.

Chanakya is one of the most trusted in Jaipur and around the country by students.

More about Chanakya – Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur

  • Although, It is one of the oldest institutes of education.
  • Still, However; it is termed as one of the Best IAS academies in Jaipur.
  • Chanakya is amongst; the most trusted academies.
  • Further, the Teachers at Chanakya are highly qualified.
  • Chanakya is loved by students.
  • Apart from that; it is appreciated by parents as well.

Contact Details:

Official website – www.chanakyaiasacademy.com Ph. No. – +91 7727007328 & +91 772700327


FAQ’s Regarding IAS Coaching in Jaipur

01.How many years are enough to prepare for IAS/UPSC?

A. one year should be enough to prepare for the IAS examination, however, this necessitates entire honesty as well as a strategy for fitting all important topics into your timetable.

02.What should be the major responsibilities kept in mind while preparing for the exams?

A. To crack the IAS exam, you must understand the whole syllabus and its exam pattern, complete the preparation in the scheduled time, and most importantly, revise the concepts regularly. Additionally, regular efforts are required to fit all of this into your routine. And that’s all the responsibilities that must be kept in mind while preparing for the IAS exam.

03.Do the above mentioned Coaching Centres provide a Library?

A.Yes, the intuitions provide the library with all updated course material and books, as per student’s requirements.

Q.4. Where can we get free online notes and training course materials for IAS preliminary exam?

A. Yes, of course, we can get some important free online study notes by non-government profit organizations and they are listed below:
1.     A. next. nic. in – Download NCERT Texts as PDF.
2.     nios.ac.in – Download NIOS Online Materials.
3.     egyankosh.ac.in – Download IGNOU Books.
4.     yojana.gov.in – Download Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazines.
5.     upsc.gov.in – Official Website of UPSC.
6.     pib. Nic. in– Press Information Bureau Website, for government updates.
7.     prsindia.org – PRS Website for tracking bills in Legislature.
idea. in – IDSA website for Security and Foreign relations

Editor’s Note | Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur

In conclusion, IAS/UPSC is regarded as one of the most difficult sets of competitive exams, so, to help them achieve their dream; a proper source of counseling is the most important need to crack this exam. If students decide to take this exam, they must give more than 110% of their effort to clear IAS/UPSC.

We have provided you the list of the Best IAS Coaching in Jaipur, these coaching centers may help you to achieve your goals and fulfill all your dreams.

However, to make your dreams come true; you may follow the course material and study plan techniques provided by these IAS academies in Jaipur. Apart from that; You should prepare a study timetable accordingly you must follow that only to clear the exams as early as possible.

Moreover; If you will work through a plan or promptly it will be easy for you to manage time, and later you will have extra time for sufficient revision as well.

So, all the aspirants it’s time to buckle up; and get ready and run towards your goal to achieve every single thing; you ever wished for in life; Now it’s time, to make all your dreams come into existence; and lead towards the best possible future you could have ever imagined, with the help of these Best UPSC Coachings in Jaipur. Good Luck!!


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